In the past year we have launched quite a few new filaments: PA-CF Low Warp, nGen_LUX, PA Neat and of course our Color on Demand. As more filaments enter our portfolio we sometimes have to make the hard decision to discontinue a product as well. This time we have to announce that as from now we will no longer produce brassFill.


brassFill was released early 2015 and was the third of our special metal filled filaments after releasing bronzeFill andf copperFill the year before. Although we have seen excellent prints made with brassFill it was always a more more demanding material to print with and not for the faint of heart.

Due to the increased pricing compared with the other metal filled filaments it was priced higher and combined with the fact the filament was at times quite a challenge it never became as popular as the other special filaments.

Earlier this summer we were faced with the choice to either invest in new stock or to discontinue brassFill. Since popularity has been declining we made the hard decision to convert the remaining raw material that we had and call it quits after that. Although we are sure that brassFill has quite a few fans, we see this as a necessary move.

We have already sold out the 1.75mm filaments and the remaining stock of 2.85mm filament is the last we have produced. You can check the current stock here.

This is your last chance to order brassFill! #

colorFabb remains commited to bring you a wide range of 3D printing filaments that allow users worldwide unique aesthetical and functional qualities. Check out our catalogue for the full range of filaments.


Sir Fill bids brassFill farewell. Design:


# At the time of writing, see date on the top of this blog. Resellers and distributors may have limited stock.

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  1. Very sad to see this dropped.
    I have used it and love it.
    I have a new printer, and have some of it left.
    Was going to reorder. Now the 1.75 is out. 🙁
    Could you take orders and produce it every once in a while?
    Could you rebuild some stock, even limited?
    This comes as a shock, I should have known…

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