woodFill on the Makerbot

At Fabcon we were printing three days with woodFill on the Makerbot and it went marvelous. We printed lots of little Aztec Chiefs designed by Makerbot and Homer Simpsons designed by Steelyd. These were great little give-aways that print super fast, about 35 minutes per print!

For those who couldn’t visit us at Fabcon, here’s a time-lapse of our Makerbot with the woodFill filament.

Makerbot Replicator 2

  • layerheight 0.27mm
  • print speed 80 mm/s
  • print temperature 190 C

About 35 minutes per model.

Model & Designer

Aztec Chief, here.
designed by Makerbot

Homer Simpson, here.
designed by Steelyd


Tight (Set In Sand Remix) by Sun Glitters

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