Holidays 2019

Christmas starts early… 2 weeks early to be more precise. Our holiday 2019 season sale starts today with 20% discount on selected filaments! Scroll down for our current sale campaign, clearance sale and – important! – when we will be open during the Christmas holidays. Click here to go to our webshop!

Try our classics like PLA/PHA or nGen. Or colorFabb_HT, enabled by Eastman Tritan copolyester technology for engineering parts!

Or why not try one of our latest filament releases, like LW-PLA, Tough PLA, varioShore TPU or Laser Marking PLA:


Clearance sale!

We have over 25 filaments on a special clearance sale! These items are available as long as stock lasts. After that they will no longer be part of our portfolio. Get yours while you can, some of them are already sold out!

No coupon code needed – we have already lowered the price on our website. Discount does not apply to third party filaments, samples, hardware & accessories, Color on Demand and value packs. Discount does not work with other discounts! This discount applies to all orders placed until December 31st  23:59 CET!

Opening days during the holidays

Please note that we are formally closed during the Christmas holidays. There will be limited shipping of webshop orders during the week of Christmas and New Year. After Friday December 20th we only ship on Monday December 23rd and Monday December 30th this year. Normal operations resume on January 2nd 2020.

To summarize:

Shipped before December 21st: order before December 20th noon CET

Shipped before Christmas: order before December 23rd noon CET

Shipped before New Year’s: order before December 30th noon CET

Shipping depends on availability and stock levels. Please note that during the holidays deliveries can take longer. This is beyond our control.


Happy holidays everyone!! 

Clearance sale

Nothing lasts forever…

In the past few years we have been adding and adding filaments to our portfolio. And then we added even more. At this point we have, also thanks to our Color on Demand program, thousands of products in our system. Mostly filaments. But not all filaments are equally succesfull and some of them need to make space for new innovations. That’s why we are currently having our largest clearance sale in our seven year history. Go to our Sales page on the webshop to see what filaments will be gone forever soon.


Why get rid of all these bright and fantastic colors. To be quite honest: economy and efficiency. We have a lot of great filaments that sell really well. The filaments chosen to be part of the clearance sale simply do not sell well enough to keep in stock. With every filament we asked ourselves questions that needed to be asked: Is Warm Red too close to Traffic Red to justify its existence? Is there any real demand for colorFabb_XT Pink or Purple? Although stunning, was there every really a market for nGen Transparent? All these questions were answered and tough decisions were made.

Are they bad filaments? No, absolutely not. They have been produced according to the same high standards as our other filaments and we stand with the quality of the materials we ship. We listen to the market and said market has made a choice. Demand is simply too low to keep them in stock. That is not to say there is no demand for them at all, but with an ever increasing portfolio of various filaments we have to make decisions. And we like our decision to be rational and fact-based.

So…? If your favorite material or color is among these pre-selected colors, you can now order in bulk to make sure you have plenty of stock to keep you printing for the time being. We have dropped the pricing significantly so the initial investment can be kept at a minimum.

But I really need this one filament!?! Custom production can be arranged, but an MOQ will apply for this, usually as from 25kg per material/color. Check with our team for the options.

And if I need only one spool? If it is PLA you are in luck. With our Color on Demand service we can produce a spool of PLA in RAL for you. Click here for the options. Color on Demand does not extend yet to other materials.

And when it’s gone? It’s gone. It is a clearance sale after all. We do not plan to have these products in stock again. There are more materials on the horizon (*stares at horizon*).

Below is a list of the materials which will go out of stock:

  • PLA/PHA Magenta (SOLD OUT)
  • PLA/PHA Chocolate Brown (SOLD OUT)
  • PLA/PHA Fluorescent Green
  • PLA/PHA Light Brown (SOLD OUT)
  • PLA/PHA Greenish Beige (SOLD OUT)
  • PLA/PHA Yellow Transparent
  • PLA/PHA Olympic Gold (SOLD OUT)
  • PLA/PHA Olive Green (SOLD OUT)
  • PLA/PHA Warm Red (SOLD OUT)
  • nGen Pink
  • nGen Purple
  • nGen_LUX Star Yellow
  • nGen_LUX Nature Green
  • nGen_LUX Regal Violet (SOLD OUT)
  • nGen Yellow Transparent
  • nGen Orange Transparent
  • nGen Red Transparent
  • nGen Blue Transparent (SOLD OUT)
  • nGen Green Transparent
  • nGen Violet Transparent
  • colorFabb_XT Purple
  • colorFabb_XT Pink
  • colorFabb_XT Dark Green
  • colorFabb_XT Orange
  • colorFabb_XT Yellow (SOLD OUT)



Spring Break Sale 2019

Ah, Spring… The season of new beginnings, growth and of course our annual Spring Break Sale. In short this means the following discounts right now in our webshop:

And the great thing? We lowered our prices already so you don’t have to use a coupon code!

Usual small print: These discounts cannot be combined with other discounts, do not apply to samples or hardware and accessories and is valid until June 3rd 2019.

Since the discount only lasts for a limited time this is your chance to stock up on your favorite filaments!

Important notice

Due to the upcoming long holiday weekend (Ascension Day) we will be closed on Thursday and Friday. No filaments will ship during these days. All orders placed from Wednesday afternoon until Sunday will ship on Monday June 3rd.

With the current discount, why not try our brand new light weight PLA: LW-PLA? LW-PLA is the first filament of its kind using an active foaming technology to achieve lightweight, low density PLA parts. At around 230C this material will start foaming, increasing its volume by nearly 3 times. Users can decrease material flow by 65% to achieve lightweight parts, or use the expanding properties to effectively reduce print time by using big layer heights or single extra thick perimeters. Click here to go to our webshop.


Or fan favorite bronzeFill, which turned 5 years young this month! Click on Andreas Mielonen’s ancient Greek helmet to go directly to our webshop.


With 10% discount on Color on Demand, this your chance to start printing with your favorite color! You can choose from already matched RAL colors, 100+ options to choose from, or contact us with a custom color request.

The threshold for custom colors has never been this low in the history of 3D filament making. Our new coloring process allows us to efficiently produce starting from a single 750g spool up to any amount you might need. Minimum order quantity for matched RAL colors is as low as one single 750g spool and custom colors will be made starting from a single 2.2kg spool.

You can find out more here.

Current Sale!

Have you checked out our current sales? All value packs with 10% discount! Click here or on the image below:

10% off on a good deal already makes a pretty great deal altogether! There is nothing else you have to do (no coupon code or anything). Just click the link or the image above and the 10% discount is already calculated when you check out.

Not looking for bulk purchases? We also have at least 15% discount on our black and white filaments. Click here to go to our Sales Page directly or on the image below:

Both these discounts do not work in combination with other discounts.

Spring Break Sale 2018

We’re having our annual spring break sale this week for a limited time. Now it’s time for you to try our latest filament or get back to some of our classics like PLA/PHA, bronzeFill or woodFill!



Here is the current sale:

10% off on all value packs! – A great deal has just been made greater! We even have a value pack containing all our latest filament… Click here.


Some, not all, of our value packs on sale right now.


20% off on all spools! – One spool or a dozen: 20% off right away! Go straight to our webshop!


10% off on all desktop 3D printers – Both Robo3D and Lulzbot printers, all of them shipping from stock and with free spools of filament!

This sale does not work in combination with other discounts and does not apply to samples. Sale lasts for the entire long weekend until Sunday (May 13th 2018), midnight CET. We ship worldwide and from stock!

Use coupon code SPRINGBREAK in our webshop or simply click here.

Can’t choose? Make life easier by flipping through our updated catalogue. Our filaments, nicely sorted and with all the information, tips and tricks you need:


SALE – Filament of the Day

This month, April 2018, we will highlight one filament per day until the end of the month and give you an extra discount on that filament for 24 hours. Discounts can be as high as 50%!

Every day at or around 9 CET we will post the new Filament of the Day on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and from then on it will be on sale for 24 hours. The next day, another filament will go on sale.

The sale is:

Buy 1 spool of that particular filament: 15% discount

Buy 4 spool of that particular filament: 25% discount

Buy 8 spool of that particular filament: 35% discount

Buy 16 spools of that particular filament: 50% discount

Does not work in combination with other discounts!

We will not announce ahead what filament we will have in store for you so you will have the check in every day. Today’s (April 11th) Filament of the Day is PLA/PHA Blue Grey!

PLA/PHA Blue Grey has been a favorite ever since we launched it 5 years ago. It comes very close to Pantone 7545C and gives every print a very solid and neutral look.  With just a dash of blue our grey is much more interesting looking then most standard grey colors. Click here to get yours now!

If Blue Grey is not your color, stay tuned and keep an eye out in the next few weeks – we will have a new one lined up every day!

Spring Break

‘Tis the season of public holidays here in the Netherlands. Thursday is Ascension Day and due to this we will be officially closed on Friday as well. We are not the kind of company to leave you all by yourself, so we are having a flash sale on our website: 20% off on all filaments.

Click on the banner below or on this link. You will be re-directed to our webshop and the discount is automatically applied to your order.

This sale cannot be combined with other discounts and is valid only from now on and on Thursday May 25th.

Please note that no orders will be shipped on Thursday. On Friday we will resume shipping webshop orders again.

We have a plethora of filaments to choose from. Recently, our copperFill was mentioned by testing and comparison site 3D Matter as the 3D printing filament with the highest visual quality:

Source: 3D Matter

It is a truly astonishing filament with great post-processing possibilities. copperFill contains 80% copper by weight, but is not conductive in a thermal or electrical sense. This material, similar to bronzeFill, steelFill and brassFill, has been developed for aesthetical purposes only. We are excited this is recognized by the comparison tests that 3D Matter has done.

Check out how to print with copperFill

Original post on this print can be found here.

Another highlight of these tests was their conclusion that our flagship PLA/PHA is in their opinion (and their data supports it), the easiest filament to print with. In an ever expanding market with dozens, if not hundreds of (PLA) filament brand this is of course a great honor!

Source: 3D Matter

You can read our complete write-up on 3D Matter’s testing here.

We have a wide range of filaments. Choose from 30 PLA/PHA colors, from 17 nGen colors, 7  nGen_FLEX colors (including 5 skin tones), 5 colorFabb_HT colors or 14 colorFabb_XT colors! And that’s not even counting the special filaments!

Recently we also released a fifth PLA Economy color: Dark Blue. Why not give that one a try?


Please remember: this flash sale is for a very limited time only! Order now to get your 20% discount!

colorFabb’s 4th birthday

It’s party time! We have something to celebrate and want to share this with you.

Four years ago this month, November 2012, we started testing our first grade of filaments, PLA/PHA, and the brand colorFabb was established. We announced our filaments at the RapidPro Show and opened our webshop in March 2013. Not long after that the first resellers started to order to supply their local markets with colorFabb filaments. From there, things went fast…
colorFabb started with the idea to supply quality filaments for the 3D printing market and in four years this idea has been transformed in a well known and highly regarded brand in 3D printing that is used on printers worldwide. Behind the brand is a dynamic company that was incorporated in September 2015, after being part of Helian Polymers.

There are many highlights, too many to mention, but one of the continuous highlights is being in constant communications with you, the community and our customers. Your feedback is extremely valuable for us.


Here are a few key numbers of where we are now:

– Over 400 stock keeping units (individual articles)
– Over 30 printers in two printlabs for testing
– Nearly 20 shows we have exhibited on (and met a lot of you)
– 13 distributors worldwide and counting, with a lot more resellers
– 6 production lines
– 5 years since the first idea for colorFabb took shape
– 4 spools, but pay three! (See below)
– 3 article groups (co-polyesters, PLA/PHA and specials) with a fourth one coming up soon
– 2 hours of sleep we get on average every night
– 1 kick-ass team to bring colorFabb filaments to your printer!

Click the link below to see a timeline of the past four years:


For more detailed overviews of the past few years, please have a look at our 2014 recap and our 2015 recap.

After four years we can safely say that colorFabb has been a success. Earlier this year we held a survey and were very pleased with the results. Over 90% of all our users rated our services and products an 8 or higher. 98% of all the people surveyed would recommend colorFabb to other 3D printer owners. These are fantastic numbers and we are very proud of them and we thank our partners, our distributors and especially you, our customers for this success. but that does not mean we sit back and relax. On the contrary.

We keep developing new and exciting materials that we know you will like (and have asked for). Our ambition is to bring you more filaments with improved and different functionality, faster to your door with the highest quality possible.

The past four years have been a success, but for us it has only been a start.

Four years, still, is a milestone and we want to celebrate this with you. For the entire month of November we are offering in our webshop 4 filaments for the price of 3. Use the coupon code colorfabb4you for this to get the discount immediately when checking out from our website. (Samples are excluded from this).





Keep an eye out on our social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram) and this very tutorial page for the latest news and our prints that we post regularly.

Here’s to you, our customers, and the next four years & beyond!

Team colorFabb


Grease Jar

Sometimes you just need a little bit of grease in the print lab, but you have to keep it somewhere. That’s why we’ve chosen to print our own grease jar. We used nGen Gray Metallic for this, due to its excellent chemical resistance, which is a feature of all our co-polyesters.


The design can be found here:

This grease jar has been printed on an Ultimaker 2 at 45mm/s

We offer nGen in 17 different colors, which are available here:

nGen Gray Metallic is on sale this week (until September 25th).


nGen is made from Eastman Amphora™ AM3300 3D polymer. Like colorFabb_XT, it is part of Eastman’s Amphora range of copolyesters for 3D printing. nGen is a low-odor, styrene-free material uniquely suited for 3D printing enthusiasts, particularly those who need the flexibility to print within a wide processing temperature range. With nGen you will have good flow properties through the printer nozzle—even at lower temperatures than some other polymers require. These properties make nGen more workable at a wider breadth of temperatures, producing reliable results and resulting in less waste.

 Amphora 3300 has been made into high-quality filament that exhibits advanced overhang ability, excellent looks, and large printing temperature range—empowering large panel of users to create durable and useful items. With the unique combination of a low processing temperature and an elevated temperature resistance, nGen can quickly print creations that are functional, durable, efficient, and attractive. More information can be found on our dedicated landing page: