Talented designer Chris van den Elzen collaborated with Judith van Vliet on a new shoe collection called, EXCIDIUM.

This collection is inspired by abandoned and weathered buildings which overtime become overpowered by natures influences such a moss, erosion, fungi and oxidants.

„These abandoned, derelict buildings bursting with ornaments. Overpowerd by nature influences. They live their own lives.” Chris van den Elzen

In this collection high-tech meets crafts, Chris sought out the expertise of technicians to help him with 3d scanning and printing. Pelser-hartman did the 3d scanning and Peggy Bannenberg helped put together the 3d model and printed the models at iFabrica in Amsterdam, an open workspace for makers.

black-copper chrisvandenelzen1

sandel soft grey chrisvandenelzen1

The platform wedge of the shoe is designed as one piece and can be printed with an Ultimaker 3d printer using colorFabb woodFill. Further more the shoe features calf leather upper and a acrylic/copper heel insert.

Chris his new collection will be shown july 11th at the biggest dutch fashion event, the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.


Photography      Fanny van poppel
MUAH              Danielle Trilsbeek
Fashiondesign   Judith van Vliet
Shoedesign       Chris van den Elzen
model               Mariwka Waluniwka
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