Upgrading our equipment

It’s great to be able to improve on your own equipment simply by adding 3D printed parts. We designed and printed an end-piece for our pelletizer. With this end-piece we prevent spillage of [...]

Eccentrically Cycloidal Drive Model

This might be one of the most futuristic looking gear mechanisms you’ve seen on Thingiverse. User otvinta3d released a great model demonstrating the Eccentrically Cycloidal Drive Model by [...]

3D printed facade tiles

To inspire the community of architects we 3D printed a fantastic design by David_Mussaffi showing the potential of 3D printing for architectural purposes. David designed various wall tiles which [...]

Universal Bottle Opener

The day before Christmas we feature a print that is both functional and, more important, has a backstory. Travis Corbett, under the name In3Designs, has designed the Universal Bottle Opener. [...]

2016 recap

Another year flew by like it was nothing. Wasn’t it only yesterday that it was 2015? And a little over week from now it’s 2017! It is time for our annual recap. If you want to see [...]

Underwater Hockey sticks

It is the season of giving and we can only imagine the amount of 3D printed items given away. One give away that was printed recently were little commemorative underwater hockey sticks. For this [...]

Prosthetic prototypes

One application for 3D printing that we are seeing a lot of potential in is the the field of prosthetics. Of course we all know the good work that projects like Enable and 3D Life Prints are [...]

Coke bottles

Our nGen filament is a great material for visual prototyping. Recently we used nGen to print Coke bottles in various colors: Design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1594463 We printed these [...]

Death Star ornament

That’s not a moon, it’s a … Christmas ornament. Lighten up the Christmas tree with some Star Wars holiday spirit! A perfect material is our nGen filament and a touch of [...]

I Am 3D Hubs

A few weeks ago 3D Hubs invited us to attend the opening of their new office. As you know, we have been working together with 3D Hubs for quite some time now. All 3D Hubs members are entitled to [...]

Small Part Storage Crates

With so many projects going on in our print lab it is sometimes hard to keep track of all the parts that we use to finish prints. Especially big prints like the Formula 1 car we printed a few [...]


About a month ago we gave you a sneak peek of the Moveo Robotic Arm that was designed by BCN 3D Technologies in Barcelona. A fully functional robotic arm, entirely open source, printed with our [...]

Car door handle

Last week we posted about the oil funnel we printed with nGen_FLEX on the Lulzbot mini. This week we have printed another, more crucial car part. for a Mitsubishi Space Wagon a replacement car [...]

Puzzle Draudi dual print

With a wide range of filaments in our portfolio it is only natural that we are drawn towards dual extrusion. Recently we made the Ultimaker drill on the new Ultimaker 3, but we have been printing [...]

Investment casting

An exciting new way of using 3D printing we encountered recently is its use in investment casting. Anyone who has been following 3D printing related posts on Twitter must have encountered Jerry [...]


“These shoes are made for printing, and that’s just what we do…” Or something similar. Anyhow, we ran into the fine people of MassPortal recently at the Formnext a couple [...]

3D Printing Day

Today is December 3rd and traditionally this date is known as 3D Printing Day. It was declared 3D Printing Day by 3D Hubs last year and this year again, so technically we can speak of a [...]

Oil funnel

An oil funnel is one of those often overlooked, but necessary things you need with your car. And if you need one, print one. We needed an oil funnel for the Toyota Prius, one of our company cars, [...]

Bioplastics Award

The feature print we want to show today is special in more than one way. Normally, our prints are for in-house use and showing off what our filaments are capable of on a wide variety of [...]