colorFabb’s 4th birthday

It’s party time! We have something to celebrate and want to share this with you.

Four years ago this month, November 2012, we started testing our first grade of filaments, PLA/PHA, and the brand colorFabb was established. We announced our filaments at the RapidPro Show and opened our webshop in March 2013. Not long after that the first resellers started to order to supply their local markets with colorFabb filaments. From there, things went fast…
colorFabb started with the idea to supply quality filaments for the 3D printing market and in four years this idea has been transformed in a well known and highly regarded brand in 3D printing that is used on printers worldwide. Behind the brand is a dynamic company that was incorporated in September 2015, after being part of Helian Polymers.

There are many highlights, too many to mention, but one of the continuous highlights is being in constant communications with you, the community and our customers. Your feedback is extremely valuable for us.


Here are a few key numbers of where we are now:

– Over 400 stock keeping units (individual articles)
– Over 30 printers in two printlabs for testing
– Nearly 20 shows we have exhibited on (and met a lot of you)
– 13 distributors worldwide and counting, with a lot more resellers
– 6 production lines
– 5 years since the first idea for colorFabb took shape
– 4 spools, but pay three! (See below)
– 3 article groups (co-polyesters, PLA/PHA and specials) with a fourth one coming up soon
– 2 hours of sleep we get on average every night
– 1 kick-ass team to bring colorFabb filaments to your printer!

Click the link below to see a timeline of the past four years:


For more detailed overviews of the past few years, please have a look at our 2014 recap and our 2015 recap.

After four years we can safely say that colorFabb has been a success. Earlier this year we held a survey and were very pleased with the results. Over 90% of all our users rated our services and products an 8 or higher. 98% of all the people surveyed would recommend colorFabb to other 3D printer owners. These are fantastic numbers and we are very proud of them and we thank our partners, our distributors and especially you, our customers for this success. but that does not mean we sit back and relax. On the contrary.

We keep developing new and exciting materials that we know you will like (and have asked for). Our ambition is to bring you more filaments with improved and different functionality, faster to your door with the highest quality possible.

The past four years have been a success, but for us it has only been a start.

Four years, still, is a milestone and we want to celebrate this with you. For the entire month of November we are offering in our webshop 4 filaments for the price of 3. Use the coupon code colorfabb4you for this to get the discount immediately when checking out from our website. (Samples are excluded from this).





Keep an eye out on our social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram) and this very tutorial page for the latest news and our prints that we post regularly.

Here’s to you, our customers, and the next four years & beyond!

Team colorFabb