nGen_LUX excellence on the Robo R2

When thinking about applications for nGen_LUX one of the first area’s we see huge potential for this material is 3D printed awards and trophies. A quick search for examples on Thingiverse resulted in many cool models, but we specifically liked the YouTube Diamond Play Button reward designed by Jeffrey122. When Youtube creators get 10 miljoen subscribers, Youtube will reward them a “diamond play button” as recognition for being one of the most popular channels.

YouTube Diamond Play Button
by Jeffrey122

The facets on this model will work really well with the reflective surface quality of nGen_LUX. We printed this model on the Robo R2 at a 0.2mm layerheight. The model was positioned upwards and at a slight angle so the front facing plane could be printed without supports.

nGen_LUX was announced recently as the brand new high quality filament that we will launch later this year. Stay tuned for this new material that we first showcased during the TCT Show in Birmingham about a month ago.

The Robo R2 printer is available at colorFabb and ships from stock. As recently announced we act as Robo’s distributing partner in the Benelux and you can order the Robo R2 now with a free spool of nGen! We feel that the right combination of hardware and material makes for a great user experience and with the Robo R2 combined with our nGen we have once more found this synergy.

With a printer like the new Robo R2 you have a reliable machine that works flawlessly with our nGen filament, enabling end users to make durable and good-looking parts! The compact, but professional looking printer allows for prints of 20x20x25cm & accepts a lot of different materials. Together with Robo we are currently testing all of our materials on this printer.

The Robo R2 is currently available in our brand new webshop and we ship from stock. For € 1399 (excluding VAT) you get a terrific printer with a free spool of nGen filament to make that awesome print right away!

The Robo R2 retails for €1399.00 excl. tax (€1692.79 incl. tax) + 1 FREE SPOOL

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  • Francisco

    Hi Jos Deelen , can you do this diamond button? I dont have Robo R2, I can buy the diamond button if you want.

    • Jos Deelen - colorFabb Team

      Hi Francisco, we are not in the business of selling our prints like this.
      Please look for a local partner like 3Dhubs

  • Francisco

    Hi , i want to buy the “diamond play button”. how much?


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