Update (March 28th): bambooFill spools are now officially sold out. Samples are still available.

It’s always hard to say goodbye and this is time it’s no different. Recently we had to make the decision to take bambooFill out of our portfolio. This was not an easy decision. The last time we discontinued a product was early 2014 when woodFill coarse was taken out of our portfolio.

Launched in the fall of 2014, bambooFill was the second of our bio filled filaments, following woodFill and preceding corkFill.

Last week we have produced our last batch of bambooFill:

The cost price of the raw materials have risen dramatically in the past few months for bambooFill to a point where it was no longer economically viable to produce this filament. Although not a bestseller like woodFill or corkFill, bambooFill had its fair share of fans. As said, it was not an easy decision but this allows us to focus on our current portfolio and development of new filaments as well – which are surely going to please our users!

Sad to see bambooFill go? So are we, but we still have other special filaments that have excellent aesthetic properties.

Raspberry Pi 7 display case, printed with booth bambooFill and woodFill (

The current stock we have in our warehouse is the last stock we will have, so if you are a bambooFan (or are a panda who likes to print), we recommend to take action quickly. bambooFill is available in our webshop and at several distributors and resellers. Again, the spools that have been produced now are the last ones ever.


I Am 3D Hubs

A few weeks ago 3D Hubs invited us to attend the opening of their new office. As you know, we have been working together with 3D Hubs for quite some time now. All 3D Hubs members are entitled to a discount when ordering from colorFabb.

3D Hubs has its home in Amsterdam and Amsterdam is in the DNA of 3D Hubs. We thought it would be fun to make a variation on the I Amsterdam logo that you can find for real on the Museum Square in the heart of Amsterdam. We adjusted it a bit, we played with it a bit and the result is quite nice:

You can download this very design from our Thingiverse page and print one yourself.

For this print we used bambooFill for the base plate, nGen Red for “I am” and PLA/PHA Standard White for “3D Hubs”. To make it completely Dutch, we printed all the parts on the Ultimaker 2. This print is a perfect example to use various materials from our portfolio together to create the best result!

3D Hubs is of course the platform that connects 3D printers worldwide and offers it as a service to the ones without a 3D printer. One of the primary forces in 3D printing today, 3D Hubs has seen a stellar growth in the past few years with a few succesfull investment rounds, a necessary move to a bigger office in the heart of Amsterdam and a role to educate the world about 3D printing. Read, for instance, their clear article on what 3D printing is.

We are a proud partner of 3D Hubs and are looking to work together with 3D Hubs and its members in 2017 even more!


For the remainder of the year, because it is colorFabb’s fourth anniversary, we continue our Buy 4, Pay 3 promotion. Use coupon code colorfabb4you on our website to get the fourth spool you order for free! Some conditions apply though: cheapest spool is for free and samples and PLA Economy are exempt from this part of the promotion. Since it is less than two weeks before Christmas, don’t forget to order in time!

Display Case

Today we printed a Raspberry Pi 7 Inch touch screen display case. For this we used our woodFill and bambooFill. Designed by luc_e, it is a perfect showcase for some truly beautiful materials like our special filaments.



Ever since launching at the London 3D Print Show in 2013 woodFill has been a great success. Our first special filament, it was followed by bambooFill and corkFill in our range of aesthetically stunningly beautiful filaments. Printing with these materials makes your room smell like a wood shop! Both woodFill and bambooFill work on most printers that can handle PLA. You can find a tutorial here.


These parts were printed on an Ultimaker 2 at 0.16mm layer height.

Both woodFill and bambooFill are available in our webshop are are part of our line-up of special filaments.