Generating 3d models is quite time consuming and requires in some cases expert knowledge of specific 3d modeling software. It’s definitely fun to learn about the various types of 3d modeling software, but you could also get into 3d scanning.

So we recently purchased a Primesense 3d scanner and paired it with the Skanect scan software. It’s very easy to use and allows you to scan in one continuous motion. Other software requires to scan in multiple intervals of a couple of second which is then stitched together.

Todays scan is a special keepsake from Indonesia that was once brought back by my grandmother. I remember seeing this statue an realizing that the shape of the statue would be ideal for 3d printing. Almost no overhang and nice sharp edges, perfect! If you’d like to print one or multiple BaliBoys you can download the files here.

During scanning we did loose quite some detail, which we’ll try to get back using some modeling software. But more about that in part 2.

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