It is a well established fact by now that our new PA-CF Low Warp filament is all about functionality. We developed this filament with only one goal: to make sure a lot of users have the ability to print high quality printed parts. Even on a cold bed. In the past weeks we have already shown quite a few prints and their respective qualities (listed below). Another great application for PA-CF Low Warp is the field of robotics and we printed a few parts to show:


The prints above have been designed for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) which just kicked off its 2018 season again. You can find a full collection of designs that have been made in the past for the FRC here.

FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) is an organisation aimed to encourage young people to become science and technology leaders and you should definitely check out their website.

PA-CF Low Warp is, due to its stiffness and strength, a perfect material for robotics and its much needed custom made parts. In that regard it is not that different from the application of this filament for drone parts, about which we wrote last week.

The parts were all printed on our Ultimaker 2+ in our print lab, equipped with 0.4mm Olsson Ruby nozzles. We printed at 260C and a 50C bed. Due to its abrasive nature, the Olsson Ruby nozzles ensure that print quality remains the same for many, many hours and days of printing.

As the name indicates, PA-CF Low Warp is a polyamide (nylon) with carbon fiber. An added bonus is that, unlike many other engineering grade filaments, it has very little warping when printing large objects! Low infill prints come out perfectly flat on cold bed for higher infill prints 40/50C temperature is enough to obtain flat prints. It is an engineering grade filament for a wide range of printers and users alike. You can find more information on our dedicated landing page.

In recent weeks we have printed a lot with PA-CF Low Warp. Below are a few examples:

The PA-CF Low Warp filament is a one of a kind polyamide formulation with the ability to print nearly warp free on non heated buildplatforms. Low infill prints come out perfectly flat on cold bed for higher infill prints 40/50C temperature is enough to obtain flat prints.

PA-CF Low Warp allows continuous use at 120°C while retaining sufficient properties for the intended application. Most high heat resistant materials will be difficult to print and require heated chambers and / or heated platforms to keep parts from warping the bottom layer. PA-CF Low Warp shows a very low tendency to warp, even at ambient temperature platform.

Eager to get started? Click here to get the basics on how to print with PA_CF Low Warp.

PA-CF Low Warp is available now in our webshop and ships from stock. We currently stock spools of 700 grams, but as from late next week large spools containing 2kg of material will be available as well.

You can also opt to get a unique bundle package, containing one spool of PA-CF Low Warp and the Olsson Ruby Nozzle 0.4mm in our webshop.

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