Update (March 28th): bambooFill spools are now officially sold out. Samples are still available.

It’s always hard to say goodbye and this is time it’s no different. Recently we had to make the decision to take bambooFill out of our portfolio. This was not an easy decision. The last time we discontinued a product was early 2014 when woodFill coarse was taken out of our portfolio.

Launched in the fall of 2014, bambooFill was the second of our bio filled filaments, following woodFill and preceding corkFill.

Last week we have produced our last batch of bambooFill:

The cost price of the raw materials have risen dramatically in the past few months for bambooFill to a point where it was no longer economically viable to produce this filament. Although not a bestseller like woodFill or corkFill, bambooFill had its fair share of fans. As said, it was not an easy decision but this allows us to focus on our current portfolio and development of new filaments as well – which are surely going to please our users!

Sad to see bambooFill go? So are we, but we still have other special filaments that have excellent aesthetic properties.

Raspberry Pi 7 display case, printed with booth bambooFill and woodFill (http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1585924)

The current stock we have in our warehouse is the last stock we will have, so if you are a bambooFan (or are a panda who likes to print), we recommend to take action quickly. bambooFill is available in our webshop and at several distributors and resellers. Again, the spools that have been produced now are the last ones ever.


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  1. Sad to hear about that.

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