Makerbot recently announced the new Experimental Extruder and surfaced various colorFabb materials on their landing page for Makerbot labs. We’re excited to be working with Makerbot on this endeavour.

Meanwhile at colorFabb 3D printing lab we’re busy with printing more models which show the potential of our materials using the new Makerbot Labs Experimental Extruder.

Fish Sculpture Vase
by 3DWP

Printed with the 0.6mm brass nozzle using our one of a kind corkFill filament. The texture of the print is smooth and silky and shows a great surface finish.

The four materials which we selected with Makerbot to surface for the Experimental nozzle are listed below.

colorFabb corkFill


colorFabb woodFill

colorFabb bronzeFill

colorFabb copperFill


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  1. Nice print guys, and thanks for the credit/link!

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