PLA Semi-Matte White

Late March of this year we launched PLA Semi-Matte Black. Where most of our filaments have a classy shine to it, we recognized the demand for a less glossy filament and we released PLA Semi-Matte Black. It has been a bestseller since. In recent months we have worked hard to make a new variety, which is available as from today: PLA Semi-Matte White



PLA Semi-Matte White is a great material for architects and modelers looking for a different aesthetic. Our semi-matte PLA filament eliminates the glossy appearance seen on most PLA 3D prints. The highlights on the surface will be less visible, resulting in an overall cleaner and much higher quality look.

It is a bit hard to capture on camera, but the difference is very well noticable with the bare eye.

As with its black sibling PLA Semi-Matte White contains no fibers and prints at regular PLA temperatures and settings. The material is as reliable and easy to work with as any other PLA type material. Below are some of the examples we printed in our print lab:

The Great Pyramid of Giza by MakerBot

Ultimaker S5 – 210C-60C bed


Old Guard Tower by jansentee3d

Ultimaker 2+ – 210C-60C bed


Lightfield Building by ibudmen

Ultimaker 2+ – 210C-60C bed


Edificio Banco Pastor, A Coruña by IES_Eusebio_da_Guarda

Ultimaker 2+ – 210C-60C bed


PLA Semi-Matte White is a great addition to our ever expanding portfolio of filaments and available now on spools containing 750 grams of filament. Samples and XL spools will follow in due time. Shipping starts today. Go directly to our webshop by clicking button below.

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