SALE – Filament of the Day

This month, April 2018, we will highlight one filament per day until the end of the month and give you an extra discount on that filament for 24 hours. Discounts can be as high as 50%!

Every day at or around 9 CET we will post the new Filament of the Day on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and from then on it will be on sale for 24 hours. The next day, another filament will go on sale.

The sale is:

Buy 1 spool of that particular filament: 15% discount

Buy 4 spool of that particular filament: 25% discount

Buy 8 spool of that particular filament: 35% discount

Buy 16 spools of that particular filament: 50% discount

Does not work in combination with other discounts!

We will not announce ahead what filament we will have in store for you so you will have the check in every day.¬†Today’s (April 11th) Filament of the Day is PLA/PHA Blue Grey!

PLA/PHA Blue Grey has been a favorite ever since we launched it 5 years ago. It comes very close to Pantone 7545C and gives every print a very solid and neutral look.  With just a dash of blue our grey is much more interesting looking then most standard grey colors. Click here to get yours now!

If Blue Grey is not your color, stay tuned and keep an eye out in the next few weeks – we will have a new one lined up every day!