After last month’s #MadeWithcolorFabb contest we will dive a little bit deeper into the story behind the month’s winner: the Mimphonium. This is a very cool, UK based project by Domenico Marseglia. We were intrigued by the fact that quite a bit was printed with PLA/PHA Standard White Let’s go into the details.

What inspired him to start with this project? We asked him and Domenico was gracious enough to share his thoughts.


How it all began…

“The original inspiration was a project someone else came up with in the early days of the Raspberry Pi. It was made from a child’s toy with some solenoids that hit the notes from behind. I thought it was great, but I could do better. In particular, the solenoids made a horrible clattering noise. I thought about the moving coil meters we had at school, and I came up with my version that you can see in the photo below. The two big let-downs were my woodworking skills and the cost of a glockenspiel to get the metal bars from. The two big breakthroughs were another project I saw where the notes were cut from copper pipe, and my employer buying a 3d printer for prototyping work. Then, over a series of trial and error refinements, I came up with the design you see today.”

The first iteration

Visit the Mimphonium website here.


The printed parts

Domenico continues: “I have a website under construction. I think the best bit for you would be this page (click here).  This shows that it is not just the final product that is 3d-printed, but some of the tools I used to make it are also 3d-printed. I think the coil winder is another sub-project in its own right. I think this reflects a more serious side of the current usage of 3d-printing. The parts made form PLA have their limitations in terms of end-user products, but they are often more than good enough for assembly fixtures.”

Mounting the coil on the coil winder

The printer

He has an Ultimaker 2, upgraded to 2+. After the upgrade it works especially well with our signature (and long time favorite) PLA/PHA Standard White. “I just use the default values for everything except the hammer heads. In that case I use 100% infill to make them heavier.”

The project is still on-going and we will follow for sure.

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We saw a lot of great entries during the #MadeWithcolorFabb contest. The Mimphonium eventually won, but it had worthy oponents. You can find all the winners here.



PLA/PHA was the very first material released by colorFabb seven years ago. Starting with almost twenty colors, the portfolio eventually expanded to thirty colors (some of them about to be discontinued). The unique blend of PLA and PHA bioplastics made it a one-of-a-kind filament for users looking for a 3D printing filament that processed well on various printers and was of high quality. It was the basis of colorFabb’s success.

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Contest winners

Contest is now closed. All winners are announced below.

In January 2020 we’re holding a #MadeWithcolorFabb contest. All our customers are invited to share their prints on social media. Every five days we select a winner who gets four spools of filament. At the end of the month we select a winning Read more about the contest here. We will select several winners during the month which will be posted below (most recent one on top).


January overall winner

The big winner is the impressive, and still on-going, Mimphonium project. Check out the website for more information. Printed parts are made with PLA/PHA Standard White. Domenico Marseglia is the winner of 10 spools of colorFabb filaments!


January 30th


A holder for a monochrystalline quartz, part of a million dollar laser amplifier by YAGjunky made with PLA/PHA (original Instagram post)


January 25th

Automated cat feeder system by Douglas Craig, made with nGen Dark Gray (original Tweet & design link)


January 20th

A garden hose connector by The 3D Smith (The Netherlands), made with PLA Economy (Original Tweet)


January 15th


A lamp shade by Johan Gude (The Netherlands) made with copperFill and a strip of colorFabb_HT (Original Facebook and Instagram post)


Winner January 10th


Printing a 1/4 scale rail road piece by Derek Cameron (USA) on the Blackbelt 3D with Color on Demand (Original tweet)



Winner January 5th


A nut dispenser for birds made by Jouni Lunden (Finland), using nGen and PLA filament. (Original tweet)


Prints in the banner designed by David Östman and Rober Rollin, printed by colorFabb with PLA Economy filaments. Check out Rober Rollin’s website here.


See all the entries on:



Update: you can find the contest winners here.


We’re always curious what you make with our filaments. With the holidays fresh behind us we want to know what you printed recently. With #MadeWithColorFabb we start the new year with a month-long contest. Win four, or maybe even ten (10!) spools of filament! Read the rules & start posting.

Mandalorian design by Robert Rollin (link)


It’s easy: Share your print on social media (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram), tag us with our official accounts and use the hashtag #MadeWithColorFabb

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You post, we judge. Judges will be fair and unbribeable and consist of colorFabb employees.



Because we like to reward great prints. Every five days we will give away four free spools of filament to what we judge is the best entry. Cut-off dates are January 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 30th. On the 31st we will give away 10 free spools to the best print of the entire month – which may or may not be one of those who have previously won.



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Jon Snow bust design by David Östman (link)