Stereotyping is not our thing, but we admit to one thing: the Dutch cycle a lot! Combined with all the 3D printing activity here in the low lands it is only a matter of time when cycling and 3D printing meet up. We have printed bike parts before (click here) and have found more designs to print. For today’s print we have found the Cycle Bottle Cage by francfalco which we printed with XT-CF20.


Design by francfalco: 

We all have Eastman Tritan drinking bottles here and found it only apt that we should be able to bring them along when we are cycling. Eastman Chemical Company is of course our partner for our Amphora 3D Polymer based co-polyesters: nGen, nGen_FLEX, colorFabb_XT and colorFabb_HT.


XT-CF20 is our first Amphora based special filament, launched nearly two years ago, made with colorFabb_XT and 20% carbon fibres. More information can be found here. XT-CF20 has received some really good reviews on our website. It may not be the easiest filament to print with, but the results can be stunning. The functionality, stiffness and the matte finish are true selling points of this material.

We printed the bottle cage on a Massportal Pharaoh ED with a 0.2mm layer height.

colorFabb’s XT-CF20 is available in our webshop.


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