About a month ago we gave you a sneak peek of the Moveo Robotic Arm that was designed by BCN 3D Technologies in Barcelona. A fully functional robotic arm, entirely open source, printed with our range of co-polyesters. We are ready to share more and where we are now.

Design: https://www.bcn3dtechnologies.com/en/bcn3d-moveo-the-future-of-learning/

We are now printing with colorFabb_XT Yellow (and some Dark Gray for the details) on various machines: Of course the BCN 3D Sigma, but we are also printing on the Stacker S4 and Ultimaker 2 to speed up the process, since the BCN Sigma is currently being used for multi material testing.

Since we’re using mostly parts from an old 3D printer we modified the CAD files in SolidWorks to accomodate these new parts. BCN3D’s open source working method also applies to this robot arm design, so all the files are available on BCN’s github page. With most parts being printed or already finished we are now starting to assemble this impressive project and rig up the controlling electronics. For this we plan on using an Azteeg X3 Pro Printer Controller that is powered from a 24v power supply.

We will keep you updated on the progress of this project!

Our range of Amphora based co-polyesters are perfectly suited for a project like this. In 2014 colorFabb teamed up with Eastman Chemical Company to develop unique grades of co-polyesters suited for 3D printing. Eastman Amphora™ 3D polymer are a low-odor, styrene-free choice that is uniquely suited for 3D printing applications. With Amphora, items can be created that are more functional, more durable, more efficient, and attractive.

So far we have launched four grades, starting with colorFabb_XT in 2014, which is a fantastic functional engineering material. Late 2015 we follow this up with nGen, our next Generation general purpose filament and a drop in replacement for PLA. A wide processing window and perfect reliability make this filament a very popular one in our portfolio.

Earlier this year we followed that up with colorFabb_HT, a high-temperature resistant filament that allows for functional engineering projects that need lasting parts. Recently at the TCT Show in Birmingham we introduced nGen_FLEX to the market, a flexible filament with a Shora A hardness of 95 allowing for functional and flexible parts to be printed.

More information can be found in the blog we wrote about co-polyesters last summer.

You can find our entire portfolio of co-polyesters in our webshop or via our distributors and resellers worldwide of which BCN 3D in Barcelona is one!

And remember, for the remainder of the year, because it is colorFabb’s fourth anniversary, we continue our Buy 4, Pay 3 promotion. Use coupon code colorfabb4you on our website to get the fourth spool you order for free! Some conditions apply though: cheapest spool is for free and samples and PLA Economy are exempt from this part of the promotion. Since it is less than two weeks before Christmas, don’t forget to order in time!

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  1. Hello
    i made a robot and you did a bnc3d moveo. and now a problem has arisen that has solved the unknown. when programming g code I can move motors which are bound to X, Y, Z, E0 but I cannot move motors to E1 and servo motors. so I would ask if you could send me some of your g code for a robot that does this. the problem is also that in Pronterface it writes this if I add some extruder more echo: T Invalid extruder. i use ramps 1.5 for controling my robot. thank you for your reply,

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