Holidays 2019

Christmas starts early… 2 weeks early to be more precise. Our holiday 2019 season sale starts today with 20% discount on selected filaments! Scroll down for our current sale campaign, clearance sale and – important! – when we will be open during the Christmas holidays. Click here to go to our webshop! Try our classics […]

Black Friday 2019

Black Friday is here! Let’s not waste any time and cut straight to the deals we have on offer for you: This week only we have 25% discount on: PLA/PHA, nGen, nGen_FLEX, colorFabb_XT, colorFabb_HT, PA Neat, PA-CF Low Warp and all our specials, including brand new filaments like: varioShore TPU Laser Marking PLA Tough PLA […]

Clearance sale

Nothing lasts forever… In the past few years we have been adding and adding filaments to our portfolio. And then we added even more. At this point we have, also thanks to our Color on Demand program, thousands of products in our system. Mostly filaments. But not all filaments are equally succesfull and some of […]

Custom Filaments

As a specialist in quality 3D printing filaments we see the need for more diverse filaments every day. Of course we have our expanding portfolio of readily available materials (like PLA, co-polyesters and Specials), as well as our Color on Demand service. With our recently launched colorFabb Labs we offer even more special filaments, often […]

Available now – Tough PLA

  New filaments are coming fast and strong here at colorFabb these days. Talking about strong… Today we release our latest 3D printing filament: Tough PLA. Our Tough PLA is a custom blend which retains the ease of use of PLA but adds serious toughness to the material. As a result the material is a […]

varioShore TPU is available now!

varioShore TPU is the latest innovative 3D printing filament by colorFabb and is now available. Our varioShore TPU is flexible in more ways than one! Printing handle bars is a great application due to the soft touch characteristics of varioShore TPU. varioShore TPU is available now. Click here to go directly to our webshop! varioShore […]

Laser Marking PLA

In our effort to bring you the most innovative materials, we release a brand new 3D printing filament today: Laser Marking PLA. Laser Marking PLA contains a laser-sensitive additive optimized to work within a 980-1064 nm wavelength. The material has been tested successfully with a Nd:YAG- and fiber lasers. Laser marking PLA will not work with […]

varioShore TPU

Innovation is not a, but the cornerstone of colorFabb. Our brand new filament varioShore TPU is the latest colorFabb development. With varioShore TPU we have created a filament that is flexible in more ways than one:   Variable Shore hardness This material is not limited to one shore hardness, but with the right print settings […]


In our effort to offer the widest range of 3D printing filaments possible we are proud to announce that now also offer igus® iglide filaments in our webshop!   igus filaments are all about functionality. The iglide® range of filaments are 3D printing materials for maximum service in moving applications. You can create custom parts […]

PLA Economy Light Gray

Almost three years after we have launched our PLA Economy range we are happy to announce a new color to one of our most popular products: Light Gray. PLA Economy Light Gray is very close to RAL 7035. Pre-ordering starts today (click here), September 13th and shipping starts as from Tuesday next week! Jon Snow […]

Spring Break Sale 2019

Ah, Spring… The season of new beginnings, growth and of course our annual Spring Break Sale. In short this means the following discounts right now in our webshop: 20% on all standard filaments! 10% on all Color on Demand filaments! 10% on all Value Packs! And the great thing? We lowered our prices already so […]

5 years bronzeFill

This week it has been exactly five years that we announced bronzeFill at the Fabcon show in Erfurt. The fantastic material was the first of its kind: our unique PLA/PHA compound with real bronze in it. Straight from the printer parts look almost laser sintered with a matte finish and with a bit of sanding […]

Mosaic Palette

We are happy to announce that as from today we also offer the Mosaic Palette 2 and Palette 2 Pro in our webshop. At colorFabb we believe in a great 3D printing experience and will add more accesories in due time. We only add items we truly believe in and which have been extensively tested […]

WoodFill – the original

Today’s blog looks back at woodFill, our first special 3D printing filament. Launched back in November 2013 it marked the first step into different materials beyond our standard PLA/PHA filaments. There are already many filaments called woodFill in the world. colorFabb woodFill is the original woodFill. Achieving amazing results on the Lulzbot Mini: A […]

Easter egg hunt

The Easter weekend is upon us which means egg hunting season has started. At colorFabb we do our bit and we have hidden some surprises on our website as well. Browse our website to find several discount codes scattered around on the website. Gone are the days (for now) where we just give a discount […]


We proudly present our brand new 3D printing filament: LW-PLA LW-PLA is the first filament of its kind using an active foaming technology to achieve lightweight, low density PLA parts. “We need challenging materials, we need to work with or find ways around the limitations and allow more people to experiment with exciting developments like […]

What would you print with LW-PLA?

Update April 3rd 2019: winners have been selected! Over 130 ideas were submitted in the past two weeks & we have selected 6 winners. We opted for one extra winner due to the high quality of entries and when it came down to the last six we simply could not choose. We will hopefully soon […]

2018 Recap

Another year has passed and we’re gearing up for a (let’s be honest) well-deserved holiday break. Before we head home, let’s look back at the past year with a short recap. Recap 2017 Recap 2016 Recap 2015 Recap 2014   5 years of colorFabb We started the year with our fifth anniversary, which seems so […]

nGen AM3300 in Ultimaker Market Place

Not long after we announced that XT-CF20 was added to the Ultimaker Market Place in Cura 3.6 in addition to Color on Demand PLA and woodFill we are happy to tell you that nGen now also is a part of the Market Place. Sort of… The Ultimaker Market Place makes it easier for users of […]

PLA Semi-Matte White

Late March of this year we launched PLA Semi-Matte Black. Where most of our filaments have a classy shine to it, we recognized the demand for a less glossy filament and we released PLA Semi-Matte Black. It has been a bestseller since. In recent months we have worked hard to make a new variety, which [...]

Lodewijk van der Grinten Prize 2018

We have tweeted and posted about the Lodewijk van der Grinten Prize before. In this post we will go further into what the prize is and why we were nominated. Back in September we heard that our CEO Ruud Rouleaux was nominated for the Lodewijk van der Grinten Prize 2018. Together with two other nominees […]

Ultimaker Market Place

Updated: XT-CF20 has been added as well! We are proud to announce that two of our filaments have been added to the Ultimaker Market Place. By adding both Color on Demand  ( PLA )  and woodFill to the market place it is easier than ever to start printing with the right settings on Ultimaker printers. […]

Black Friday 2018

Updated on Monday November 26th! These deals extend to Cyber Monday and beyond! Get ready for our best Black Friday deal so far! This Friday will not only be Black, but any color you want since we are including Color on Demand in it as well! And we have made it easier than ever! Read […]


As from today we carry Ninjatek filaments in our webshop! With this addition we are breaking new ground in the 3D filament world. For the first time two leading manufacturers of 3D printing filament are working closely together to ensure the right filaments end up in the hands of the end user.   Ninjatek is […]

woodFill: 5 years of special 3D printing filaments

Today it is exactly five years ago that we launched woodFill at the 3D Print Show in London. It was our first special 3D printing filament! Let’s look back! Design: Our first special filament was woodFill. In our first year of existence (this was in 2013 – ancient times by now) we had a […]


In the past year we have launched quite a few new filaments: PA-CF Low Warp, nGen_LUX, PA Neat and of course our Color on Demand. As more filaments enter our portfolio we sometimes have to make the hard decision to discontinue a product as well. This time we have to announce that as from now […]

Current Sale!

Have you checked out our current sales? All value packs with 10% discount! Click here or on the image below: 10% off on a good deal already makes a pretty great deal altogether! There is nothing else you have to do (no coupon code or anything). Just click the link or the image above and […]

PA Neat

We proudly announce our new addition in our range of functional filaments: PA Neat. A brand new unfilled, heat resistant, low warp PA. PA Neat is a polyamide (nylon) filament with no additives and pure functionality. Hence the name, PA Neat. Demand for functional filaments is ever growing. The base PA formulation is similar to […]

5 years at the TCT Show

This year it’s the fifth consecutive year at the TCT Show, one of the highlights 3D printing shows for us and, we’re sure, in general. We love coming back to Birmingham every year and introduce the latest and greatest we have to offer. This year we focus on the Stacker 3D printers and our recently […]

Functional Design Challenge – Prints

A couple of months ago we challenged our users to come up with a design for us to print. The design had to be functional and to be printed with our highly functional PA-CF Low Warp filament. This Functional Design Challenge was quite a success and we announced 5 winners early July. One of the […]


One of the greatest benefits of 3D printing is that one can print unique, individual parts instead of having to produce a single part in mass production which has to appeal to everybody. Because realistically, only a few things appeal to everybody. Customization can be applied to anything from functional parts to prosthetics and from […]

The Olsson Ruby nozzle

Recently we announced the winners of our Design Challenge. The idea was to send us functional designs that we would print with PA-CF Low Warp, our engineering grade and nylon based filament. The PA-CF Low Warp is a one of a kind polyamide formulation with the ability to print nearly warp free on non heated […]

Functional Design Challenge – winners!

Recently we challenged our followers to design a functional part and send it to us. You can read the initial announcement right here. The designs are to be printed with our PA-CF Low Warp filament, an engineering grade nylon based filament which can be printed with virtual no warping – even on a non-heated bed. […]

Color on Demand

Make your prints truly unique. As from today we are offering Color on Demand to all our users. With Color on Demand you can request a RAL reference which will be matched in PLA by colorFabb’s team. With an MOQ of 2kg, the threshold is lower than ever for 3D printing users to create with […]

Mifa: Or how 3D printing helps in production

There are many ways 3D printing can be used: prototyping, final products, gadgets, investment casting, art, etc. But companies, especially the ones where physical products are being made, are increasingly  looking at 3D printing for something else: tools, fixtures and parts in production. Like Mifa does. Mifa is a nearby company specialized in aluminium profiles. […]

Coming Soon: Color on Demand

Color on Demand is a new groundbreaking service by colorFabb that allows users to have their preferred color matched and produced. Starting with RAL color references in PLA, this new service offers unique colors to be printed and to be ordered at a low MOQ. You will be able to order as from 2kg of […]

Spring Break Sale 2018

We’re having our annual spring break sale this week for a limited time. Now it’s time for you to try our latest filament or get back to some of our classics like PLA/PHA, bronzeFill or woodFill!     Here is the current sale: 10% off on all value packs! – A great deal has just […]

PA-CF Low Warp Design Challenge

3D printing made functional… by you We like our challenges and for once we ask you to challenge us. With PA-CF Low Warp we think we have developed one of the most durable and functional filaments in the market. And we want to demonstrate that it. We ask you, the creative community, to send us […]

SALE – Filament of the Day

This month, April 2018, we will highlight one filament per day until the end of the month and give you an extra discount on that filament for 24 hours. Discounts can be as high as 50%! Every day at or around 9 CET we will post the new Filament of the Day on our social […]

Drone Deliveries!

The future is finally here! We are excited to announce that as from this week we will offer drone deliveries in most of Western Europe for orders placed in our webshop! Together with DHL and Universal Exports we have started a joint venture called Drones Unlimited Holland to bring your filaments right to your doorstep […]

Holiday Closures 2018

During Spring of this year there are some regional and national holidays we have to observe. We prefer working hard to make sure you get your filaments delivered to your door as fast as possible, but such is life. Below are the days we will be closed: Monday, April 2nd – day after Easter National […]

PLA Semi Matte Black

Today we announce the launch of a new filament: PLA Semi-Matte Black When developing our semi-matte PLA we’ve been looking for a solution which doesn’t involve fibers to achieve a less glossy surface finish. We did not want to loose the ease of use our PLA and keep print settings and parameters as close to […]

Stacker at Optima

Stacker 3D printers are industrial grade. It has been said many times before and one can see by the way they are built these machines were made with professional use in mind. colorFabb is the distributor of Stacker in the EMEA region for quite a while now and in today’s blog we highlight the use […]

nGen Transparent Colors

This season has nGen written all over it. Right after our very successful launch of the long awaited nGen_LUX last week are adding new colors to our “regular” nGen portfolio. And they are all transparent colors! In the past two years we have had quite some demand for transparent colors in the nGen range. As […]

nGen_LUX is here

It’s finally here… We proudly present our brand new filament nGen_LUX. Custom design by colorFabb nGen_LUX is a unique development based on our best selling co-polyester nGen, made with Eastman Amphora AM3300 3d Polymer. The excellent clarity of the base AM3300 makes this material uniquely suited for the extremely rare pigment used in nGen_LUX. It […]

colorFabb: Five Years

Has it really been five years this month? In February 2013 we launched our first products at the RapidPro trade show here in the Netherlands. We had about 20 colors PLA/PHA and only 2.85mm filament. It was still in the early days when there were only a few of us and we constantly had to […]

3D printing prosthetics

3D printing changes lives in many ways. Nowhere as much as in the field of prosthetics where it has a direct impact on people’s daily lives. Prosthetics are nothing new, but 3D printing allows for more customization and faster developments tailored specifically to the person who needs the prosthetic part. In December 2016 we already […]

2017 Recap

And so another year has passed. Instead of a chronological recap we will shortly list some of the highlights of 2017 – new materials, a new home, a new mission statement and some of the best prints we have seen in the past 12 months. To catch up with our previous annual recaps: Recap 2016 […]

colorFabb’s company video – 3D Polymer Application Center

Our new company video! We highlight the strengths of colorFabb and the new 3D Polymer Application Center where colorFabb, together with Helian Polymers and BlackBelt 3D Printers, ensures the 3D printing needs of customers are met.

PA-CF Low Warp

Today we proudly announce the release of PA-CF Low Warp, a carbon fiber infused polyamide material with the mechanical properties of a PA6 and excellent printability because of extremely low warp. This new filament, which will be available for pre-order as from now and will start shipping as soon as tomorrow, is the first material […]

Black Friday 2017

Wednesday is the new Friday. This year’s Black Friday starts now on Wednesday at colorFabb and this is your chance to get your filament of choice at a great discount! We’re ready, we have stock and we are ready to ship your order! Samples are exempt from this discount You read that right: 25% discount on all […]

Use of 3D Printing in Investment Casting

Last year we learned that 3D printing was used to drastically shorten time and costs in investment casting. Dutch company CIREX B.V. is an expert in investment casting and is exploring the added value 3D printing can bring to their process together with colorFabb. We partnered with CIREX to better understand how PLA/PHA performs as […]


As from today colorFabb enters into the SLS desktop 3D printing market by partnering up with hardware manufacturer Sintratec AG for distribution of Sintratec systems in the Benelux region.   colorFabb is now an official business partner for Sintratec AG. Sintratec is a Swiss high-tech company specializing in the development and production of SLS 3D printers. […]

nGen_LUX on the Robo R2

Our latest print on the Robo R2 involves nGen_LUX and a vase model with many beautiful facets, perfect to highlight the surface finish of the nGen_LUX. Faceted Bowl and Vase by billbo1958 This model is printed at 0.2mm layerheight using the special mode ‘spiralize outer contour’. A spiral toolpath allows the Robo R2 to print […]

Robo C2 is in stock!

We’ve got good news for those looking to buy the Robo C2. This small but feature rich desktop 3D printer has finally arrived at our warehouse, ready to be shipped to our customers. The Robo C2 retails for €799.00 excl. Tax (€966.79 incl tax) + 1 FREE SPOOL   Robo C2 Features Although the Robo […]

The MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder

The MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder. The MakerBot Labs Experimental Extruder is an exciting new offering that brings MakerBot’s current selection of 3D printers into the world of experimentation and custom creation. As a leader in the 3D printing materials space, we at colorFabb were excited to work with MakerBot on this endeavour. Over the course […]

Stacker deal at the TCT Show

Third and final day at the TCT Show today. We are at stand H39 and feature four printers on our stand: The Lulzbot TAZ 6, Stacker S2, Robo R2 and the Prusa i3 mk2 – the latter two are printing with our brand new nGen_LUX filament which was announced last week and will be available […]

TCT 2017

Back in Birmingham!! This week we are at the TCT Show again for the fourth consecutive year! If you are at the show or plan to visit, you can find us at stand H39 and we have some exciting new developments to show you! A cool feature of our stand is that you look directly […]


Today we proudly announce a new, unique 3D printing filament: nGen_LUX With nGen_LUX we put years of experience in development, 3D printing, R&D and production into a single 3D printing filament that will bridge the gap to production with unmatched surface quality. As the name indicates, nGen_LUX is based on nGen – the highly successful […]

Our new website

It was about time colorFabb got a make over. We are proud to launch our new website today! The new website and catalogue, that has been released today as well, mark the next step for colorFabb. You immediately peek inside our factory when you get to our page We started colorFabb back in 2013 with […]

Robo available at colorFabb soon

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Robo and the addition of the Robo C2 and R2 3D printers to the colorFabb portfolio of 3D printing solutions. The Robo printers will be a great addition to the expanding range of printers we offer. This new partnership perfectly fits in colorFabb’s strategy to offer […]

Summer sale!

Back to work. Back to school. Back to life… We think it is time for a flash summer sale. It is that time of the year again. Summer holidays are over or will be soon. (For those reading this and still enjoying their holiday, we apologize, but there is an end to all this summer […]


Our discounts, your savings At colorFabb we always have discount options. To make things more convenient for you, we have listed the options to gain a discount below: SUMMER 2018 update! During the Summer of 2018 we offer special discounts on our filaments! BUY 4 PAY 3, for instance. Buy 4 spools of PLA/PHA, colorFabb_XT, […]

Free Print+ headphone kits

Update: we are all out of Print+ head phone kits. If you order a value pack now you will receive our awesome filament, but not the Print+ kit. Earlier today we posted the prints we made with the Print+ head phone kits we received last week. We used woodFill & PETG Economy for one headphone […]

Survey 2017

Want to get a 20% discount? Sure you do. We only ask a bit of your time. Read on… At colorFabb we value your opinion. Your opinion helps us to improve our products and services. We read all your emails, value all the feedback on social media and try improve where we can. In May […]

Introducing Job Windhorst, our new COO

As from this week the colorFabb team is reinforced with Job Windhorst, our new COO. The growth of colorFabb and the 3D printing landscape in general has been tumultuous and very, very exciting. Job Windhorst, our new COO with added CFO responsibilities. LinkedIn At colorFabb we have not been sitting still and the organisation grew […]

PETG Economy

In November 2016 we launched our PLA Economy line. PLA Economy filament was the result of many requests for a more cost-conscious filament in the colorFabb portfolio. After a lot of testing we released a brand new PLA grade, available now in 5 colors and only on 2.2kg spools. Today it is time to take the […]

Blackbelt 3D Printer

Eagle-eyed observers in the Twitterverse may have already deduced that we are closely tied to the new and awesome Blackbelt 3D printer. This brand new 3D printer company revealed its concept a little over a month ago on Twitter and has gained a following of nearly 700 3D printing enthusiasts ever since. We were among the first followers and […]

Spring Break

‘Tis the season of public holidays here in the Netherlands. Thursday is Ascension Day and due to this we will be officially closed on Friday as well. We are not the kind of company to leave you all by yourself, so we are having a flash sale on our website: 20% off on all filaments. […]

Chair design update

This spring, Niels van Valburg is our intern here at colorFabb. He is currently working on a design for a 3D printed chair. You can read his previous updates here and here. Below is his third update and progress so far… Hey there! It has been a while since my last post, and a lot […]

3D Matter

In the past four years we have been active in the world of 3D printing, we have seen a lot of filament brands coming up. We understand only too well that it is often hard for users to choose the right filament for their respective applications. Luckily there are now review sites like (where […]

PLA Economy Dark Blue

Yesterday we added a fifth color to our range of PLA Economy filaments: Dark Blue. Recently we held a poll on Twitter and we asked what color our users would prefer next. Dark Blue was the obvious winner and as from today we are shipping PLA Economy Dark Blue: PLA Economy is a fantastic PLA grade which […]

King’s Day

Get your 20% discount on all filaments now! Update: this discount lasts until April 30th – midnight CET. As annual traditions go, King’s Day (Koningsdag in Dutch) is one of the more fun and carefree public holidays we have here in the Netherlands. It’s the King’s birthday, but most people take the chance to enjoy the sun, […]

Skin tone nGen_FLEX

In September 2016 we launched nGen_FLEX during the TCT Show in Birmingham. This new semi-flexible 3D printing filament was very well received (see the initial reactions here). At the show we showed the use in the field of prosthetics and we also hinted at skin tone colors that were under development. Design: Fingers: Hand and […]

Update from our intern

A few weeks ago we introduced our new intern, Niels van Valburg. You can read the previous post here. Below is the progress on his project he is working on at colorFabb:   Hey there! So last time I explained a bit about what my project is going to be about. For those of you […]

Lulzbot printers available at colorFabb!

We are proud to announce that we are now official Lulzbot resellers in Europe. Both the Lulzbot Mini and Lulzbot TAZ 6 are available in our webshop. Both the Mini and the TAZ 6 are very well known in North America and they are now ready to take on Europe! We have been printing with […]


Update (March 28th): bambooFill spools are now officially sold out. Samples are still available. It’s always hard to say goodbye and this is time it’s no different. Recently we had to make the decision to take bambooFill out of our portfolio. This was not an easy decision. The last time we discontinued a product was […]

Meet Niels, our intern

Today we want to introduce a new member to the team, our intern Niels. Well, we’ll let him introduce himself… I am Niels van Valburg, and I am a soon to be industrial designer, creator and overall problem solver through design. With 3D printing I can realise my ideas. For my bachelor thesis I am […]

RapidPro – A Visual Recap

This week we attended the RapidPro for the fifth consecutive year. It was exactly four years ago that colorFabb started here at this very show and it has been a great ride ever since. We had a great three days in Veldhoven and thank everybody who visited us and took the time to have a […]


This week, starting today,  you can find us at the RapidPro Trade show and conference in Veldhoven on March 7, 8 and 9. It was four years ago that colorFabb debuted at this very show and we are attending again for the fifth consecutive year. For the first time, we will be at the Industrial […]

A look inside our new building

“Buildings should serve people, not the other way around.” – John Portman, US architect What is a building but a structure with walls and a roof? It is what you do with a building that gives it added value. We recently moved to a new building, as we announced several weeks ago. One of the […]

Sneak peek

Last week we announced that we had moved to a new state of the art facility to accomodate our vision for the growth of colorFabb. The entire team has worked hard to facilitate this move in a record time.  Today, we present you a first sneak peek of our new production facility.   We have […]

Our new home

We’ve moved… again! Less than 3 years ago we moved colorFabb into a new building. Here we could evolve from a pilot project into a standalone company. Our team has grown and our production and logistics facilities have expanded until we could fit no more. Now it’s time for our next big step. Another building, […]


At colorFabb we always aim for the highest standards and getting the best for our customers. This starts with our products, continues with our customer service and extends to our choice of partners as well. All aspects of getting the filaments into your hands, from the pellet to the packaging, from the testing to the shipping are […]

Have you tried PLA Economy?

colorFabb’s PLA Economy: Large volume, High quality, Low price In November we launched a new product line: PLA Economy. This new grade of PLA, with an added impact modifier, has been a hit from the moment of release. We developed this new PLA, separate from our lauded PLA/PHA, as a filament for large volume users. […]

2016 recap

Another year flew by like it was nothing. Wasn’t it only yesterday that it was 2015? And a little over week from now it’s 2017! It is time for our annual recap. If you want to see what we did before, catch up with 2014 and 2015. Then, get ready for our 2016 recap! As […]

Prosthetic prototypes

One application for 3D printing that we are seeing a lot of potential in is the the field of prosthetics. Of course we all know the good work that projects like Enable and 3D Life Prints are doing, but 3D printing is already being used in the field of prosthetics as we speak. We have been […]

Lodewijk van der Grinten Prijs 2016

Our special filaments are perfectly suited for special occasions, like awards ceremonies. Last night was such a night and a special night for entrepeneurs in our region in and around the Dutch city Venlo, colorFabb’s home town. Every year the Lodewijk van der Grinten prize is awarded to a local entrepeneur or local business who has […]

Investment casting

An exciting new way of using 3D printing we encountered recently is its use in investment casting. Anyone who has been following 3D printing related posts on Twitter must have encountered Jerry LePore’s work on the Spectra3D account and his daily updates on the work he is doing with his printers. Never too shy to share […]

3D Printing Day

Today is December 3rd and traditionally this date is known as 3D Printing Day. It was declared 3D Printing Day by 3D Hubs last year and this year again, so technically we can speak of a tradition. There will be events all over the world at 3D Hubs. Check them out here. Last year we […]


Last winter we held a time-lapse contest and it is an understatement to say it was a great success! You can still watch all contestants in this YouTube playlist. Of over 80 valid entries there could only be one winner and after a popular and a jury vote, the winner was Aklih Design Studio from Slovenia. […]

colorFabb Black Friday

Thursday is the new Friday. No, for real! We start our Black Friday deal on Thursday. As from midnight CET you will receive 15% discount on all our products! Yes, that even includes samples and PLA Economy spools. You don’t even have to do anything for it. When checking out we have already deducted 15% off […]

PLA Economy

Today, we are proudly announcing a new range of PLA filament to our portfolio: colorFabb PLA Economy   Millennium Falcon design: The new economy line of PLA filaments by colorFabb delivers a good quality PLA filament in four great colors at very reasonable pricing. ColorFabb PLA Economy is not a standard PLA. It has been modified for better […]

colorFabb’s 4th birthday

It’s party time! We have something to celebrate and want to share this with you. Four years ago this month, November 2012, we started testing our first grade of filaments, PLA/PHA, and the brand colorFabb was established. We announced our filaments at the RapidPro Show and opened our webshop in March 2013. Not long after […]

nGen_FLEX round-up after one week

A week ago we launched nGen_FLEX, our brand new semi-flexible 3D printing filament, at the TCT Show. We love printing with the new nGen_FLEX filament ourselves all day long, but what excites us even more is the feedback we are getting from all over the world. Below is a selection of the prints and comments we […]

TCT Show 2016 recap

Hi all, We wrapped up the TCT Show 2016. Packed our goods, stacked them on the pallets and everything is heading back to colorFabb HQ again soon. We’re about to board our plane and leave Birmingham once more. It has been a great two days in Birmingham, meeting old friends and making new ones. We […]

nGen_FLEX, our new flexible 3D printing filament

Today, on the first day of the TCT Show, we proudly announce and launch our new 3D printing filament: nGen_FLEX Heat resistance 125C | FDA compliance | Styrene-free | BPA-free nGen_FLEX is a new elastomer material added to our existing range of co-polyester functional 3D printing filaments. It is made from Eastman Amphora™ Flex 3D […]

OpenRC F1 project release

Earlier this year we came across the new design Daniel Norée made: an F1 car, his follow-up to the OpenRC Truggy design we had printed previously. “After a bit of thinking I came to the conclusion that a Formula 1 car would probably a perfect follow up project to the Truggy!” says Daniel Norée. Hence, the OpenRC […]

TCT Show 2016

  For the third time in a row we will be attending the TCT Show in Birmingham this year. On September 28th and 29th (yes, this is within two weeks and yes, time is indeed flying) we are at stand B36 in the NEC in Birmingham. In 2014, our first time in Birmingham, we showcased […]

steelFill: available today

“Steel yourself” Today we are happy to announce the release of our new metal based filament: Iron Man Bust by Geoff.W – Announced at the AM Show in Amsterdam end of June this new specialty material is available as from today. With steelFill we are adding a fourth metal based filament to our portfolio […]

What we talk about when we talk about co-polyesters

Two years ago, in the summer of 2014, we announced our partnership with Eastman Chemical Company. Eastman is a worldwide specialist on co-polyesters, a material we recognized to have benefits for 3D printing. In the past two years we have launched three filament grades with Eastman’s raw materials, branded as Eastman Amphora™ 3D polymer. Why co-polyesters? […]

Stormtrooper painting session

For this model we decided to try our nGen material and see how it behaves when treated with some painting techniques.

Print of the Day

We are introducing a new feature to our website: Print of the Day. We see a lot of great prints being uploaded on Twitter and Facebook all the time. We want to keep an archive with all these fantastic prints you make with our filaments on a dedicated page:

Winners time-lapse contest 2015

Once again we thank everybody who sent in a video for the colorFabb time-lapse contest for all the effort they put into making the videos. If you want to see all the entries again, click on link below:

Time-lapse contest 2015 finalists (CLOSED)

Important notice We have noticed in the past few days that during the voting process for our time-lapse contest irregularities have arisen. We have deliberately chosen to keep the voting process as open and accessible as possible, hoping that every vote would count equally. Unfortunately advantage has been taken of this open policy. Therefore we […]

We will print you!

Hi, Here is my last blog report. I proudly can announce that the project is finished and the service for metal prints is coming. The name of our service will be „ we will print you“ and will start as a B2B sevice. 3D scan companys and designer can order their busts and products at […]

3D Printed Bike

  Summer has come to the Netherlands and we all love to ride a bike here. Read more about the 3D printed bike here!

XT-CF20 bike project release

Hey you 3D printing enthusiasts! So this is what’s possible with everyday’s 3D printers and a suitable filament: the XT-CF20 bike I’ve been working on this 3D printed bike during the past 5 months and now we are ready to publish this, it works like charm 🙂 We’ve used an Ultimaker Original Plus with a 0.8 nozzle to […]

Let‘s Polish!

Hi and welcome back to metal printing, I finaly got my first busts back from the polisher. It‘s pretty impressive, the material changed fully from dull and shineless to a real metal look. Now I‘m wondering if there is the possibility to achieve this finishing at home too. I tested different kinds of polishing which […]

XT-CF20 update

Ladies and gentlemen, the waiting is over! I proudly present the first bike that I am going to build here: The concept is that you have printed connection parts that can be customized via the customizer, so that you can take any kind of tubing that you have or that you want to use like carbon fiber […]

Let’s carry out a survey!

To get in touch and get a first impression about our customers I would appreciate if you take 2 minutes to answer this short survey concerning my project. >here< Kind regards, Ines

XT-CF20 project

HI! I am Stephan Schürmann, I am inventor, designer, creative engineer, CAD-constructor and a passionately craftsman. 3D printing is what makes my ideas come to life! During my bachelor thesis I am going to use colorFabb’s new XT-CF20 for making an extraordinary project: 3D print a bicycle frame! Cool, right yes. So I want to […]

Let’s print metal!

My name is Ines Cebulla. I‘m 23 years old and was born in germany. I‘m an open minded person who is interested in new experiences with technology and design. Currently I‘m studying Industrial Product Design at Fontys Hoogeschool Venlo and will most likely graduate next summer with the Bachelor of Engeneering. For my Bachelor‘s Thesis […]

colorFabb XT-CF20

ColorFabb XT CF20 is a copolyester based carbon fiber composite material that is based on the unique Amphora 3D polymer from Eastman Chemical and is loaded with no less than 20% specially sourced carbon fibers suitable for 3D Printing.

Time-lapse of XT-CF20 filemament reinforced with 20% specially sourced carbon fibers

Our first special filament based on the Amphora 3D polymer. Reinforced with 20% specially sourced carbon fibers, this filament is perfect for parts which need high stiffness. XT-CF20 has a beautiful matte surface finish when printed.

Epic bronzeFill 3D printing

At the Birmingham TCT Show we talked to Steve Cox, Education Ambassador CREATE Education – Ultimaker (GB). He was showing some of his great 3D printing projects and sharing great tips&tricks. This week however a very special project by Steve, commissioned by Fuel3D, was presented at the CES2015.

Mass Portal time-lapse

After a lot of hours testing and experimenting with the Mass Portal Delta it’s time to have some fun with it too.

3D Printer made with XT-copolyester

A 3D printer designed by Harold Reedijk and made with colorFabb XT. ColorFabb XT is an engineering grade material made with Eastman Amphora 3D polymer.

3D Printed Mini FPV Tricopter! – #1

We’re always on the look out for amazing DIY projects that relate to 3D printing. Just the other day a new tri-copter design was posted on by rocketman1092 which really caught my eyes. Then moments later it also appeared on thingiverse, so naturally we had to start making this right away.

All new copperFill

BronzeFill has become a huge hit for colorFabb and we’ve seen many great examples of excellent 3D printed models on their social media. Apparently printing with metal on desktop 3D printers is something the maker community is really interested in.

Excellence in woodFill 3D Printing

Replicas of historic church figures in wood by Fucco Design.The original figures were scanned by Scanning 3D; Fucco Design split the received model into parts and then had it printed, initially processed (separation of supports, etc.) and glued it all together.

And the winner is…

First of all we need to start this post with a big thank you to all participants of the Time-Lapse contest! Overall we’re impressed with the quality of the videos and the amount of care and attention the contenders have put into their work.

3D printing La Fabshop Mobile

Le fabshop has got a great thingiverse portfolio of 3d designs which are made for 3d printing. We printed the little car on our Ultimaker Original and made a time-lapse video.

colorFabb woodFill at the International Amsterdam Fashion Week

Talented designer Chris van den Elzen collaborated with Judith van Vliet on a new shoe collection called, EXCIDIUM.

Ultimaker Original time-lapse

We are printing the lovely Low-Poly Charmander designed by thingiverse user Flowalistik. This cute but fierse Charmander was craving for some Dutch Orange, so we loaded up our Ultimaker Original with a fresh spool of 2,85mm Dutch Orange. We made a time-lapse so you can see this little pokemon being created one layer at a time.

woodFill on the Makerbot

At Fabcon we were printing three days with woodFill on the Makerbot and it went marvelous. We printed lots of little Aztec Chiefs designed by Makerbot and Homer Simpsons designed by Steelyd. These were great little give-aways that print super fast, about 35 minutes per print! For those who couldn’t visit us at Fabcon, here’s […]

Makerbot Replicator 2 time-lapse

We are printing the lovely Low-Poly Bulbasaur designed by thingiverse user Flowalistik. This cute Bulbasaur was craving for some Intense Green, so we loaded up our Makerbot Replicator 2 with a fresh spool of 1,75mm Intense Green. We made a time-lapse so you can see this little pokemon being created one layer at a time.

All new colorFabb glowFill

Today we’re launching a new filament, colorFabb glowFill. This filament will literally make your work shine!

Time-lapse with the Ultimaker 2

We are printing the lovely Low-Poly Squirtle designed by thingiverse user Flowalistik. What better color for this water creature then our Ultra Marine Blue!? We made a time-lapse with the Ultimaker 2 so you can see this little pokemon being created one layer at a time.

Time-lapse with the Ultimaker Original

Last week we organized a friends&family day at our brand new colorFabb production facility. For most 3d printing is still new and sometimes hard to grasp, so we decided to explain the process of making filament and how the filament is used with various 3d printers.

Hacking Ikea Lampan with 3D printed parts

At the Eindhoven Mini Maker Faire design studio Van Alles Wat Ontwerp presented a pretty clever way of personalizing the Ikea Lampan lampshade. An interactive installation allowed users to draw their own lampshade designs on a piece of paper, while simultaneously a 3d model is being rendered on a screen! We’ve seen children making beautiful […]

Barnacules 3dprinting Darth Vader

Take a look at Jerry Berg a.k.a. Barnacules have a go at 3d printing the Darth Vader Lego like action figurine. Powered by colorFabb standard black using the fabulous Ultimaker 2, this seems like a match made in heaven.

RapidPro 2014

Last week colorFabb was present at the RapidPro 2014 in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. We had a great time talking to lots of 3d print enthusiast. Even though woodFill is around for a while now we still got many surprised reactions from people seeing a Makerbot Replicator create actual wooden parts.

London 3d Printshow

In november colorfabb participated in one of the biggest 3d printshows, the London 3d printshow! Located in the amazing Business Design Centre we knew this was going to be a very inspiring gathering of exhibitors and visitors.

Visit our colorfabb production facility!

A short visit video at our Colorfabb production facility

Launch of the Innofabriek

We presented colorfabb at the launching event of the brand new Innofabriek in Reuver the Netherlands. Located in one of the old Jalema factories the Innofabriek still shows some of it’s industrial history. The main workplace looks great and is no doubt one of the most inspiring workplaces you could wish for. We wish Joan […]


Post-processing gCreate’s Rocket Ship

This time we recreated the gorgeous gCreate Official Rocket Ship in our various metal filaments to take a look at polishing as a post-processing method.

How to print with LW-PLA

How to print with LW-PLA At colorFabb material development never stops. We’re starting the 2019 with a fascinating new material, first of its kind in FFF 3D printing materials. We’re proud to announce, colorFabb LW-PLA. This filament uses an active foaming technology which is triggered by temperature. At it’s peak the filament will expand nearly […]

Let’s make something clear

We’re taking a look at how to 3D print with a high level of transparency. Our latest material, colorFabb_HT, is highly suited for this because of its high-flow characteristics. More information will be published later once we have it, we’re still very much in the testing-phase. But here are the basics so you can try it yourselves. You can […]

Click here – a collection of handy links

This is the click bait you have been waiting for. If you are going to bookmark one page today, let this one be it. At colorFabb we have quite some information on our website and sub sites. Here is a guide to the most handy links (updated July 2018):   Landing pages Our most recent […]

How to print with PA-CF Low Warp

How to print with PA-CF Low Warp Below are some tips and tricks to get the best results with PA-CF Low Warp, colorFabb’s first nylon based engineering filament. Original blog announcement: click here Available in our webshop: click here To get the best possible quality out of any 3D printing material it’s important to match […]

How to print with woodFill filament

Our woodFill material is available in our webshop and consists of about 70% colorFabb PLA and 30% woodfibre. This means that in general you’ll need to print this material at PLA temperatures. To help you along with fine tuning your machine for woodFill here is our process of calibrating the Ultimaker Original, Ultimaker 2 and Makerbot Replicator […]

How to print with colorFabb nGen_FLEX

How to print with colorFabb nGen_FLEX To get the best possible quality out of any 3D printing material it’s important to match the slicer settings with the material which is used. On this page we’ll run through the most important settings and suggest good starting values for various printers. If your machine isn’t in our […]

how to print with bronzeFill

The trial period for bronzeFill is up and the first customers have already received and printed with bronzeFill. It’s time for a write up and share print settings and methods of post processing this awesome material.

How to print with steelFill

This post will share all our insights into printing with our brand new steelFill filament, so you can get the best possible results.

How to post-process co-polyesters

Of course we love our prints as they are. We put great effort to choose the best materials and the finest materials. With our “How To…” posts we want everybody to be able to create the best prints possible on a wide variety of printers. We have written before about post-processing our metal filled filaments, […]

Let‘s Polish!

Hi and welcome back to metal printing, I finaly got my first busts back from the polisher. It‘s pretty impressive, the material changed fully from dull and shineless to a real metal look. Now I‘m wondering if there is the possibility to achieve this finishing at home too. I tested different kinds of polishing which […]

How to print with colorFabb_HT

How to print with colorFabb_HT To get the best possible quality out of any 3D printing material it’s important to match the slicer settings with the material which is used. On this page we’ll run through the most important settings and suggest good starting values for various printers. If your machine isn’t in our list use […]

OpenRC printed with XT filament – Part 1

Hello folks! My name is Glen Thijssen and I’m the new industrial engineering graduate intern @Colorfabb. My main focus in the coming six months will be on research related to the optimization of the Colorfabb filaments and the product market position whilst remaining focused on continued and improved customer satisfaction.

Venus de Milo – Part 1

A while back we started with printing Venus de Milo. It’s available on Thingiverse thanks to the amazing work by Cosmo Wenman, you can get the files here and read some more about his project.

How to print with _XT

Our _XT filament has been around for a while now and we’ve been getting lots of positive feedback and tips. Therefore we decided it was about time to do a little write up of all the tips and comments to help you get the best possible quality from your 3d printer.

How to print with corkFill

This is the brand new corkFill based on colorFabb PLA/PHA. If you liked the original woodFill and its successor bamboofill, this one should complement your filament portfolio really well. To help you getting the best results out of your printer here are some tips for Ultimaker Original, Ultimaker 2 and Makerbot Replicator 2 settings with general […]

How to print with nGen

To get the best possible quality out of any 3D printing material it’s important to match the slicer settings with the material which is used. On this page we’ll run through the most important settings and suggest good starting values for various printers. If your machine isn’t in our list use the general recommended settings.

BaliBoy – part 1

Generating 3d models is quite time consuming and requires in some cases expert knowledge of specific 3d modeling software. It’s definitely fun to learn about the various types of 3d modeling software, but you could also get into 3d scanning.

BaliBoy – part 2

Scanning BaliBoy was good fun and easy enough. Just make sure to take time setting up your scanning equipment and make sure there’s enough room to walk around the object while scanning. Once the BaliBoy was scanned I was eager to get it printing on the Makerbot. Using our woodFill profiles for Makerbot Makerware our […]

Stormtrooper painting session

For this model we decided to try our nGen material and see how it behaves when treated with some painting techniques.

Let’s print metal!

My name is Ines Cebulla. I‘m 23 years old and was born in germany. I‘m an open minded person who is interested in new experiences with technology and design. Currently I‘m studying Industrial Product Design at Fontys Hoogeschool Venlo and will most likely graduate next summer with the Bachelor of Engeneering. For my Bachelor‘s Thesis […]

how to print with copperFill

A new metal filament for 3D printing is about to be shipped to our early adopters who placed a pre-order in the last month. Therefore it’s about time to share our insights and tips on printing with copperFill 3D printing filament!


Mosaic Palette

The Mosaic Palettes are perfect tools to create multi-color and multi-material prints, even (and especially) when you have a single nozzle extruder. We have created two examples of how you can make great looking prints on most printers which handle 1.75mm filament. Handle Bosch Rexroth by Sidnei Willians Nurchi (link) Screwdriver (VDE) Phillips by Matt […]

Motorcycle suspension part

As we add more materials to our portfolio we see more possibilities. With our proven XT-CF20 and the recently added Igus Iglidur I150 for instance. We printed a motorcycle suspension linkage prototype: Design by colorFabb Both materials were printed on the Ultimaker 2+ with the Olsson Ruby Nozzle. Both components were press fitted together with […]

Longboard Wheels

In recent months we have added quite a few new materials in our webshop. To showcase two of them we have combined them into one functional print. We used Iroprint F80213 by Huntsman and our brand new Tough PLA to print longboard wheels. The Street Wheels for Longboard were designed by Zenjota (link) The two […]

Car parts made with PA-CF Low Warp

There are as many uses for our filaments as there are 3D printers and users in this world. We love to come across great applications for our materials. Applications we could not think of when we developed and produced the filaments. Or could think of but never thought we would actually see it. Enter John […]

Light Weight Plane

November 15 update: Now with video of the first flight! Scroll down to see the spectacular footage! When we launched our light weight filament LW-PLA earlier this year we saw a lot of handy applications: cosplay, medical instruments, grips. Every print where weight is of the essence. The most positive replies we got were from […]

Lamp Shades

There is no restriction these days where one can find 3D printed parts: gadgets, end parts, tooling, prototypes and, more and more, design pieces that you can find in any home these days. One great application is to use 3D printing to make unique and customized lamp shades. Companies like Gantri are doing amazing things […]

Water Tap Splitter

In the past few years we have written several times about the advantages that 3D printing has for the casting industry. You can find the links to those articles at the end of this blog. Today we show you a practical example of a water tap splitter and how 3D printing not only saves time […]

Batman bust

Our filaments already look great when printed, but we get a lot of questions about post-processing. Not only materials where this is kind of necessary (like bronzeFill or copperFill), but also other materials are often the subject of some serious post-printing work to make the printed object truly unique. For this post, our technical development […]

Sand casting

We have written several times about using 3D printing for investment casting, but we also see an increased use of our filaments for sand casting. It is a metal casting process where sand is being used as the mold material. With around 60% of all metal castings being made with sand casting, it is a […]

Rolling Jack

With a lot of 3D printing tools at our disposal it becomes easier (and more fun!) to print large, multi-material prints. As a visual prototype we printed this rolling jack with various materials in our print lab on the Stacker S4 XL. Design by Sevatar (Grabcad link) We printed on the Stacker S4-XL with a […]


Real size prototyping can be a problem on most desktop 3D printers. With build limits of 30cm squared, at best, the size of the print needs to be small – or one has to start chopping up the print and assemble it later. With the Stacker S4- XL one can print prototypes in their real […]

Machine clamp

As we have seen before, 3D printing can be used in many production companies to create machine clamps. By using the right filament (and printer) it is easier, faster and cheaper than ever to optimize a production line so it suits your needs. Whereas 3D printing already has proven itself to shorten the prototype stage […]

Surfboard fin

3D printing has been used for prototyping since the dawn of mankind. Literally. We have found that with certain prototypes weight is of the essence and with our brand new lightweight filament LW-PLA we have solved the problem of many prototypers: weight reduction. A great example of this is this in-house designed surfboard fin, part […]

Light Weight Drone Parts

With our brand new lightweight PLA, LW-PLA, we offer a filament which is ideally suited for prints where weight matters. Drone enthusiasts have embraced 3D printing a long time ago. Replacement parts and customisation are easier than ever when reparing or enhancing ones drone. However, weight is always an issue with drones and with LW-PLA […]


Only two weeks ago we released our brand new lightweight 3D printing filament LW-PLA. With its active foaming technology it can reduce weight of a printed part with 65%, which makes it ideally suited for prints where weight matters. There are a lot of applications for this new material and one of them is for […]

Stan Lee

Excelsior! With Avengers: Endgame finally being released this week, it is only fitting that we honor the man who started most, if not all of it: Mr Stan Lee. One of our colleagues printed this very nice bust with PLA Economy. Design by Geoffro / Patreon Link Printed on the Prusa Mk3 with standard PLA […]

Ceiling housing

Series production on a 3D printer can be done one by one. But what if you did it four by four? On the Stacker S4 it is possible to produce multiple parts at the same time due to the large print bed (345x525mm) and four print heads. Like these ceiling housings for a passive infrared […]

Coffee tray

Growth of a company can be measured in a lot of different ways. Economists and historians will debate for years what the best way is, but at colorFabb we measure it by the size of our coffee tray. Whenever someone in the office goes for a coffee, courtesy dictates that he or she will bring […]


Deadpool, aka The Merc with the Mouth, has been a fan favorite for years and one of our colleagues has printed the iconic Marvel character recently: Design: Designed by David Östman, this Deadpool bust was printed with PLA Economy Black on the Prusa i3 MK3 with standard PLA settings. The design is the second, […]

Print your own toolbox inlay

Updated: We have added the link to the Thingiverse page so you can print your own inlay! With 3D printing comes great customization. With the right design skills, the right printer and the right materials one can make unique prints that not only look good, but are also extremely handy. Speaking of handy, having the […]

Skin tone

With Color on Demand we have already matched hundreds of colors. We have published the RAL references (over 100 already) online which can readily be ordered. But we can match more than only RAL colors. Some customers send us physical references, others send us well-known color references like CMYK, Pantone or other standards which we […]

nGen_LUX on Ultimaker S5

In December we published that the base material of our widely popular nGen 3D printing filament, Eastman Amphora AM3300, had been added to the Ultimaker Market Place. In the Market Place Ultimaker users can download print profiles for tested filaments. We already added woodFill, Color on Demand PLA and XT-CF20 (more about that here) and […]

Palette 2 Pro

Late last year we got the Palette 2 Pro on loan as a test unit and printed not only our own logo, but also the Multi-Color Mosaic Keychain by Mosaic Manufacturing as a test: Design: We printed on the Stacker S4 with a 0,6mm nozzle and printed this key chain in 3h 7min. It […]

Christmas Tree

With Christmas around the corner it’s only apt we follow suit with the rest of the world and print a Christmas tree. We chose the design by idig3D for our Christmas print. For the material we chose nGen Green Transparent. Earlier this year we released no less than six transparent nGen colors: nGen is of […]

Multi-color printing

Test printing the Mosaic Palette 2 Pro on the Stacker S4 with Color on Demand colors and PLA Semi-Matte Black!


It’s less than three weeks before Christmas and this is the first of several Christmas themed prints we will post. Today we feature nGen_LUX, our high quality and luxurious looking filament. We printed presents, but let’s be honest: the filament is a present of itself. Design: These presents were printed with all nGen_LUX colors […]


Buro Ruig is a Dutch design buro and used colorFabb’s Color on Demand service to create a custom print job for a customer: 2x 500 prints were made for a pharmaceutical company.

Dizingof’s 2 Colors Klein Bottle

Few designs are so well-known in 3D printing as the Klein bottle. Renowned Israeli designer Dizingof has a Klein Bottle available on his website (a free download these days!) ideally suited to be printed in two colors: Design: Dizingof’s designs are world famous and a high standard in 3D printing world. As Fabbaloo mentioned […]


Tis the season to be scary. It’s Halloween and you will see many pumpkins today, many of them real, lots of them printed and only one of them printed with RAL 2000 Yellow Orange – a perfectly suited color which is part of our Color on Demand program. Design: Designed by MakieLab it is […]

Phone holder

We like our desk gadgets and one of the most essential gadgets must be the phone holder. We found a very convenient one: The Flat-Pack Phone Stand by Robert Stockton. The clever design allows for the stand to be easily taken apart and carried with you. Design: The base is printed as two pieces […]

Dual color frog

Printing with multiple colors has been around for a while now. We have put the Ultimaker 3 in our print lab to good use to print the 2-Color Tree Frog by Nervous System.   Design: As described on the Thingiverse page: “This treefrog is based on a recently discovered species called the Tiger’s Treefrog […]


Days are getting shorter, weather is getting worse & leaves are falling from the trees. We thought it was the right time to print Maz’s Flower with no less than three Color on Demand colors:   Design: The parts were printed on both an Ultimaker 2+ and a Prusa i3 MK2. With both printers […]


Since we have launched Color on Demand earlier this summer we have received many requests, orders and feedback from our customers. One of these customer is Batch.Works, a London based company specialized in production on a small scale. You should definitely check out their website here. We caught up with CEO Julien Vaissieres during the […]

PARIS lamp

Ah Paris… City of Light. Fittingly, we printed the PARIS Lamp which was designed in… Paris by Le Fabshop. For the filament we used two colors from our Color on Demand program: Design: The design was inspired by the Eiffel Tower’s structure (you may probably have seen it somewhere before). The inspiration came to […]


If you ever feel the need to go full Dan Brown, but lack the necessary myths and conspiracy theories we recommend the print a Cryptex to ensure any secret (past or present) is safe. We used the Letter-Cryptex by Hiob and went wild with unique Color on Demand colors! Design: All parts were printed […]

SNES Cart Holder

Where new tech meets not so old tech. One of our colleagues to his Prusa MK3 to good use and printed a holder designed by Ken Walton for his beloved Super Nintendo Carts: Design: Printed on the Prusa MK3 with standard PLA settings. He used PLA Semi Matte Black for this print. When developing […]

Jet engine nozzle

3D printing is first and foremost an excellent tool for prototyping and modelling. Especially for complex prints. With that in mind we have printed an example of a jet engine nozzle, the variable-area nozzle for use on EDF RC airplanes designed by Marco Colucci to be more specific. Benefits of 3D printing are how complex […]

Cloud Gate

After last week’s Willis Tower we are highlighting once again one of Chicago’s landmarks: Cloud Gate, aka “The Bean”. Designed by Anish Kapoor, and turned into a 3D printing model by Ben Sauerwine, today’s featured print was made by Cloud3D using our special filament steelFill. Both printing and post-processing was done by this young 3D […]

Color on Demand Prints

With Color on Demand we offer a one-of-a-kind service where you can order the color you want as a PLA filament. Starting from 750 grams (for a color already matched) or 2kg (for a brand new color, made for you) the treshold is lower than ever to make your prints truly unique. Find out more […]

nGen Transparent Prints

With nGen we offer an all-round 3D printing filament for every day use. One advantage over PLA is its glass temperature (of 85 degrees C, double that of PLA). Another is the special chemical make-up of the base material, Eastman Amphora™ AM3300 3D polymer, which results in a good melt stability. From pellet to filament […]

Safety glasses holder

Safety first! Whenever printing, in daily life and also in our production plant safety is of our highest concern. That’s why we require all our guests when they enter the production area to wear safety glasses. Since this should not be forgotten we have them ready to grab at the entrance of our building and […]

Stacker XL for investment casting

Using 3D printing in investment casting reduces cost and adds flexibility to the process. PLA is a natural choice for this process where the entire print is burned out. What started thousands of years ago with beeswax has now evolved to patterns made with 3D printing. The printed pattern is coated with ceramic, then the […]


A couple of months ago we already showed you how 3D printing can be used to make amazing 3D maps, like we did with the Everest region. Since then we have upped the scale a bit and printed a another 3D map. But a lot bigger. We received a request from a customer who wanted […]

Darth Revan

Earlier this year we launched PLA Semi-Matte Black as an addition to our regular PLA colors we have been offering for years. Our semi-matte PLA filament eliminates the glossy appearance seen on most PLA 3D prints. The highlights on the surface will be less visible, resulting in an overall cleaner and much higher quality look. […]

G1 thread extender

Ah, the summer… When everybody and everything slows down, wisely, to a much calmer pace. With the current temperatures we see the need to take extra care of our lawns as well. And we wouldn’t be colorFabb if 3D printing couldn’t be fit in there somewhere. One of our engineers needed a G1 thread extender […]

The Prudence Project

Whenever people think about 3D printing, they mostly think about desktop 3D printing. Mostly. With the Stacker, Blackbelt and other large printers the world is slowly opening up to larger size prints. But sometimes we come across a print that is just huge. Think: Almost 2 meters huge. Enter The Prudence Project by Mikrotvornica from […]


Let’s go green today. For today’s print we have chosen the great Plantygon design by Sam Welch, aka printfutura. This excellent design is a modular geometric stacking planter and based on the truncated octohedron which can tesselate in 3D space. This allows each planter to stack together in any combination that you’d like! Design: […]

Modular Drawers

With our new Color on Demand service we offer custom made colors to make prints that look truly unique. As an example we printed the Modular Drawers 2.0 by Dan O’Connell, aka O3D. Design: The drawers are great to store small things in your workshop and by printing them in unique colors, you can […]

Benchy test print on the Stacker S4 XL

Earlier this week our first Stacker S4 XL arrived in our warehouse: The Stacker S4 XL, next to the regular S4 and the S2. Spool box for scale. As Stacker’s European distributor we had been eagerly awaiting this beast of a machine. The Stacker S4 XL is the latest offering in the Stacker portfolio. It […]

3D Maps

Another application that 3D printing has made more accessible is the creation of 3D maps. We all have seen the 3D maps at tourist attractions and information centers of mountainous regions. Making these maps is quite expensive. We were recently approached by a customer to look into the possibilities of making a 3D map for […]

nGen_LUX on the Builder Extreme

When it comes to printing large and colorful objects, the combination of nGen_LUX on the Builder Extreme is hard to beat. The Extreme series of printers by Dutch printer company Builder are large scale printers for professional, but affordable 3D printing. nGen_LUX works really well with the color mix tool of the Builder Extreme. Various […]

Copy mode: a bronzeFill story

In the south of the Netherlands and neighboring regions we have the carnaval tradition. Worldwide known for the Brazilian variety, the version known to us is a different affair. It is an annual festival, celebrated widely, of Catholic origin in which people go wild and party one more time before Lent. It is a tradition […]

Diamond Black Panther

We love it when our users design their own creations and use our filaments to bring their ideas to life. Sebastien Carcone from Luxembourg based NewOne shared his Black Panther (not the movie) with us and printed it in nGen_LUX. Sebastien used Cinema 4D and the model was printed with supports on a Raise N2+. […]

Smartwatch charger stand

In an age where time is of the essence and mostly against us, it helps to treat your smartwatch to a nice looking stand. That’s why we have printed not one, but two charger stands for our smartwathes and we printed them in nGen_LUX. Ticwatch S&E charger stand by Midnightmare_CZ printed with nGen_LUX Nature Green […]

Repairing parts with PA-CF Low Warp

Another field where 3D printing excels in is the replacement of parts. With the right materials 3D printing is a great tool to extend the life of many everyday items. Crucial to this are various factors like modeling skills (if the file of the part is not readily available) and the right material. A functional […]

Indicator Light

3D printing is an excellent tool for visual prototyping. Today’s print is a great example of a prototype to give a customer a good look and feel of the part before mass production starts. We printed an indicator light. Custom in-house design Printed on the Ultimaker 2+ with both nGen Transparent and PLA Economy Black. […]

nGen_LUX prints

nGen_LUX has been released a short while ago and we are seeing more and more prints popping up on social media. Here are a few we have gathered from our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram followers (click on them to go to the original posts immediately):                   […]

Traffic Light

Today’s print is a multi-material print since we like to mix up the filaments we have in our ever expanding portfolio. Our intern Sven Hacken went to work and designed a fully functional traffic light! Design by Sven Hacken / CLOUD3D: And the funny thing is: it works like a charm! All parts were […]

Candy dispenser

First world problems arose at the office when candy was lying around freely. First world solutions were found by printing a candy dispenser. Of course it has to stand out anywhere and we just so happened to have the right filament for the job: nGen_LUX Original design: (no candy included) Originally designed by HelioxLab, […]

Project Unicorn

Born Just Right’s mission is to build creative solutions that help kids with differences live a more enjoyable life. It all started with Jordan Reeves, who was born just right. She is the lead innovator and official ambassador of BJR. We have been in touch with the great team of Born Just Right for a […]

Robot arm

Who doesn’t like robotics? We printed our own robotic arm last year and it is always great to see our filaments converted into cool prints like robotics! Enter Carl van Heezik, teacher and researcher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. He wanted to design a robot that looked like a real industrial robot and […]

PIN-header connector housing

When the description on Thingiverse says: “WARNING! this is a very complicated print” we are immediately intrigued. This PIN Header connector housing would be an ideal print to make on the Sintratec SLS printer: Design: After printing some basic cleaning is needed, but that is all and the parts are ready to use. All […]

What the world is printing… Part 1

Normally we feature the prints that we make in our own print lab or, occasionally, a great print that was printed by someone else.  But on a weekly basis we see a lot of great prints made with our filaments showing up on various social media channels. Below is a summary of a selection of […]


It is a well established fact by now that our new PA-CF Low Warp filament is all about functionality. We developed this filament with only one goal: to make sure a lot of users have the ability to print high quality printed parts. Even on a cold bed. In the past weeks we have already […]

SLS Prints

Back in November we announced our partnership with Sintratec. Sintratec is a Swiss high-tech company specializing in the development and production of SLS 3D printers. You can read the announcement here. In more than one way this has been a very important step for colorFabb. Not only do we add another high-end printer for the […]


3D printing is uniquely suitable for customizing parts that one needs on the fly. A custom housing, for instance. The original design by Printcontrol was made to be a housing for electronics, but you can use it as a housing in general. We chose our new PA-CF Low Warp filament to print for extra stiffness […]

Router attachment

Recently we released PA-CF Low Warp. This is a filament developed with one single purpose and that’s to create functional prints on a wide range of 3D printers. For today’s print we move further into the DIY world by printing a router attachment for a rotary tool, the Dremel in this case. Original design: […]


Another aspect where PA-CF Low Warp in excels is the fact that it is light weight, but tough. It is therefore an excellent material for drones for example where weight and strength matter. Today’s featured print is the Open Brushless Gimbal by turbi.   Original design: The recently released high quality engineering filament is […]

Feeder Bracket

Our recently released PA_CF Low Warp is a great material for making printed modifications for 3D printers. We printed the Rear Mount Feeder Bracket for the Ultimaker 2 with our new filament: The design was made by Christopher Bray and can be downloaded here. We printed this part on the Ultimaker 2+ with a 0.8mm […]

Garden Sprinkler

January 10th: Updated with images of the finished part This is a print we have made before and one that is an excellent example of how well overhangs are handled with PA-CF Low Warp, our new nylon based carbon re-inforced engineering filament. The Garden Sprinkler by Daniel Norée is a great design to showcase our […]

Single Gauge Pod

Our brand new PA-CF Low Warp filament is all about functionality. That means it also has to look Good (yes, that is a capital G). It is a perfect material to make parts that are used in an industrial environment, like the Single Gauge Pod by oldmatedave: Design by oldmatedave: We printed, similar to […]

Printing with PA-CF Low Warp

Earlier this week we launched our brand new, functional filament PA-CF Low Warp. The PA-CF Low Warp is a one of a kind polyamide formulation with the ability to print nearly warp free on non heated buildplatforms. Low infill prints come out perfectly flat on cold bed for higher infill prints 40/50C temperature is enough […]

Lodewijk van der Grinten Prize 2017

3D printing allows for unique prints and what needs to be more unique than an award or trophy? Recently we printed the Bioplastics Magazine Award for the third consecutive year. Last year we printed the nominee awards for the Lodewijk van der Grinten prize, a local award. This year, once again, we were asked to […]

Action sensor

When sports meets 3D printing… We have all seen those exciting images during sports games that are repeated over and over: that very cool angle just behind the goal or up close with the ball. Those images need to be captured. French company Action Sensor specializes in making the cameras and mounts for this very […]

Football trophy

It is the season of gift giving and one of the more peculiar traditions in the Netherlands is to be creative with how to present the actual gift. Simple gift wrapping paper does not suffice anymore and people go at great lengths to make something special of the gift. A request came into our print […]

Utility Ship

Here at colorFabb we regularly have interns hard at work in the print lab, creating awesome things. As you may remember, Stephan Schürmann designed and printed a bike during his internship here (and is now about to ship his very own Blackbelt 3D printer!). Earlier this year Niels van Valburg made the FLEX_Link chair. And […]

Acorn Planter

To stay in the autumn theme we have printed an acorn planter. Designed by and printed on the Makerbot with corkFill. Design: Printed on the Makerbot Replicator+ using the Experimental Extruder with the 0.6mm brass nozzle. “Sow a seed within a seed with the Acorn Planter.” Recently we have been testing a lot with the […]

Poly Cup

Low Poly designs have been 3D print favorites for many years. And with good reason: Nice and clean designs that allow for great prints. Designers like Flowalistik specialize in low poly designs. For today’s print we used the Low Poly Cup by HummusBird. Design: Printed on the Makerbot Replicator+ using the Experimental Extruder with the […]

Making miniature furniture with the Robo C2

Model making has always been a great use for 3D printers all over the world. To all model makers looking to enter 3D printing with an efficient plug&play 3D printer, we present to you the Robo C2 which we used for today’s print in combination with woodFill and corkFill! 28mm Round Table by Curufin Making tiny […]

nGen_LUX excellence on the Robo R2

When thinking about applications for nGen_LUX one of the first area’s we see huge potential for this material is 3D printed awards and trophies. A quick search for examples on Thingiverse resulted in many cool models, but we specifically liked the YouTube Diamond Play Button reward designed by Jeffrey122. When Youtube creators get 10 miljoen […]

corkFill Experimental Extruder Jig

Makerbot designed a simple jig which makes it easier to swap nozzles on the Experimental Extruder. It also has three slots to store the nozzles, making it easy to keep everything together. Experimental Extruder Jig by MakerBot This model was printed using corkFill filament and the 0.6mm brass nozzle. At 0.2mm layerheight and 200C printing […]

A wooden cup barrel on the Replicator+

We’ve been searching Thingiverse for great models to show the aesthetic quality of woodFill filament. One model we particularly  liked is this Cup Barrel. It’s a cool model and we can see this being used for many different purposes. It could be used as a dice cup, a desk organizer for pens and pencils and […]

Robo C2 3D printing transparent PLA colors

Yesterday we posted the faceted vase, designed by billbo1958, today we continue with the faceted bowl on the Robo C2. Faceted Bowl and Vase by billbo1958   Awesome layering on the Robo C2 with transparent Orange PLA. The transparent colors work really well on this design. As the designer also states, he was going for […]

corkFill Fish vase

Makerbot recently announced the new Experimental Extruder and surfaced various colorFabb materials on their landing page for Makerbot labs. We’re excited to be working with Makerbot on this endeavour. Meanwhile at colorFabb 3D printing lab we’re busy with printing more models which show the potential of our materials using the new Makerbot Labs Experimental Extruder. Fish […]

New intern learning how to print!

In August of this year our intern started with his 6 month internship. We challenged him to 3D print two models containting multiple parts, without ever having 3D printed a part before. PLA/PHA and PLA Economy are perfect materials for novice users, so we selected these for his project. The Jet propulsion pump by toto45  is […]

Ancient Greek Helmet

Back in August we came across the Instagram account of Andreas Mielonen and were immediately blown away by the work he had posted there: An ancient Greek helmet, printed with bronzeFill on his Ultimaker 2+: All images in this blog post by Andreas Mielonen We contacted Andreas to share a bit more about this fantastic […]

nGen on the Robo R2

Today we feature not one single print, but rather a filament on a particular printer. As the title vaguely suggests, it’s all about nGen on the Robo R2 today. When we received the Robo R2 for testing purposes we immediately started with nGen instead of the default PLA. And the results are amazing! Y pipe […]

Vase with the MOARstruder

When speed matters it is hard to beat the Lulzbot TAZ 6 in combination with the MOARstruder. 3D printing is a great tool to create on the spot, but it can sometimes be painfully slow. Aleph Objects, the makers of the Lulzbot 3D printers, have acknowledged this and released the MOARstruder, which is advertised as […]

Air gun adapter

Nozzles need cleaning. It is a fact of 3D printing life. An innovative way to clean nozzles on a 3D printer is to use an air gun. We have air guns in our production facility and use them to keep our operations dust free. To use the air gun to clean the nozzle one would […]


We have all seen 3D printed Star Wars gadgets before. Ever since 3D printing took off years ago, Star Wars memorabilia have been printed by the community. Popular YouTuber and avid 3D printer Dave Bagnall (online known as DaveChaos) has taken this to a whole new level by printing a full scale BB-8! When he […]

Back to school kit

At colorFabb we have stressed again and again and again and again that it is more fun to print the things you need than to buy them. It is September 1st and for most of the younger colorFabb users it is back to school again. No worries, younger colorFabb users, this will change when you […]

Fountain pen

Every so often you come across a print that it needs extra attention. We saw Dutch engineer Rein van der Mast’s post on LinkedIn and were immediately triggered by his craftmanship. Using his own design, he printed a fountain pen with colorFabb’s bronzeFill 3D printing filament and the results are simply stunning: Rein designed the […]

Wire stripper

Here in the colorFabb print lab we like to see what 3D printing can offer us to make our lives a bit easier. Especially when it comes to small tools we need on a daily basis. Sure, you can go to the store and buy stuff, but where is the fun in that? Plus, with […]

Post-processing a teapot

The special filaments are truly unique 3D printing filaments. Our first special, woodFill, was released in the fall of 2013. Not the first wood filled filament in the world, but one that made people notice colorFabb more. From there we knew that special filaments would be one of the focal points of the years to come. […]

Abrasive filaments

In a world where 3D printing users require more functional and exotic filaments, we try to keep up with the demands. Although we aim to make sure our filaments work on as many printers as possible, we know that not all materials are a good fit for every printer. One of the reasons can be […]

Final Fantasy VII Globe

Sometimes it is just fun to print game based gadgets. A request came from one of our colleagues in logistics to print the Final Fantasy VII Globe (or comet, as he says), which he wants to paint afterwards. For this print, which needed a lot of detail, we used nGen, our all-round 3D printing filament […]

Offset mount

Size matters. Not only in terms of prints, but also the spool sizes. Up until last year the market, and our sales, were dominted by the regular spools containing 750 grams or 1kg that are available from us and many other manufacturers. However, since last year we have seen more and more demand for larger […]

Foldable cup holder

Here is a nice print that was designed in-house and specifically to carry multiple cups of our Nespressos without burning our fingers. We know, it’s a first world problem, but a problem nonetheless and 3D printing solved it for us. Our intern Niels (who did the kick ass FLEX_Link chair recently) designed this foldable cup […]

Drone canopy

3D printing and drones have gone hand in hand since the beginning of time. The quick & easy fixes, as well as the customization that 3D printing provides, make it an ideal tool for everybody into drone racing. We have seen this already with our XT-CF20 filament when we released it a few years ago […]


Our avid online followers remember the stellar work that Korneel Bullens does on his Ultimakers. Not only has he one of the busiest 3DHubs in the Netherlands (with excellent reviews to booth), he also finds time to print some side projects. Back in 2015 he printed the Toyota Engine for us with colorFabb_XT (check it […]

Print+ headphone

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, the Print+ headphones have finally started shipping! At colorFabb we saw the potential of these DIY headphones immediately and backed the campaign by buying 25 of these headphone kits. We even made one of the headphone a featured print during the launch of our nGen filament: From our […]

Folded lamp shade

Our brand new PETG Economy allows for easy prototyping. With the Lulzbot MOARstruder one can also print faster, making prototyping even more efficient. Sometimes you don’t need too many details to get the job done. Today’s featured print is the folded lamp shade by H. Langemark, which we printed with PETG Economy Red: Design by […]

FLEX_Link by Niels van Valburg

Updated: Now with promotional video (skip to the end) Our intern Niels van Valburg has completed his chair design project and named it… FLEX_Link. The FLEX_Link is a chair that anyone can make at home! Two weeks ago we already tweeted the assembled chair and Niels now officially present the finished project. Earlier this year […]

Camera housing

Today’s featured print serves two goals. First of all, we’re always looking to use our filaments to make the best use of it. In this case we have used PLA Economy to make a prototype of a security camera housing. The second purpose was to make our new intern Pierre known with the Ultimaker 2 […]

Garden sprinkler

We all know Daniel Norée as the designer and maker behind the Open R/C project (remember the big F1 car we printed last year? It was his design!). But of course, Daniel is also known for his very active YouTube channel and his great work in 3D printing in general. Last year he used our […]


Summer’s here & we are all spending more and more time outside. Considering the erratic behaviour of Dutch weather, a lot of people here have party tents to keep a bit safe from wind, the odd rain shower or just to protect their precious barbecue. The brackets that connect the frame and cloth often break […]

Rifle replica

3D printing has many applications. A very interesting one is the production of replicas. The most valuable museum exhibits are usually the most fragile ones too. They can be easily damaged so the curators need to enclose them behind glass and visitors can’t touch them. Enter Get Models Now, a Polish design studio. The National Museum […]


At colorFabb we know a lot of cool things are made with our filaments. We see a lot of them on social media and what our users share with us via email. We love seeing how the materials we make are being used to make useful, functional and beautiful prints. But every now and again […]

Fidget spinner assembly tool

The craze has not died yet and we still see fidget spinners everywhere. We recently made one with woodFill and copperFill. You can read the original post here. Two weeks ago we held an open house for family and friends who were curious about our new building. We did not want to let them go […]


3D printing is a great tool to make show-and-tell objects in a cost-effective way. Nooteboom Trailers (website) recently approached us to print a tyre (or tire, if you are in the US or Canada) for them to showcase during an open house day. We wanted it not only look like a tyre, but also feel like […]

Helian logo

Ever since moving into the new building we have been working to decorate the interior in a uniform way. One thing (of many) is to print the names of the companies: we have already printed the Stacker logo, which is hanging nicely in our print lab and last week we posted about the colorFabb logo […]

Drain exit

In Western Europe the weather is erratic at best. With leaves ending up in the gutter, we want to avoid that they clutter up the drains. One of our colleagues, Jos,  ended up designing and printing his own drain exit: Design by Joshyu: It is a practical piece, printed on the Ultimaker 3 with colorFabb_XT […]

colorFabb logo

The writing’s on the wall, they say. As posted in the past 24 hours (here and here), we have printed the colorFabb letters and put them on the wall in our new building: Now, traditionally, one could employ a sign maker and have these made the old-fashioned way. We decided, after printing the Stacker logo […]

Fidget spinner

As anyone know who has a working internet connection, fidget spinners are all the rage right now. We have seen quite a few popping up on social media in the past few weeks. We could not stay behind and printed one ourselves: We based our print on the fidget spinner design by gyroscope07 (original file […]

Replacement pedal

3D printing allows for a lot of applications, DIY repairing being one of them. This weekend we wrote about replacing a part for a laundy dryer, which was printed with colorFabb_HT. Today we have another case, made with colorFabb_XT, which started in our very own print lab! A couple of weeks ago the pedal of the garbage […]

Laundry dryer part

Last week we posted about a real-life problem (although not a problem on a global scale). It is an annoyance that every household encounters: a part of, say, a laundry dryer breaks. And that is exactly what happened. Normally what happens next: you call the service guy (or girl), they take their good time to […]

Inverted bucket steam trap

Our metal filled filaments have great aesthetic characteristics. They look awesome when printed, even stunningly beautiful when post-processed, but one aspect that you cannot see – but all users agree on – is the added weight of the filament. This makes a great filament to create visual prototypes that also need that added weight. Like […]

Micrometer holder

In our production and in our print lab we need to be accurate.  We use our micrometer quite a lot, but we are only human and have only two hands. A custom designed (by our own print team) micrometer holder was a great solution, printed with colorFabb_XT. Micrometer holder by colorFabb: We printed the micrometer […]

Stacker logo

As you may have gathered in the past, we are the distributor of the Stacker line of printers in Europe. With the recently launched Stacker S2 on Kickstarter we have posted quite a bit about this printer and its bigger sibling, the Stacker S4. We are testing and printing a lot on these printers and […]


Eearlier this week we printed a head storage for the Stacker 3D printer with XT-CF20. Aside from its stiffness due to 20% of added carbon fibres, the matte finishing of the print is one of the reasons why customers choose this product. It is a terrific filament for visual prototyping as well, if the print […]

Tiny Hellboy

Before the start of the weekend we printed big. Today, right after the weekend, we go small. We ususally use our colorFabb_HT for technical parts that need excellent functional performance. For the mini Hellboy we went very small to achieve a highly detailed print… without any visible layers: Design: The design is the Hellboy Resculpted […]

Hyper Soccer Ball

The print we feature today is the Hyper Soccer Ball, designed by Jose Almeida a.k.a. Dalpek. Design: Dalpek created this design by joining three truncated icosahedrons by their vertices. We printed this complex print of a soccer ball with nGen on the Lulzbot TAZ 6 at a 0.2mm layer height. We did not use any support […]

Moveo upgrade

A project we have been working on for quite some time now is the Moveo Robotic Arm by BCN 3D Technologies in Barcelona. It is a great project which we already teased in November and December. Original design: Almost a month ago, during the RapidPro in Veldhoven, we showed the functional arm to the audiences […]

Spherical roller bearing

Late last year we discovered in our printlab a golden combination: nGen on the Leapfrog HS. Our all-round 3D printing filament performed remarkably well on the printer and today’s print is another great example: Design: Spherical roller bearing  is designed by Filip Sjöö a.k.a. filiptheking, the Swedish mechanical engineer that likes to create stuff. As said, […]

woodFill on the Lulzbot Mini

Last week we announced our partnership with Aleph Objects and became official reseller of their line of 3D printers. The Lulzbot Mini has proven itself to be an extremely reliable and easy to use printer in our printlab. We have two now ourselves and see a wide range of our materials printing with stunning results. We have […]

Stacker S4 head storage rail

Updated: scroll down for the version in XT-CF20 The Stacker S4 is a fantastic printer. Tough, reliable and industrial grade. We are the distributor of this US made machine in Europe and have printed many hours on it. One of the big advantages of the Stacker printer is its versatility: You can print 4 prints […]

Stacker S2

In the past 4 years we have seen 3D printing emerging from a hobby market to more professional uses. A lot of our users are using 3D printing to make a living or at least support their business in one way or another (as detailed here and here). One company on top of this trend […]


As many of you know, we are the distributor of Stacker 3D printers in Europe. We have been working with Stacker ever since the first prototype and now have several in our print lab. With the upcoming Stacker S2 being available for pre-order now and soon on Kickstarter we are testing A LOT. Late last week […]

Fully printed vise

Back in the day (September last year) we printed a vise with nGen on the Lulzbot Mini. Although nice it still needed screws. Now we have printed a vise that is 100% 3d-printed – no screw or other piece of hardware is needed to hold the individual pieces together. Pieces clip and snap together easily! We […]


A pangolin is a mammal that is covered with touch, overlapping scales. These scales normally offer great defense against predators in the wild. This benign creature however is currently being threatened with extinction. They’re considered the world’s most hunted animal because people believe that the meat is prized for medicinal ingredient. To get some attention […]

GoPro Bike Mount

Let’s gopro for this one and explore the outdoors. Today’s featured print is a small, but highly functional one. We have printed a GoPro Bike Mount with colorFabb_XT: Design: We printed this part with colorFabb_XT Red on the Ultimaker 2 with a 0.6mm nozzle. Due to the quite extreme overhang we slowed down to get the […]

3D Scanner

Combining several technologies is what we love here at colorFabb. 3D Scanning, smart phones and a little thing called 3D printing (you may have heard about it). We even combined two vastly different materials, namely colorFabb_XT and PLA Economy. Today’s featured print, straight from our print lab, is Dave Clarke’s $30 3D scanner: Design: This […]


Back in June 2016 we announced steelFill to the world. In September we launched steelFill officially. Today we have printed an aptly themed object with steelFill : the Man of Steel logo. Design: Modelled by Filippo Panza, this design is based on the current Superman series and quite appropiate for our steelFill. With steelFill we are […]

Prosthetic design

3D printing is a technology that is perfectly suited for prosthetic and orthopedic designs. These applications require a high level of customization as well as complex shapes. We have seen this with companies like Mathis Orthopédie and organisations like Enable and 3D Life Prints. To understand the needs and the challenges ourselves we have chosen to print a […]

PLA/PHA Natural

Eager followers of our Twitter account have noticed that we have been printing quite a bit recently with PLA/PHA Natural in recent weeks: And there is a good reason for this. PLA/PHA is our signature PLA filament which we exactly launched 4 years ago this month. The added PHA makes our grade of PLA tougher […]

Educational Brake Caliper

One of the noble applications of 3D printing in general is education. Chris Halliday has, with this in mind, designed an educational brake caliper, which we used for a visual demonstration, printed with various nGen colors: Design: Printed on Ultimaker 2+ with nGen Yellow, Orange, Gray Metallic and Light Green. This brake caliper is not […]

Flexible pliers

Or: How to print pliers with two materials in one print. We’re having a lot of fun with our dual nozzle printers here in the brand new colorFabb HQ and today we showcase once again a great print with two different materials. Yesterday we used nGen as a support material for a drill case print […]

Drill Case

With dual nozzle printers come great possibilities. Two colors, two different materials even. And what if we had a great support material? And what if we already happen to have such a material in our current portfolio? In between moving our entire company our print lab team started testing with using nGen as a support […]

Spool holders

We have a lot of spools in our print lab. We print a lot on 30+ printers and need our filaments handy at a moments notice. That’s why we use the Filament Duck spool holder a lot! These ones were printed with nGen. Design:  Recently we printed these for our big PLA Economy spools and […]

Low Poly R2D2

This is the droid you’re looking for! We see a rapid rise of dual extrusion prints: two colors or even two materials in one single print. BCN 3D, makers of the Sigma (one of the highest rated printers on 3D Hubs) and our distributor in Spain and Portugal, was kind enough to send us a new set […]

Brushless motor

For today’s featured print we are using two filaments that couldn’t be more different: steelFill and colorFabb_HT. For the part we chose makeSEA‘s 3D Printed Brush Motor v2 (link here). Design: This is a work in progress and we now have printed the parts. Please note that we have not tested this in real life […]

Tape dispenser

If you ship as much as we do you run through a lot of tape. Strangely enough, we seem to misplace our tape dispenser a lot as well. And why not print one or two as a spare? Here’s nGen coming to the rescue! Design: Printed with nGen Yellow on the MassPortal Pharaoh ED, […]

Wireframe Skull Pencil Holder

Last week we were at the CES in Las Vegas as Lulzbot’s material partner. It was a fantastic show where we met a lot of our users. It was great meeting all of you! And once again we saw several Lulzbot Mini’s and TAZ 6 printers flawlessly printing with nGen during the entire run of […]

Material tiles

We designed and printed these 100mm x 100mm tiles to showcase some of our special materials. The wavy tiles have been printed on a Ultimaker 2 and the polygon inspired tiles have been printed on the Mass Portal. We created two different designs for each group of materials. The metal infused filaments are used for […]

Handlebar grip

If you’re looking for good inspiration for what your next 3D printing project should be, just take a look at Daniel Norée his Youmagine account. We found some really nice handlebar models to demonstrate the use of semi-flexible filaments, such as nGen_FLEX. We printed two different handlebar grips, one for a BMX bike and another for a […]

Vertical Windmill

Michael Broderick posted an inspiring project about a 3D printable vertical axis windmill. After his first design, he returned to the drawing board and improved various parts to finally develop the Vertical Windmill Mk2, get the files here. The vertical windmill is not just any standard looking windmill, as the name suggests it’s build up along a […]

Spring-loaded Drive Block

After printing for almost 3 years the wear on the injection molded parts of our Makerbot Replicator 2 started to effect print quality and reliability. The drive block just wasn’t able to put the same amount of pressure on the filament as it used to. If you’re wondering how to detect this issue, check if the […]

Multi-material coupler

Multiple material prints will be more common in the new year. We have several great printers that not only print two colors in one print, but also two materials. This expands the possibilities of 3D printing and give the maker more freedom to make functional products! Today we used both nGen and nGen_FLEX in one single […]

Upgrading our equipment

It’s great to be able to improve on your own equipment simply by adding 3D printed parts. We designed and printed an end-piece for our pelletizer. With this end-piece we prevent spillage of material because the pellets are guided much better. Next to this part we also added a better dust shoot, collecting all the dust […]

3D printed facade tiles

To inspire the community of architects we 3D printed a fantastic design by David_Mussaffi showing the potential of 3D printing for architectural purposes. David designed various wall tiles which are clearly inspired by wave patterns. The models have been created using Blender. We used woodFill and corkFill to print this model, which are two perfect materials for […]

Universal Bottle Opener

The day before Christmas we feature a print that is both functional and, more important, has a backstory. Travis Corbett, under the name In3Designs, has designed the Universal Bottle Opener. Design: The reason for designing this bottle opener are best explained in Travis’ own words: “My mother was diagnosed with Cushing syndrome over a year […]

Underwater Hockey sticks

It is the season of giving and we can only imagine the amount of 3D printed items given away. One give away that was printed recently were little commemorative underwater hockey sticks. For this bulk print job we used our new PLA Economy filament. Design by Joshyu: Scaled at 20% from its original design, these […]

Coke bottles

Our nGen filament is a great material for visual prototyping. Recently we used nGen to print Coke bottles in various colors: Design: We printed these bottles on the Swiss made Delta Tower with a 0.2mm layer height. The smooth surface and consistency of the filament, make nGen an ideal material to print large prototypes with. […]

Death Star ornament

That’s not a moon, it’s a … Christmas ornament. Lighten up the Christmas tree with some Star Wars holiday spirit! A perfect material is our nGen filament and a touch of glowFill. Design: Designed by plainolddave (based on an original idea by Galen Erso, but without the weak spot), the files can be found on Scarif […]

I Am 3D Hubs

A few weeks ago 3D Hubs invited us to attend the opening of their new office. As you know, we have been working together with 3D Hubs for quite some time now. All 3D Hubs members are entitled to a discount when ordering from colorFabb. 3D Hubs has its home in Amsterdam and Amsterdam is […]

Small Part Storage Crates

With so many projects going on in our print lab it is sometimes hard to keep track of all the parts that we use to finish prints. Especially big prints like the Formula 1 car we printed a few months ago or the Moveo Robotic Arm we are working on right now. To organize all […]


About a month ago we gave you a sneak peek of the Moveo Robotic Arm that was designed by BCN 3D Technologies in Barcelona. A fully functional robotic arm, entirely open source, printed with our range of co-polyesters. We are ready to share more and where we are now. Design: We are now printing with […]

Lodewijk van der Grinten Prijs 2016

Our special filaments are perfectly suited for special occasions, like awards ceremonies. Last night was such a night and a special night for entrepeneurs in our region in and around the Dutch city Venlo, colorFabb’s home town. Every year the Lodewijk van der Grinten prize is awarded to a local entrepeneur or local business who has […]

Car door handle

Last week we posted about the oil funnel we printed with nGen_FLEX on the Lulzbot mini. This week we have printed another, more crucial car part. for a Mitsubishi Space Wagon a replacement car handle was needed and again we wondered: Why not print it? For this print we used colorFabb_XT. Based on the real […]

Puzzle Draudi dual print

With a wide range of filaments in our portfolio it is only natural that we are drawn towards dual extrusion. Recently we made the Ultimaker drill on the new Ultimaker 3, but we have been printing a lot with our trusted BCN Sigma as well. A print we made a while ago on this printer […]


“These shoes are made for printing, and that’s just what we do…” Or something similar. Anyhow, we ran into the fine people of MassPortal recently at the Formnext a couple of weeks ago and they showed us a design of a slipper that impressed us. We immediately found the design a perfect match for our nGen_FLEX […]

Oil funnel

An oil funnel is one of those often overlooked, but necessary things you need with your car. And if you need one, print one. We needed an oil funnel for the Toyota Prius, one of our company cars, and printed it with nGen_FLEX. Design: The oil funnel was designed by Joshyu and has proven […]

Bioplastics Award

The feature print we want to show today is special in more than one way. Normally, our prints are for in-house use and showing off what our filaments are capable of on a wide variety of platforms. Today’s print however has been made by us to be presented as an award: The Bioplastics Award! The Bioplastics […]

Mixee wallet

Today’s featured print is the Mixee wallet by Nancy Yi Liang, which we printed in multiple colors with our ever popular nGen filament! Design: In Nancy’s own words: “This is a beautiful, geometric wallet with 3D printed “fabric” that folds at the hinges. All these little hinges are printed in place so minimal assembly […]

Flexbot quadcopter

A little over a week ago we posted a tweet regarding a print we were making on the Leapfrog HS with nGen orange. We are now presenting you the result, the Flexbot Quadcopter With FlexCam V2.0: Design: The FlexBot is designed by FlexLab. Consisting of 3 parts, we used nGen for this print in two […]

Apple watch dock

The holiday season is about the start and that means a lot of expensive gifts. You cannot print fully functional wearables yet, but you can print the dock for a, say, Apple watch. And why spend a small fortune on a dock by buying it? Print one. Or dozens! Life is all about making and […]

Ultimaker hand drill

Recently, Ultimaker launched their latest printer: the Ultimaker 3. It is no secret that we print a lot with our Ultimaker printers: the original, the Ultimaker 2 and the 2+ are all printers we frequently test our filaments on. So it was only natural that we would also give the latest Ultimaker 3 a spin. One […]

Sir Fill

Pop quiz: What is taller than 3 spools of colorFabb PLA Economy? There is only one answer: Sir Fill printed extra large on the Delta Tower! Design: You may or may not know Sir Fill. Sir Fill is our mascotte, proud protector of the printers. A fearless filament fan. Our guardian and true knight. Designed […]

Flexible tubes

Almost two months ago during the TCT Show we launched our brand new semi flexible nGen_FLEX filament. With a Shore A hardness of 95 and the high glass temperature of 120+ degrees C this is a truly functional 3D printing filament. For today’s featured print we custom designed tubes that needed a certain flexibility. nGen_FLEX […]


Last week we released PLA Economy, our new grade of PLA filament. PLA Economy is only available on 2.2kg spools, in a limited amount of colors, but very competitively priced. Perfectly suited for printer owners who use large volumes of PLA. It is ideal for making great looking prints, like this Lighthouse On A Rock, designed by […]

Thumb book holder

Sometimes the handiest prints we make are also the smallest. One struggle every avid reader has is to keep a book open while lying on the couch and trying to sip that well-earned coffee at the same time. Luckily there’s Michael_B who has designed a thumb book holder, finally bringing this struggle to an end! […]

Filament Duck 2,2kg Spool holder

With the launch of our new Economy PLA on 2,2kg spools, we needed something to hold those big spools during printing. So we used our new material to print our remix of the Filament Duck which was originally designed by Thingiverse user Bold. Design: 2,2kg Spools are big! So unfortunately they won’t fit on […]

NEMA 17 4:1 reduction gearbox

Today we feature this fully 3D printed gearbox for a NEMA 17 stepper motor with a 4:1 reduction ratio in colorFabb_XT. Designed by Youmagine user Kevin, it utilizes herringbone gears and it performs great. Designed by Kevin: This print was done using a 0,25mm nozzle width and 0,06mm layerheight on an Ultimaker 2+. colorFabb_XT was […]

Moveo sneak peek

A quick sneak peek of the BCN Moveo Robot arm we are printing right now on the Stacker S4 printer. We recently started this project with our Amphora based co-polyesters to make a very cool and functional print. You can find the full details on the site of BCN3D who supplied the design. Our range of […]

VTOL Drone

From time to time we feature prints that have not originated from our own print lab, but were printed with our filaments. We love to see user cases like the one that follows which show the potential of 3D printing. In this case, our carbon re-inforced filament XT-CF20 was used to bring a prototype for a […]

Display Stand

As a follow up of yesterday’s post, we are today showing the stand for the Raspberry Pi display case. Designed by the aptly named TheRaspberryPiGuy, we printed the display stand in a very sharp looking nGen Red. Design: For this print we used the MassPortal Pharaoh ED printer at 0.1mm layer height. nGen is made […]

Display Case

Today we printed a Raspberry Pi 7 Inch touch screen display case. For this we used our woodFill and bambooFill. Designed by luc_e, it is a perfect showcase for some truly beautiful materials like our special filaments. Design: Ever since launching at the London 3D Print Show in 2013 woodFill has been a great success. […]

Remote control housing

To start the week we printed a housing for FGS-2xx Fibaro remote control double relay. This relay is used to control outside lighting with a webinterface. For this print we used two of our finest materials: colorFabb_XT for the housing and nGen_FLEX for the sealing parts. Both are based on Amphora 3D Polymer by Eastman […]

Mirror holder

Sometimes you need a practical item for in and around the house. Like when you need a holder to hold the mirror. Luckily there is 3D printing. With a custom design we printed two mirror holders with XT-CF20. We introducted XT-CF20 early 2015, containing 20% carbon fibres with colorFabb_XT. Due to the abrasive nature of XT-CF20 […]

Turbine prop

For today’s print we chose part of the GE “Build Your Own Jet Engine” project which can be found on Thingiverse. For this print we selected our bright red nGen filament and the result is stunning. Design by GE: Measuring 26cm across, we printed this part on the Leapfrog HS and it performed extremely well with […]

Cycle Bottle Cage in XT-CF20

Stereotyping is not our thing, but we admit to one thing: the Dutch cycle a lot! Combined with all the 3D printing activity here in the low lands it is only a matter of time when cycling and 3D printing meet up. We have printed bike parts before (click here) and have found more designs […]


It is almost Halloween again and our print lab printed a pumpkin in Dutch Orange PLA/PHA to stay in the spirit. Pumpkin: Sir Fill by Ola Sundberg: PLA/PHA was the first product group we launched almost 4 years ago (how time flies…) and Dutch Orange has been consistently one of our top colors. PLA/PHA […]

Toyota Corolla

We don’t only print big cars (like, for instance, the F1 car), but also smaller ones, like this Toyota Corolla AE86 toy car (which measures 12cm). For this print we used nGen Black and Gray Metallic. Design: click here.  Inspired by the anime series Initial D and modelled by Jurica Pranjic it has a drif bodykit and […]

Dual print with nGen and nGen_FLEX

Today’s featured print is a demonstrator model we also used at the recent TCT Show. For this model, which is our own design, we used nGen Gold Metallic for the base and nGen_FLEX Dark Gray for the flexible part. Printing on the BCN3D Sigma we see how a world of opportunities opens up when you are […]

Water cap with nGen_FLEX

We are always looking for functional designs that we can use in real life. And when it comes to functionality we always go for one of our Amphora based co-polyester filaments. Developed with Eastman Chemical Company, we currently offer four grades: nGen, colorFabb_XT, colorFabb_HT and the recently launched nGen_FLEX. And with this nGen_FLEX, which won […]

Dodecahedron with XT-CF20

A few weeks ago we printed a Rhombic Dodecahedron Derived Figure with nGen Light Blue. You can find the original post here. We use this model, made by Fred Bartels, a lot lately to test our filaments with. The print we want to share today is the same dodecahedron, but printed with XT-CF20. Design by […]

Robot Action Figure

For a little while we’ve been testing The Olsson Ruby, a truly very special nozzle. With a real gemstone at the tip of the nozzle this is one of the most abrasion resistant nozzles made. As expected it fits right into the Olsson heater block which makes it easy to swap between other nozzles. We’ve been […]

3D printed pennyboard

If a 3D printed pennyboard is strong enough for a person to stand on, why not print the trucks and wheels as well? So that’s what we did. We used the beautiful Pennyboard designed by Andrew Askedall as the base and designed trucks and wheels based on pictures found on the internet. Not a single person […]

Hex Key Holder in nGen Dark Gray

Misplacing hex-keys is a thing of the past with this handy 3D printed hex-key holder which is designed by AngelLM. We 3D printed this in nGen Dark Gray on the Ultimaker 2 at 0.15mm layerheight and this resulted in a beautiful and functional 3D print. For the perfect fit we had to scale it up a tiny […]

Scissor Snake with our colorfabb_XT

We found the very handy scissor snake on Pinshape by Richard Swika and printed it with our colorfabb_XT. This design “enables people with limited use of their hands to manipulate small objects at a distance in a fun and effective way,” according to Swika.The original design can be found on Pinshape: It can easily be customized according […]

colorFabb gift box

Recently at the TCT Show we finally caught up with Tony Short. Tony has been using colorFabb’s special filaments with great effect and we have been following his impressive work for quite a while now. You can find a few examples of his work on Twitter: here, here and here. We are always happy to meet […]

Death Gun (Desu Gan) masks with XT-CF20

It was time for a comparison print. With Halloween coming up we chose the Death Gun (Desu Gan) mask from ferreusveritas. The material we used is our XT-CF20, colorFabb_XT with 20% carbon fibre added. The big mask was printed on the Ultimaker 2 and the small mask on the Hephestos 2. Both masks were printed on a […]

Dodecahedron with colorFabb nGen

Today’s print, straight from our own print lab, is the Rhombic Dodecahedron Derived Figure by Fred Bartels, which we printed entirely with our all-round nGen filament. Design by Fred Bartels: We used the Delta Tower in our print lab to achieve the build height of 40cm for this print and printed with a 0.2mm layer height. […]

Rubber band powered boat

We printed a rubber band powered boat with nGen Orange and Light Blue on the Leapfrog HS. Design can be found here: nGen is a great material to print toys with. For toys we need materials with great colors and good stable mechanical properties. nGen comes in 17 colors. Because of nGen’s good mechanical properties parts […]

Darwin bust

Charles Darwin is of course the 19th century naturalist who popularized the concept of evolution. He wrote both On The Origin of Species and The Voyage of the Beagle, both classics, laying the ground work for over a century of science and debate. A great man to honor by printing a bust in colorFabb_XT and […]

Rope tensioner

We use 3D printing for everyday use. Recently we needed a rope tensioner and printed this with colorFabb_HT Clear. For strong and sturdy prints, we use our colorFabb_HT for the best results. This rope tensioner is perfectly suited for camping or use around the house. You can find the design by Martin Longbone on Thingiverse: The tensioner was printed […]

Detailed balustrade

On the Ultimaker forums we found this very fine example of a highly detailed print, made with our nGen 3D printing filament. Made by Ultimaker user FoxDenDNF it was printed with a .25mm nozzle. The pegs are only 14mm tall and 2.2mm at their widest point. This model was printed on an Ultimaker 2 Extended […]

OpenRC F1 project release

Earlier this year we came across the new design Daniel Norée made: an F1 car, his follow-up to the OpenRC Truggy design we had printed previously. “After a bit of thinking I came to the conclusion that a Formula 1 car would probably a perfect follow up project to the Truggy!” says Daniel Norée. Hence, the OpenRC […]

Grease Jar

Sometimes you just need a little bit of grease in the print lab, but you have to keep it somewhere. That’s why we’ve chosen to print our own grease jar. We used nGen Gray Metallic for this, due to its excellent chemical resistance, which is a feature of all our co-polyesters. The design can be […]

The Rook in corkFill

Launched last year during the TCT Show, corkFill remains a fantastic filament to print with. Its aesthetics are stunning for beautiful objects like this rook, designed by seechless (link to this design can be found below). Design: corkFill is available now: Learn how to print with corkFill (settings, etc.):

RC 180 degree HD camera printed with nGen

Today’s featured print is a great one that has already been used extensively in the real world and is printed with nGen. Thes prints were made by Claus Forster, who works for Eastman Specialty Plastics. Eastman is of course the producer of the Amphora™ 3D polymer, so Claus knows the material on which nGen is based […]

“The Visitor” in copperFill

The Ultimaker forums are a great place to find cool prints and sometimes we come across a fantastic print made with one of our materials. This week we found Frederiek Pascal’s print of “The Visitor” printed with copperFill on an Ultimaker Extended 2+ and post processed. Post-processing happened manually with steelwool and copper cleaner, which […]

nGen Saturn V rocket

One of our most active users, Korneel Bullens, approached us earlier this year with the idea to print this huge undertaking, designed by Paul Fischer (aka “farscape1”). You can find the full design on Thingiverse: The images below were taken at the AM Show in Amsterdam in June 2016 where the rocket was featured. […]

Hovalin violin

The Hovalin violin entirely 3D printed with #corkFill on the Ultimaker 2 & XT-CF20 on the Stacker S4 printer. Project site: For more information on the Stacker S4 printer: From prototyping to production, the S4 has your back. Fast 4x print speeds? Huge build volume. Industrial components. Custom 32bit electronics. Hi-Temp hot […]

#steelFill Iron Man

Earlier this week we launched our brand new metal filled steelFill 3D printing filament. One of the most obvious choices to print was the Iron Man helmet by Geoff. W, a design that has been used in combination with our bronzeFill and copperFill in the past. Iron Man Bust (Repaired, flattened) by Geoff. W: Printed […]

Lamp hanger in colorFabb_XT

As these things go, summer is coming to an end and days are getting shorter. To continue that much needed work in the garden in the evening hours more light is needed. We do not print light, but we can print the fixtures for the lamp. This custom designed lamp hanger brings the solution. Printed […]

nGen Flowerpots

We printed MakeMike’s “Molcajete”flowerpots on the Leapfrog HS with fantastic results. Splendid prints for use in house which will brighten up your flowers even further! Design: Material: nGen Orange & Gold Metallic nGen is available now in a variety of 17 colors: Machine: Leapfrog Creatr HS Layerheight: 0.16mm   About nGen nGen is made from Eastman Amphora™ […]

Thor’s Hammer

Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer in all its glory. We may not be worthy to lift it, but we can damn well print it! Printed with our new steelFill filament and the handle was printed with corkFill. Life Size Thor’s Hammer (Mjolnir) – by ChaosCoreTech – steelFill is available now: corkFill is available:

steelFill canon

Check out the canon printed entirely with colorFabb materials. We have printed this entire canon with steelFill and the basis was printed with one of our other special filaments: woodFill You can see how to print with steelFill on our tutorial page:     Design: by Labern – steelFill is available now:

The Astronaut

We have printed the Astronaut by The Sculptor not once, but twice. We have chosen both corkFill and nGen for this print. Beautiful materials for the best aesthetics. Design: Settings for corkFill on the Ultimaker 2: 0.1mm layer height on 220C, heated bed platform on 50 degrees C and 100% fan. corkFill: nGen:

Coat hangers 3D printed with nGen filament

We used nGen filament to print coat hangers in a variety of colors. nGen is a general purpose 3D printing material that is perfectly suited to be used for prints that can be used in real life. These coat hangers were printed on the MassPortal Pharaoh ED in our own print lab. Design:     […]

Molecule construction set

We printed a molecule construction set as a demonstrator with our nGen 3D printing filament. nGen is our go-to material for a wide variety of prints we make in the colorFabb print lab. It is a true general purpose filament that can be used on a wide variety of 3D printers. Interested how to print […]

Rocket ship printed with nGen filamant

On the Ultimaker forum Joel Mongeon posted his version of the gCreate rocket ship, printed with nGen. In his words: A spaceship printed and painted for my toddler who loves “wockets”! This is the gCreate rocket that can be downloaded here:!3d-model—gcreate-rocket/c1k6o Printed with Colorfabb nGen. I cut off the tip of the rocket and […]

Dremel tool holder in colorFabb_HT

A fully functional Dremel tool holder, printed with colorFabb_HT and woodFill as the base. Print your own tools with functional filaments. Find out how to print with colorFabb_HT made with Eastman Chemical Company Amphora HT5300: colorFabb_HT:–ht woodFill: Design: colorFabb_HT is made with Amphora HT5300 and is a low-odor and styrene-free material uniquely suited […]

We all have a vise…

A 3D printed vise, made with nGen Dark Gray & Silver Metallic at 0.08mm layer height on the LulzBot mini. Inserted in the vise is the color portfolio of our range of nGen filaments. Design: Information: 17 colors available: nGen is a true all-round material suitable for most day to day 3D printing activities. […]

“You seek Yoda.”

“You seek Yoda.” And you found him! A 80+ hour print inPLA/PHA Intense Green on Ultimaker original. The Force is strong with this one… Design:

3D printed vacuum tool

We printed two of the vacuum tools recently featured by Thingiverse and designed by Zivbot with colorFabb_XT in light green and light blue. Excellent prints for practical use. Design: colorFabb_XT: colorFabb_XT is made with Amphora AM1800 and has a unique formulation for 3D Printing that features excellent properties : High strength and very high toughness, […]

Steve Cox 3dprinting with bronzeFill

This beautiful print remains one of our favorite bronzeFill prints, printed by Steve Cox. In Steve’s words (via Twitter @SteveCox3D): “Start with a stainless steel pan scourer, then fine grade abrasive paper, and then finish with liquid metal polish. It was all printed at 0.1mm layer height. The only support material I used was about […]

Caterpillar 777f Dump Truck

MOCZYS, a mechanical engineer and industrial designer from Portland designed and shared a very cool model of a Caterpillar 777F dump truck.

bronzeFill Marvin

Nick wrote a really informative blog on printing with bronzeFill and shared great post-processing tips.


What a beauty! Frenchie, Design by Ola Sundberg , check out his personal website. Get the 3d files here Printed on an Ultimaker 1 Layerheight 0.2mm Print speed 50mm/s Printing temperature 210C  

Saber-Toothed Cat Skull

This great model is from the Makerbot Studio’s curriculum collection. The Saber-Toothed Cat Skull  is printed as one piece, without any support material! Design by Makerbot Academy Get the 3d files here Skull and base plate: Printed on an Ultimaker 2 Layerheight 0.2mm Print speed 40mm/s Printing temperature 205C   Teeth: Printed on the Makerbot Replicator 2 Layerheight […]

Alien Creature by Ola Sundberg

A 3d printed “Alien Creature Head From Outer Space” (A.C.H.F.O.S.) by Ola Sundberg. Printed in ColorFabb’s Leaf Green on an Ultimaker 2 Design by Ola Sundberg , check out his personal website. Get the 3d files here Printed on an Ultimaker 2 Layerheight 0.12mm Print speed 50mm/s Printing temperature 210C [mwi_product sku=”LEAF GREEN”/]

Shrek Bust by MustangDave

A 3d printed Shrek Bust modelled by Adam Beamish supplied by MustangDave. Printed in ColorFabb’s Natural PLA/PHA on an Ultimaker 2. Design by MustangDave Get the 3d files here Printed on an Ultimaker 2 Layerheight 0.12mm Print speed 50mm/s Printing temperature 210C [mwi_product sku=”NATUREL”/]

Floral arrangement -Treefrog

Design by MorenaP Get the 3d Treefrog files here [mwi_product sku=”INTENSE GREEN”/]

Elephant by LeFabShop

Design by LeFabShop Get the 3d files here [mwi_product sku=”WOODFILL FINE”/]

woodFill Treasure Chest

A 3d printed Treasure Chest by Athey. Printed in ColorFabb’s woodFill filament. Design by Athey Get the 3d files here [mwi_product sku=”WOODFILL FINE”/]

Darth Vader

A 3d printed Darth Vader by Matthew in ColorFabb’s Standard Black. Design by Matthew Get the files here. [mwi_product sku=”STANDARD BLACK”/]  

Thunderbird 3!

A 3D printed Thunderbird 3 by Van Alles Wat Ontwerp in ColorFabb’s Traffic Red filament. Design by Van Alles Wat Ontwerp Get the files here. [mwi_product sku=”TRAFFIC RED”/]

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