Pop quiz: What is taller than 3 spools of colorFabb PLA Economy? There is only one answer: Sir Fill printed extra large on the Delta Tower!


Design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:501831

You may or may not know Sir Fill. Sir Fill is our mascotte, proud protector of the printers. A fearless filament fan. Our guardian and true knight. Designed by Swedish character artist and digital sculptor Ola Sundberg a few years ago especially for us, it has been a print we keep printing with all our filaments.

Last week we launched our new grade of low cost PLA Economy and it has been a runaway success from the moment we launched it. You can find the full details of our latest offering here.


Printed on the Delta Tower with a 0.8mm nozzle and a 0.2mm layer height, Sir Fill weighs nearly 2kgs and measures 45.5cm. As you can see, PLA Economy is perfectly suited for the task.

We have been testing this material for the better part of the summer and have found this filament a great alternative those customers who need a lot of PLA. We are initially releasing PLA Economy in four colors: White (RAL 9010), Black (RAL 9005, Red (RAL 3020) and Silver (RAL 9023). This PLA grade has been tested extensively and is being produced and shipped by the same colorFabb team you are used to so you know we are not compromising on quality. You can rely with this filament on the same high standards that colorFabb is known for. It is available only on 2.2kg spools.

PLA Economy is an addition to our range of PLA/PHA, which is available in 30 colors (and on 750 grams spools).

And remember that during Black Friday we have a special deal on all our filaments: 15% off! Find out more by clicking here.


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