Our latest print on the Robo R2 involves nGen_LUX and a vase model with many beautiful facets, perfect to highlight the surface finish of the nGen_LUX.

Faceted Bowl and Vase
by billbo1958

This model is printed at 0.2mm layerheight using the special mode ‘spiralize outer contour’. A spiral toolpath allows the Robo R2 to print the model without any visible z-scar. This method is perfect for 3D printing vases, cups and other hollow models which don’t need top surfaces or infill.

For more information on ngen_LUX we suggest to read this article.

The Robo R2 is in Stock

colorFabb is keeping stock of the Robo R2, be sure to secure one before the holiday season starts!


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  1. Hi

    Nice prints! When is the nGen_LUX coming out? I am really interested in this material!


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