Last winter we held a time-lapse contest and it is an understatement to say it was a great success! You can still watch all contestants in this YouTube playlist. Of over 80 valid entries there [...]

Mixee wallet

Today’s featured print is the Mixee wallet by Nancy Yi Liang, which we printed in multiple colors with our ever popular nGen filament! Design: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/mixee-wallet [...]

Flexbot quadcopter

A little over a week ago we posted a tweet regarding a print we were making on the Leapfrog HS with nGen orange. We are now presenting you the result, the Flexbot Quadcopter With FlexCam V2.0: [...]

Apple watch dock

The holiday season is about the start and that means a lot of expensive gifts. You cannot print fully functional wearables yet, but you can print the dock for a, say, Apple watch. And why spend a [...]

Ultimaker hand drill

Recently, Ultimaker launched their latest printer: the Ultimaker 3. It is no secret that we print a lot with our Ultimaker printers: the original, the Ultimaker 2 and the 2+ are all printers we [...]

Sir Fill

Pop quiz: What is taller than 3 spools of colorFabb PLA Economy? There is only one answer: Sir Fill printed extra large on the Delta Tower! Design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:501831 You may [...]

colorFabb Black Friday

Thursday is the new Friday. No, for real! We start our Black Friday deal on Thursday. As from midnight CET you will receive 15% discount on all our products! Yes, that even includes samples and [...]

Flexible tubes

Almost two months ago during the TCT Show we launched our brand new semi flexible nGen_FLEX filament. With a Shore A hardness of 95 and the high glass temperature of 120+ degrees C this is a [...]


Last week we released PLA Economy, our new grade of PLA filament. PLA Economy is only available on 2.2kg spools, in a limited amount of colors, but very competitively priced. Perfectly suited for [...]

Thumb book holder

Sometimes the handiest prints we make are also the smallest. One struggle every avid reader has is to keep a book open while lying on the couch and trying to sip that well-earned coffee at the [...]

PLA Economy

Today, we are proudly announcing a new range of PLA filament to our portfolio: colorFabb PLA Economy   Millennium Falcon design: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:919475 The new economy line [...]

Moveo sneak peek

A quick sneak peek of the BCN Moveo Robot arm we are printing right now on the Stacker S4 printer. We recently started this project with our Amphora based co-polyesters to make a very cool and [...]

VTOL Drone

From time to time we feature prints that have not originated from our own print lab, but were printed with our filaments. We love to see user cases like the one that follows which show the [...]

Display Stand

As a follow up of yesterday’s post, we are today showing the stand for the Raspberry Pi display case. Designed by the aptly named TheRaspberryPiGuy, we printed the display stand in a very [...]

Display Case

Today we printed a Raspberry Pi 7 Inch touch screen display case. For this we used our woodFill and bambooFill. Designed by luc_e, it is a perfect showcase for some truly beautiful materials like [...]

Remote control housing

To start the week we printed a housing for FGS-2xx Fibaro remote control double relay. This relay is used to control outside lighting with a webinterface. For this print we used two of our finest [...]

Mirror holder

Sometimes you need a practical item for in and around the house. Like when you need a holder to hold the mirror. Luckily there is 3D printing. With a custom design we printed two mirror holders [...]

colorFabb’s 4th birthday

It’s party time! We have something to celebrate and want to share this with you. Four years ago this month, November 2012, we started testing our first grade of filaments, PLA/PHA, and the [...]

Turbine prop

For today’s print we chose part of the GE “Build Your Own Jet Engine” project which can be found on Thingiverse. For this print we selected our bright red nGen filament and the [...]

Cycle Bottle Cage in XT-CF20

Stereotyping is not our thing, but we admit to one thing: the Dutch cycle a lot! Combined with all the 3D printing activity here in the low lands it is only a matter of time when cycling and 3D [...]