It is almost Halloween again and our print lab printed a pumpkin in Dutch Orange PLA/PHA to stay in the spirit.



Sir Fill by Ola Sundberg:

PLA/PHA was the first product group we launched almost 4 years ago (how time flies…) and Dutch Orange has been consistently one of our top colors. PLA/PHA is the unique blend of PHA added to our PLA to make the filament less brittle. PHA is like PLA a bio-polyester.

Since we used a golden oldie as our material for this print, we also decided to use on of our trusted Ultimaker Originals for this print job. As always, it performed remarkably well in combination with our PLA/PHA, printing on a 0.2mm layer height.

PLA/PHA is available in a wide variety of 30 diverse colors. Check them out in our webshop!

Have a great Halloween and a fantastic weekend!

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