Today we proudly announce a new, unique 3D printing filament:


With nGen_LUX we put years of experience in development, 3D printing, R&D and production into a single 3D printing filament that will bridge the gap to production with unmatched surface quality.

As the name indicates, nGen_LUX is based on nGen – the highly successful co-polyester based filament we launched nearly 2 years ago. nGen is currently our best-selling filament and go-to material for all your prints. It is a truly all-round filament made with Eastman Amphora™ AM3300.

Years of development, unique light diffusion additives and compounding know-how have lead to nGen_LUX. The “Lux” not only stands for luxurious – which is definitely the look of the prints – but also refers to the unit of illumination used worldwide. And light is what makes this filament truly special.

Raven Skull | design by sprocket1597 |
Printed on RoboC2 | 0.2mm layerheight | 230C | with support

nGen_LUX uniquely features diffuse reflection, which means that the light that shines on the print scatters to many directions and allows for a perfect surface quality that looks like nothing you have ever seen before.

colorFabb’s unique special metal filled filaments (bronzeFill, copperFill, steelFill and brassFill) already allow for prints that have a distinctive non-printed look, but for these require post-processing. With nGen_LUX prints look like production parts right off the printer.

eachine tx03 housing | by Lefty9 (Elefterios Karakostas) |
Stacker S4 | 0.2mm layerheight | 240C – 80C bed

OpenRC F1 2017 updates | by barspin |
Robo C2 | 230c | 0.2mm layerheight

At colorFabb we are always looking to meet our customer’s needs and offer filaments with added value. The aesthetics of nGen_LUX allow for a new step in production and prototyping, especially for cosmetics, packaging, interior parts, electronics housings and many more applications.

nGen_LUX is the first special filament based on nGen and the second one in our range of co-polyesters after XT-CF20, our carbon fibre enforced filament based on colorFabb_XT.

We have been testing the filament in our print lab on the most popular printers in the market right now: the Prusa i3, both the Stacker S2 and S4, the Lulzbot TAZ 6 and Mini, the Robo R2 and C2, the Ultimaker range of printers and the Mass Portal Pharaoh (pictured).

Origami Vase Nr2 | by KRISP3D (Kristaps Politis) |
Mass Portal Pharaoh ED | 0.2mm layerheight 230C – 80C bed temp – 85% cooling

Rest assured that if your printer works with nGen (and most of them with a heated bed do) you can achieve the stellar results we have seen so far.

The brand new nGen_LUX fits perfectly in colorFabb’s portfolio that consists of both functional and aesthetical filaments.  Pictures can say more than a thousand words, but prints made with nGen_LUX have to be seen!

Longclaw beer tap handle | by jakkyl |
Robo C2 | 230c | 0.2mm layerheight



See nGen_LUX as soon as next week!

You will have the chance to see nGen_LUX next week. nGen_LUX will be featured in public for the first time at the TCT Show in Birmingham, UK, and at the Kunststoffenbeurs in Veldhoven, NL, next week. At the Kunststoffenbeurs, please look out for Helian Polymers, our sister company specialized in the masterbatches and additives.

At both shows 3D printers will be printing with nGen_LUX on various 3D printers.

Raven Skull Statue | design by kevin dyllong |
Printed on the Prusa I3 | 0.2mm layerheight | 230C | with support

Guardian Character Class | by Brendantang |
Mass Portal | 230c | 0.2mm layerheight


Availability and pricing

nGen_LUX is not available yet. The filament will be available as from early 2018 and pre-ordering will start right before that. Pricing will be announced soon.


colorFabb at the TCT Show, Hall 3 stand H39 – Sept. 26 – 28

Helian Polymers at the Kunststoffenbeurs, stand 13, Sept. 27 – 28




Last week we launched our new website and our brand new catalogue, Read more about it in our blog post or click on the links below:                              Catalogue

The first injected molded plaques of our color tests

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  1. Looks great, but….

    I need a strong tough filment with very good compressive strength properties for end use parts that look great, unique, metallic, etc,

    strong and tough like a Carbon Fiber filled Nylon? or PolyCarbonate? or ABS? or PETG?
    or brittle like PLA?
    flexible or rigid?
    little to no warp?
    dimensionally accurate/stable?

    can you send me the performance data specs?

  2. Is the material abrasive? It looks like there are particles in the filament.

    • The pigment used does not cause any wear to the nozzle.

  3. When can we buy it from stores. Even from you own store its still not available. When do you now expect to sell it?

    • We’re aiming for March.

  4. Is nGen_LUX available yet? I can’t see anywhere on the site where it is mentioned other than this page.

    • No yet, it’s been pushed back in to the new year unfortunately.
      We will see about updating the post accordingly.

  5. Bravo, what an innovation for the arts. Color that talks back in the material. Please let me know when I can incorporate the new product into my work.

    • Thanks Carl, we hope to have it ready in November

  6. Is there a way to sign up for notification on when pre-ordering is available? I would buy the heck out of this stuff if it is as amazing as it looks.

    • At the moment not.
      But we’ll make sure to post more information as we get closer to launch.

  7. Looks pretty nice but how much will it cost?

    • There’s still a lot of details we have to work out before it’s ready, pricing being one of them.

  8. Interesting surface quality! I will be keen to try this out.

    Can you post some pictures of actual electronics enclosures printed with this filament ? That will really help.

    • More details and prints will be posted as we get closer to the launch date.
      An electronics housing is on the list of things to print.

  9. Hi,

    nGen_Lux is printable just like PLA ?


    • Hi Rui,
      nGen_LUX is based on our nGen copolyester, which has excellent print-ability on most 3D printers.

  10. If these look as good in the flesh as they do in the photographs then you’re on to a winner – they look great.

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