Today we printed a Raspberry Pi 7 Inch touch screen display case. For this we used our woodFill and bambooFill. Designed by luc_e, it is a perfect showcase for some truly beautiful materials like our special filaments.



Ever since launching at the London 3D Print Show in 2013 woodFill has been a great success. Our first special filament, it was followed by bambooFill and corkFill in our range of aesthetically stunningly beautiful filaments. Printing with these materials makes your room smell like a wood shop! Both woodFill and bambooFill work on most printers that can handle PLA. You can find a tutorial here.


These parts were printed on an Ultimaker 2 at 0.16mm layer height.

Both woodFill and bambooFill are available in our webshop are are part of our line-up of special filaments.


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