Ultimaker Original time-lapse

We are printing the lovely Low-Poly Charmander designed by thingiverse user Flowalistik. This cute but fierse Charmander was craving for some Dutch Orange, so we loaded up our Ultimaker Original with a fresh spool of 2,85mm Dutch Orange. We made a time-lapse so you can see this little pokemon being created one layer at a time.

This particular Ultimaker is our very first 3d printer in the print lab. It’s well over 2 years old and it’s still going strong. We love our ultimakers.

Ultimaker Original

  • layerheight 0.12mm
  • print speed 50 mm/s
  • print temperature 210C

build time 4:45 hours

Model & Designer

download the model, here.

designed by Flowalistik


Marriage by Gold Panda (Star Slinger Remix)

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