Makerbot designed a simple jig which makes it easier to swap nozzles on the Experimental Extruder. It also has three slots to store the nozzles, making it easy to keep everything together.

Experimental Extruder Jig
by MakerBot

This model was printed using corkFill filament and the 0.6mm brass nozzle. At 0.2mm layerheight and 200C printing temperature we got a beautifull finish.

The Makerbot Experimental Extruder was recently announced and allows for more experimenting on the existing Makerbot printers. Over the course of several months, we participated in a beta-test program that included a select group of MakerBot’s Thingiverse power users. During this time the new Experimental Extruder was tested using a range of colorFabb specialty materials – including the corkFillcopperFillbronzeFill, and woodFill.

These new nozzles are the key to printing in this range of materials. We recommend that users use the 0.6 mm brass nozzle for woodFill and corkFill, and the 0.6mm steel nozzle for bronzeFill and copperFill.


corkFill was one of our special filaments we launched 2 years ago, after woodFill and bambooFill (the latter one has been discontinued), that allow for a truly special look of any print. The unique look and finish have made this filament a great success ever since and found a large audience of fans ever since launching.

The Fish Vase is another print we recently made with corkFill on the Makerbot Replicator+.

If you have not tried it, you can find the tips and tricks to print with this filament in our handy tutorial.

corkFill is available in our webshop and ships from stock. Incidentally, at the time of writing corkFill is on sale. Get this awesome filament now at a great price!

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