It’s great to be able to improve on your own equipment simply by adding 3D printed parts. We designed and printed an end-piece for our pelletizer. With this end-piece we prevent spillage of material because the pellets are guided much better.

Next to this part we also added a better dust shoot, collecting all the dust and guiding it towards a bag. A m8 locknut is incorporated in the sides of the end-piece so there’s the ability to clamp it down.

For both applications we used colorFabb_XT, made with Eastman Amphora AM1800. This machine is used everyday at colorFabb and vibrates a lot during operation. We decided XT would be the best choice for this particular application where good toughness is needed but no particular high heat resistance.

The two tone color effect on the end piece was created by switching colors during print, using the pause and change filament routine on the Ultimaker 2.

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