Hello folks! My name is Glen Thijssen and I’m the new industrial engineering graduate intern @Colorfabb. My main focus in the coming six months will be on research related to the optimization of the Colorfabb filaments and the product market position whilst remaining focused on continued and improved customer satisfaction.

I’m really excited to learn everything there is to know about 3D printing! In the past months I have printed my very first 3D model on one of our Ultimaker2 printers, and was very impressed by its ease of use. All that it took was 5 minutes of preparation time and I was ready to go!

We are working hard and are dedicated to the product, testing materials in our development lab on several different 3D printers every day. One material we are constantly testing and improving is the XT filament and as a result of this persistent work we have an improved XT compound which is currently in the beta stadium. I will be testing this material in combination with the OpenRC Truggy project. For those not familiar with this project, please check the OpenRC Google Plus Group

In the upcoming weeks you will find more building progress and tips/tricks on how to print with XT material. I’m convinced XT will be an interesting and very promising material, especially when used in combination with RC cars. It’s stronger than PLA, more resistant to high temperatures and has higher melt strength suitable for the required longer spans.

I have high expectations about this material, can’t wait to race the XT Truggy.

If you want to try the XT filament yourself, we offer it in our online shop. Please keep twittering your finished prints @ColorFabb!

Stay tuned for weekly updates about the OpenRC project.

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