Eearlier this week we printed a head storage for the Stacker 3D printer with XT-CF20. Aside from its stiffness due to 20% of added carbon fibres, the matte finishing of the print is one of the reasons why customers choose this product. It is a terrific filament for visual prototyping as well, if the print needs a tough and industrial look. Like today’s solenoid valve for water and gas:


This print was made for visual prototyping only, but it shows what can be done with 3D printing to showcase a model. This print is based on CAD files from McMaster-Carr Supply Company part 2660K12.

It was printed on the Ultimaker 2+ in our very own printlab in 3 seperate parts and glued together for a HQ visual representation. Due to the abrasive nature of XT-CF20, we printed with the brand new Olsson Ruby nozzle, provided to us by its manufacturer and very own distributor for the Nordic Region: 3DVerkstan.

The print was made with a 0,1mm layer height. For the nozzle we chose the Olsson Ruby nozzle 2,85mm version. The ruby nozzle retains the excellent heat conducting properties of brass, while being extremely resistant to wear. This means that you can print your standard materials as usual, but also very abrasive materials such XT-CF20, but also our steelFill.

The Olsson Ruby is a high-tech nozzle with a carefully designed ruby tip, which makes it have unique properties. The ruby nozzle is designed by Anders Olsson, inventor of the popular Olsson Block that is also part of the Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printers.

This nozzle was generously supplied to us by 3DVerkstan, our distributor and partner in the Nordic regiona and manufacturer of the Olsson Ruby Nozzle. For more information about the nozzle, contact 3DVerkstan:

XT-CF20 is our first Amphora based special filament, launched nearly two years ago, made with colorFabb_XT and 20% carbon fibres. More information can be found here. XT-CF20 has received some really good reviews on our website. It may not be the easiest filament to print with, but the results can be stunning. The functionality, stiffness and the matte finish are true selling points of this material.

XT-CF20 is available online.


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