Free Print+ headphone kits

Update: we are all out of Print+ head phone kits. If you order a value pack now you will receive our awesome filament, but not the Print+ kit.

Earlier today we posted the prints we made with the Print+ head phone kits we received last week.

We used woodFill & PETG Economy for one headphone set and nGen Dark Gray for the other one. Of course, with our variety of 3D printing filaments, you can make a lot of combinations and make your headphones truly unique. You can read the original post here.

The casual observer may have noticed that in that very same post we mentioned we ordered 25 kits during the Kickstarter campaign. We used some ourselves, but what to do with the remaining 20+ kits? Hint: we are not going to use them ourselves…

Yours… soon.

We had decided to give them away. To you! With every value pack ordered (with the exception of PLA Economy and PETG Economy) you will get a free Print+ headphone kit! (Retail value: € 35). The value packs that are eligible for getting a free headset kit are:

Update: Please note that the limited amount of headset kits we had available has run out and therefor this promotion has ended. But if you have a Print+ headset please enter our challenge below for a chance to win 4 free spools of colorFabb filaments.

But that’s not all…

We challenge you to print the coolest and most original headphone set with colorFabb filaments! Then post it on social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) and tag us.

Extra points for an original combination of materials and if photographed in a cool real-life environment. The most original entry will receive 4 free spools of colorFabb filament!!

So there it is: order a value pack and receive a free Print+ DIY headset kit you have a serious chance to get 4 free spools of colorFabb filaments as well!

Head to our website & choose the value pack of your choice!

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  • Johan Gude

    Hi! Did you see my instagram tags? Under the name jcgude I tagged you in two pictures with a print+ set made of carbonfill and woodfill.

    When will the winner be annonced?

    • Team colorFabb

      Hi Johan. Your account is private and we are not notified when we are tagged in a private account. We will choose a winner soon!

  • Fabian

    I bought my Print+ heaphones via the Print+ website – I love them, looking awesome! Will I be eligible to enter your contest? And if so, how?

    • Jos Deelen - colorFabb Team

      Hi Fabian,
      You can also enter the contest if you acquired the Print+ set yourself.
      I’ve updated the post to represent this.

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