Clearance sale

Nothing lasts forever…

In the past few years we have been adding and adding filaments to our portfolio. And then we added even more. At this point we have, also thanks to our Color on Demand program, thousands of products in our system. Mostly filaments. But not all filaments are equally succesfull and some of them need to make space for new innovations. That’s why we are currently having our largest clearance sale in our seven year history. Go to our Sales page on the webshop to see what filaments will be gone forever soon.


Why get rid of all these bright and fantastic colors. To be quite honest: economy and efficiency. We have a lot of great filaments that sell really well. The filaments chosen to be part of the clearance sale simply do not sell well enough to keep in stock. With every filament we asked ourselves questions that needed to be asked: Is Warm Red too close to Traffic Red to justify its existence? Is there any real demand for colorFabb_XT Pink or Purple? Although stunning, was there every really a market for nGen Transparent? All these questions were answered and tough decisions were made.

Are they bad filaments? No, absolutely not. They have been produced according to the same high standards as our other filaments and we stand with the quality of the materials we ship. We listen to the market and said market has made a choice. Demand is simply too low to keep them in stock. That is not to say there is no demand for them at all, but with an ever increasing portfolio of various filaments we have to make decisions. And we like our decision to be rational and fact-based.

So…? If your favorite material or color is among these pre-selected colors, you can now order in bulk to make sure you have plenty of stock to keep you printing for the time being. We have dropped the pricing significantly so the initial investment can be kept at a minimum.

But I really need this one filament!?! Custom production can be arranged, but an MOQ will apply for this, usually as from 25kg per material/color. Check with our team for the options.

And if I need only one spool? If it is PLA you are in luck. With our Color on Demand service we can produce a spool of PLA in RAL for you. Click here for the options. Color on Demand does not extend yet to other materials.

And when it’s gone? It’s gone. It is a clearance sale after all. We do not plan to have these products in stock again. There are more materials on the horizon (*stares at horizon*).

Below is a list of the materials which will go out of stock:

  • PLA/PHA Magenta (SOLD OUT)
  • PLA/PHA Chocolate Brown (SOLD OUT)
  • PLA/PHA Fluorescent Green
  • PLA/PHA Light Brown (SOLD OUT)
  • PLA/PHA Greenish Beige (SOLD OUT)
  • PLA/PHA Yellow Transparent
  • PLA/PHA Olympic Gold (SOLD OUT)
  • PLA/PHA Olive Green (SOLD OUT)
  • PLA/PHA Warm Red (SOLD OUT)
  • nGen Pink
  • nGen Purple
  • nGen_LUX Star Yellow
  • nGen_LUX Nature Green
  • nGen_LUX Regal Violet (SOLD OUT)
  • nGen Yellow Transparent
  • nGen Orange Transparent
  • nGen Red Transparent
  • nGen Blue Transparent (SOLD OUT)
  • nGen Green Transparent
  • nGen Violet Transparent
  • colorFabb_XT Purple
  • colorFabb_XT Pink
  • colorFabb_XT Dark Green
  • colorFabb_XT Orange
  • colorFabb_XT Yellow (SOLD OUT)