Important notice

We have noticed in the past few days that during the voting process for our time-lapse contest irregularities have arisen. We have deliberately chosen to keep the voting process as open and accessible as possible, hoping that every vote would count equally. Unfortunately advantage has been taken of this open policy. Therefore we have chosen to close the public voting system.

All 12 finalists will be judged by our own internal colorFabb jury to avoid any conflicts of interest and make sure that everybody has an equal chance of winning. We regret the fact that we have to take this step, since we found the option of an open and democratic voting system especially appealing.

We will announce the winners on Friday.



Right before Christmas we came up with a time-lapse challenge for everyone with a 3D printer: print something cool, something functional, something special. Make a time-lapse and send it to us. Prizes were quite substantial:

1st prize
4 spools of your choice for 12 months! In all, 48 spools and we spread it out so you can benefit from the new materials we will release in 2016 as well!

2nd prize
2 value packs!

3rd prize
1 value pack!

All contestants will receive a sample pack of our filaments soon as well!

And in the past few weeks a lot of people went to work and the results have been amazing! We were blown away with all the time and effort the contestants put into their time-lapses and prints. Especially in the final 72 hours we received over half of all the entries.

We want to thank everybody who has entered the competition for all the work they did, everybody for sharing and watching the videos.

And now… it’s your turn. We are a big fan of democracy here and let you, the people, the decide who will eventually win.

We have pre-selected 12 videos of over 90 entries. Below you can view them again and vote for your favorite: select the video and hit vote. That’s all.


[total-poll id=1094]



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  1. @tlc-motherchild: Nature is able to take care of itself. But the human race still needs its motherlove.

  2. colorFabb, I love your product and your company and there isn’t much that can change that. However, I would like my video withdrawn from the contest until the blatant cheating is resolved. While I have no hard proof, I can point out three videos who’s votes skyrocketed in a very short amount of time. That suggests to me that people are using VPNs to boost their votes. No one in this contest has a fighting chance against cheating.Thank You.

    • Hi Colton,

      We’ve noticed the same and have therefor chosen to close down the public part of the contest.
      It’s a shame that it had to come to this.

  3. Good luck everybody! There’s some hard choices to be made here!

    Didier Klein – Author of the tlc-recycle video!

  4. My vote goes to tic-cannon..

  5. So cool !

  6. Tlc-motherchild links to the wrong video file…………….

  7. Great contest!
    Just to let you know, the link to ‘tlc-motherchild’ shows the right thumbnail, but links to a different video (tlc-cass), so that one can’t be watched

    • Edit: Fixed now.

  8. Hi,

    I think the “motherchild” and the “cass” are the same videos. So there are 11 videos over there ,not 12.


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