2019 Recap

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it is 2019 that flew by! It is time again for our annual end-of-the-year recap. Let’s look back at the things that defined the past year for us. Before we continue to look back, here is a list of previous recaps:

Enough ancient history already. Let’s look back at more recent history and continue with the…

2019 material releases

We added quite a few new materials to our portfolio. We also keep adding more and more Color on Demand colors to our library of colors. Early 2020 we will have most regular RAL colors directly available in our webshop.



LW-PLA is the first filament of its kind using an active foaming technology to achieve lightweight, low density PLA parts. At around 230C this material will start foaming, increasing its volume by nearly 3 times. Users can decrease material flow by 65% to achieve lightweight parts, or use the expanding properties to effectively reduce print time by using big layer heights or single extra thick perimeters. (Read more)

LW-PLA is available here.


varioShore TPU

With varioShore TPU we have created a filament that is flexible in more ways than one: variable Shore hardness, reduced weight and density and soft touch. All in one print! varioShore TPU allows users to vary the density of the material by adjusting temperature and material throughput (speed & layerheight). At temperatures between 200 and 250C the materials will start to expand to roughly 1.4-1.6 times its original volume. This means the material can be printed at low flow rates (60-70%), to compensate the active foaming, which in return gives very soft printed parts. Between 190-200C the material can be printed without foaming, resulting in different haptics and harder prints compared to foamed samples. (Read more)

varioShore TPU is available here.


Laser Marking PLA

Our latest filament innovation makes laser markings more stunning than ever! One great application can be to create mementos and souvenirs, or give your 3D print an extra touch with a very special message. Laser Marking PLA contains a laser-sensitive additive optimized to work within a 980-1064 nm wavelength. The material has been tested successfully with a Nd:YAG- and fiber lasers. Laser marking PLA will not work with CO2 lasers. A proper laser is required to use this filament. (Read more)

Laser Marking PLA is available here.


Tough PLA

Our Tough PLA is a custom blend which retains the ease of use of PLA but adds serious toughness to the material. As a result the material is a lot less brittle than regular PLA filaments and has a higher impact strength. (Read more)

Tough PLA is available here.


New brands

2019 saw several new brands being added to our webshop. In our effort to diversify and bring the best possible filaments to our customers we already added Ninjatek filaments in 2018. This year we partnered with igus and Huntsman to add their Iglidur and Iroprint filaments respectively to our webshop. Both these companies believe that functionality is key to a great material and we couldn’t agree more.

You can find igus Iglidur here and Huntsman Iroprint here in our webshop.


Custom filaments

We don’t only produce filaments that can be ordered online. We also actively develop filaments for our customers which have very specific needs. One of these filaments is a radar absorbing material for very specific applications. PLA-3DRAM allows OEMs not only to test form and fit, but also the actual radar absorbing performance of their physical design. Often radar units are mounted in brackets which need to be designed in such a way that the radar units have the least amount of ghosting. This is application is being used in, for instance, the automotive industry. (Read more)

Contact us to discuss your material needs.


bronzeFill (honorable mention)

This spring it was exactly five years ago that we launched bronzeFill, our very first metal filled 3D printing filament. The fantastic material was the first of its kind: our unique PLA/PHA compound with real bronze in it. Straight from the printer parts look almost laser sintered with a matte finish and with a bit of sanding and polishing the bronze particles will start to shine & shimmer unlike any 3d printing filament you have seen before. The weight of the material is something special as well, over 3 times heavier than our regular PLA/PHA. (Read more)

Andreas Mielonen’s ancient Greek helmet Original post

bronzeFill is available here.



Below are some of our favorite videos we posted in 2019. Check out our YouTube channel for all our videos.


LW-PLA announcement


A 1-minute company tour


Highlighting the Stacker quality



varioShore release


Amazing prints

We print a lot in our printlab, but we love to see the prints other people make with our filaments. Below are some of the coolest we highlighted in our blogs (and one we followed via Twitter):

Car parts

John Pham from Brisbane Australia surprised us with the car parts he made with PA-CF Low Warp. Amazing prints!

Read the original blog here


Light Weight Plane

The team of Eclipson in Spain has designed and printed their Model V plane with LW-PLA filament in mind. Check the blog for the spectacular footage of the maiden flight!

Read the original blog here


Lamp shades

Nicolas Muller designed the Shiny Leave Lamp Shade and printed it with nGen Clear, allowing for enough light to come through. Great work!

Read the original blog here



We have been following WillowCreative3 on Twitter a lot recently. These Lilith horns and her Mewtwo costume were made with LW-PLA, since weight matters when printing costumes.

Follow WillowCreative3 on Twitter here.


Going… going… gone

2019 was the year we had to make some hard decisions filament wise. Over the years we have been adding and adding to our product portfolio and only sporadically eliminated filaments from our portfolio (yes, we’re looking at bambooFill and brassFill). In Q4 we took more drastic steps and decided that, to be more efficient, we would discontinue over 25 different colors in several materials. You can read more about that here.  Some colors are succesfull, others are not. By focussing on the colors that the market actually demands we can work more efficiently and make sure that we ship faster than ever.

All filaments that are due to be discontinued are on sale right now and can be picked up at bargain prices, as long as stock lasts. Click on the image below to head directly to our webshop:


We took another step in making our logistics operation more efficient: Only earlier this week we announced that we would stop offering samples of our materials effective immediately. Again, efficiency was the main reason to stop the sample program for which there was less and less demand over the past few years.


Gone… unfortunately

In 2020 we will be back with a renewed sample program.


2020 and beyond

We never settle down. We don’t take anything for granted. Nothing is static and we keep moving ahead. We see the future for 3D printing materials in customization and developing functional materials according to our customers’ needs. Some of them may be niche (Laser Marking PLA) and others will find mass adoption over the new year (we’re looking at you varioShore TPU and LW-PLA!)

Early 2020 we will have all the regular RAL references added to our Color on Demand database making order your favorite color in PLA easier than ever.

We have ambitious goals for the next year and will keep you up to date via our newsletters and social media.


Happy holidays!

Team colorFabb wishes you a great holiday season with all the best wishes for 2020. We thank you for choosing colorFabb and following us through various social media channels. Keep an eye out for the latest news in our newsletter. Need some print-speration™ for the holidays, check out the Death Star ornaments or Christmas Tree:

Design by plainolddave. Printed with nGen and glowFill


Design by idig3d. Printed with nGen Clear Transparent


Finally we want to let you know that our Holiday Season Sale (20% off on selected filaments!) runs until December 31st 2019.

colorFabb_HT – made with Eastman Tritan™

colorFabb_HT empowers professional users to create more durable and useful items, making prototyping truly functional. This opens up new areas in which 3D printed applications can be successfully applied. With certain FDA approvals and chemical resistance it is an engineering grade material that has been in high demand with the professional users and hobbyists alike.


Print near transparent parts with colorFabb_HT (original blog post here)

colorFabb_HT: Tritan Technology

colorFabb_HT is made with Eastman Amphora™ HT5300 and is a low-odor and styrene-free material uniquely suited for advanced 3D printing users, particularly those who need their models to exhibit excellent durability, toughness and high temperature resistance with a Tg of over 100⁰C. Amphora is Eastman’s brand of co-polyesters dedicated for 3D printing. Our nGen, colorFabb_XT and nGen_FLEX are also made with Amphora materials.

Image result for eastman amphora

colorFabb_HT is enabled by Eastman Tritan™ copolyester technology. Tritan is Eastman’s flagship product and has been succesfully added to the 3D printing portfolio with colorFabb_HT. Learn more about Tritan on Eastman’s dedicated website.

You can find more documentation here:

  • Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
  • Product Regulatory Information Sheet (PRIS)


Copolyesters explained

The way we see it, FDM 3D printing filaments will be all about functionality in the future. How you are going to use your prints in the real world will define what material you choose. We have found a lot of characteristics in Eastman’s range of Amphora co-polyesters that offer functionality, durability and efficiency. Added benefits compared to ABS are the low-odor while printing and that Amphora based filaments are styrene free.

Compared to PLA, Amphora features a much better heat resistance, starting at 75C for colorFabb XT, 85C for colorFabb nGen and 100C for colorFabb HT. Below is a chart how our range of co-polyesters compare to other materials like PLA and ABS:

Learn more about co-polyesters in our previous blog.


High tech clamps, printed with colorFabb_HT on the Leapfrog Bolt by Peter de Corte

colorFabb_HT is uniquely suited for advanced 3D printing users, particular those who need their creations to exhibit excellent durability, toughness and temperature resistance. You can find more information on our dedicated landing page.



colorFabb_HT prints

One of the unique features of colorFabb_HT is the ability to print near transparent parts. Due to the high flow characteristics it is now possible to print parts that are almost see-through. Check out the blog we wrote about it previously here.


Original post

Another aspect of the filament is its ability to print extremely detailed prints, like seen below:

Tiny Hellboy by Geoff W. / Hex3D. Original post 

Although our range of co-polyesters already look extremely good, there are quite a few way how you can perform so-called secondary operations, like glueing, painting, etc. Click the image below for more information:



Below are some of the prints we made in the past few years with colorFabb_HT:

Old and broken laundry dryer part left, new printed one on the right. Original post



Air gun adapter by colorFabb. Original post


Brushless motor by MakeSEA, colorFabb_HT print in combination with steelFill. Original post 


Vertical windmill by Michael Broderick. Original post


Dremel tool holder by mitchnajmitch, printed with colorFabb_HT and woodFill. Original post

colorFabb_HT is available in five colors, as 700gr and 2kg spools. It ships daily and from stock. Click here to go to our webshop.

colorFabb_HT is available in Clear, Black, White, Light Gray and Dark Gray

Ending the sample life

As from today (December 16th 2019) we have ended our sample program… for now. No samples can be ordered anymore in our webshop with immediate effect.



It all comes down to efficiency. In recent years we have seen a steady month-on-month decline of demand for samples and an increase of materials we offer. Making samples is mostly a manual process with lots of handling and packaging. All these factors combined increase the complexity of maintaining our sampling service.

By discontinuing our sample operation we can focus our logistical efforts on the things that matter: shipping your orders faster and more efficient.

Our samples… no more.

Ending a product or a service is not a decision made lightly, but one made to improve our overall efforts to bring the right filaments straight to your printers in the most efficient manner.


How can you test our materials?

As for the time being we do not offer any samples for testing anymore. Rest assured that all materials we bring to the market have been extensively tested on the most well-known printers (Ultimaker, Prusa, Lulzbot, BCN 3D, Makerbot, etc.). If you are in doubt, please contact us at support@colorfabb.com

We have also written tutorials with recommended print settings for most of our materials. Click here to find out more. Settings can also be found at the bottom of the individual product pages:


Now what?

But you have not seen the last of our samples! In Q1 2020 we will return with a more simplified sample program. We will also use samples more for other efforts at colorFabb, like the occasional give-aways or other promotionals!

In the meantime, we have our Holiday Season Discount of 20% on selected filaments running until December 31st 2019! Head over to our webshop to see what is on sale! (No coupon code needed, we have already lowered the prices of the applicable filaments)!

Holidays 2019

Christmas starts early… 2 weeks early to be more precise. Our holiday 2019 season sale starts today with 20% discount on selected filaments! Scroll down for our current sale campaign, clearance sale and – important! – when we will be open during the Christmas holidays. Click here to go to our webshop!

Try our classics like PLA/PHA or nGen. Or colorFabb_HT, enabled by Eastman Tritan copolyester technology for engineering parts!

Or why not try one of our latest filament releases, like LW-PLA, Tough PLA, varioShore TPU or Laser Marking PLA:


Clearance sale!

We have over 25 filaments on a special clearance sale! These items are available as long as stock lasts. After that they will no longer be part of our portfolio. Get yours while you can, some of them are already sold out!

No coupon code needed – we have already lowered the price on our website. Discount does not apply to third party filaments, samples, hardware & accessories, Color on Demand and value packs. Discount does not work with other discounts! This discount applies to all orders placed until December 31st  23:59 CET!

Opening days during the holidays

Please note that we are formally closed during the Christmas holidays. There will be limited shipping of webshop orders during the week of Christmas and New Year. After Friday December 20th we only ship on Monday December 23rd and Monday December 30th this year. Normal operations resume on January 2nd 2020.

To summarize:

Shipped before December 21st: order before December 20th noon CET

Shipped before Christmas: order before December 23rd noon CET

Shipped before New Year’s: order before December 30th noon CET

Shipping depends on availability and stock levels. Please note that during the holidays deliveries can take longer. This is beyond our control.


Happy holidays everyone!!