Michael Broderick posted an inspiring project about a 3D printable vertical axis windmill. After his first design, he returned to the drawing board and improved various parts to finally develop the Vertical Windmill Mk2, get the files here.

The vertical windmill is not just any standard looking windmill, as the name suggests it’s build up along a vertical axis and not a horizontal axis like most ordinary windmills.

Each wing consists out of five pieces, which interlock easily and can be fixated with a bit of glue. When fully assembled it will be 625mm tall and hopefully able to handle the Dutch wheather.

Great push-fit construction for easy assembly.

For this print we selected colorFabb_HT. A very tough co-polyester material developed by Eastman Chemicals. In part two we’ll show the final assembly and hopefully show how it operates in the wind.

colorFabb_HT is made with Amphora HT5300 and is a low-odor and styrene-free material uniquely suited for advanced 3D printing users, particularly those who need their models to exhibit excellent durability, toughness and high temperature resistance with a Tg of over 100⁰C. colorFabb_HT empowers professional users to create more durable and useful items, making prototyping truly functional. Learn more about colorFabb_HT on our special dedicated landing page.

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  1. This is great project backed by the really matching material from ColorFabb. Real need of current time to use alternative energy source. Eagerly waiting for part two…

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