In January 2020 we’re holding a #MadeWithcolorFabb contest. All our customers are invited to share their prints on social media. Every five days we select a winner who gets four spools of filament. At the end of the month we select a winning Read more about the contest here. We will select several winners during the month which will be posted below (most recent one on top).


January 20th

A garden hose connector by The 3D Smith (The Netherlands), made with PLA Economy (Original Tweet)


January 15th

A lamp shade by Johan Gude (The Netherlands) made with copperFill and a strip of colorFabb_HT (Original Facebook and Instagram post)


Winner January 10th


Printing a 1/4 scale rail road piece by Derek Cameron (USA) on the Blackbelt 3D with Color on Demand (Original tweet)



Winner January 5th


A nut dispenser for birds made by Jouni Lunden (Finland), using nGen and PLA filament. (Original tweet)


Prints in the banner designed by David Östman and Rober Rollin, printed by colorFabb with PLA Economy filaments.


See all the entries on:


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