Van Mierlo

At colorFabb we are proud of the partnerships we have. One of the success stories we are particularly fond of is our co-operation with Van Mierlo Technische Handelsonderming. Like colorFabb Van Mierlo is a technical service company creating added value in their products to meet their customers’ needs.   About Van Mierlo Van Mierlo is […]

varioShore contest

Update: The winners! (April 17th 2020)   First place It's done! I needed a solution to properly store my calipers, so why not print it? Toolbox inlays are a perfect use case for the smooth feel of #varioShore. Printed at 250°C with 65% flow saves material and results in softer parts for extra protection. […]


Post-processing gCreate’s Rocket Ship

This time we recreated the gorgeous gCreate Official Rocket Ship in our various metal filaments to take a look at polishing as a post-processing method.

How to print with LW-PLA

How to print with LW-PLA At colorFabb material development never stops. We’re starting the 2019 with a fascinating new material, first of its kind in FFF 3D printing materials. We’re proud to announce, colorFabb LW-PLA. This filament uses an active foaming technology which is triggered by temperature. At it’s peak the filament will expand nearly […]


voestalpine Railway Systems Nortrak

Our filaments find their way all over the world to thousands of users. From hobbyists to the largest companies we see how filaments are being used for numerous applications: from fun to functional. Earlier this year we held a contest, #madewithcolorFabb, where we invited our users to share their prints with us. Derek Cameron from […]

RC Planes

Last year’s LW-PLA has found a steady following in the RC Plane community. We have already posted about our lightweight filament in our blog where we highlighted Eclipson’s Model V plane (click here to go directly to that blog). Over the past few months we have seen more use of LW-PLA by makers of RC […]

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