Caterpillar 777f Dump Truck

MOCZYS, a mechanical engineer and industrial designer from Portland designed and shared a very cool model of a Caterpillar 777F dump truck.

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How to print with nGen

To get the best possible quality out of any 3D printing material it’s important to match the slicer settings with the material which is used. On this page we’ll run through the most important settings and suggest good starting values for various printers. If your machine isn’t in our list use the general recommended settings.

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How to print with corkFill


This is the brand new corkFill based on colorFabb PLA/PHA. If you liked the original woodFill and its successor bamboofill, this one should complement your filament portfolio really well.

To help you getting the best results out of your printer here are some tips for Ultimaker Original, Ultimaker 2 and Makerbot Replicator 2 settings with general advises for other printers.

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bronzeFill Marvin

Nick wrote a really informative blog on printing with bronzeFill and shared great post-processing tips.


colorFabb XT-CF20

ColorFabb XT CF20 is a copolyester based carbon fiber composite material that is based on the unique Amphora 3D polymer from Eastman Chemical and is loaded with no less than 20% specially sourced carbon fibers suitable for 3D Printing.

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XT-CF20 Time-lapse

Our first special filament based on the Amphora 3D polymer. Reinforced with 20% specially sourced carbon fibers, this filament is perfect for parts which need high stiffness. XT-CF20 has a beautiful matte surface finish when printed.

Stuart Mead hi res

Epic bronzeFill 3D printing

At the Birmingham TCT Show we talked to Steve Cox, Education Ambassador CREATE Education – Ultimaker (GB). He was showing some of his great 3D printing projects and sharing great tips&tricks. This week however a very special project by Steve, commissioned by Fuel3D, was presented at the CES2015.

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Mass Portal time-lapse

After a lot of hours testing and experimenting with the Mass Portal Delta it’s time to have some fun with it too.
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3D Printer made with XT-copolyester



What a beauty! Design by Ola Sundberg , check out his personal website.

Get the 3d files here

Printed on an Ultimaker 1

  • Layerheight 0.2mm
  • Print speed 50mm/s
  • Printing temperature 210C


Located midway red and blue on the RGB and CMYK color wheel, this is truly a vibrant color.
3D Printed Mini FPV Tricopter!

3D Printed Mini FPV Tricopter! – #1

We’re always on the look out for amazing DIY projects that relate to 3D printing. Just the other day a new tri-copter design was posted on by rocketman1092 which really caught my eyes. Then moments later it also appeared on thingiverse, so naturally we had to start making this right away.

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Saber-Toothed Cat Skull

Saber-Toothed Cat Skull

This great model is from the Makerbot Studio’s curriculum collection. The skull is printed as one piece, without any support material!

Design by Makerbot Academy
Get the 3d files here

Skull and base plate:
Printed on an Ultimaker 2

  • Layerheight 0.2mm
  • Print speed 40mm/s
  • Printing temperature 205C

Sorry, this product does not exist.

Printed on the Makerbot Replicator 2

  • Layerheight 0.2mm
  • Print speed 70mm/s
  • Printing temperature 200C


If you’re looking for something special in your filament portfolio then consider our bambooFill filament. About 80% colorfabb PLA and 20% recycled bamboofibres.
TinyTR by AMNHeducation polished to a beautiful shine.

how to print with copperFill

A new metal filament for 3D printing is about to be shipped to our early adopters who placed a pre-order in the last month. Therefore it’s about time to share our insights and tips on printing with copperFill 3D printing filament!

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copperFill_web 19

All new copperFill

BronzeFill has become a huge hit for colorFabb and we’ve seen many great examples of excellent 3D printed models on their social media. Apparently printing with metal on desktop 3D printers is something the maker community is really interested in.

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Excellence in woodFill 3D Printing

Replicas of historic church figures in wood by Fucco Design.

The original figures were scanned by Scanning 3D; Fucco Design split the received model into parts and then had it printed, initially processed (separation of supports, etc.) and glued it all together.
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time-lapse summer contest

And the winner is…

First of all we need to start this post with a big thank you to all participants of the Time-Lapse contest! Overall we’re impressed with the quality of the videos and the amount of care and attention the contenders have put into their work.

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3D printing La Fabshop Mobile

Le fabshop has got a great thingiverse portfolio of 3d designs which are made for 3d printing. We printed the little car on our Ultimaker Original and made a time-lapse video.

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bronzeFill_learn 3

how to print with bronzeFill

The trial period for bronzeFill is up and the first customers have already received and printed with bronzeFill. It’s time for a write up and share print settings and methods of post processing this awesome material.

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This is the Grumpy Pumpkin by thingiverse user Scambell.

How to print with _XT

Our _XT filament has been around for a while now and we’ve been getting lots of positive feedback and tips. Therefore we decided it was about time to do a little write up of all the tips and comments to help you get the best possible quality from your 3d printer.

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soft grey-copper chrisvandenelzen1

colorFabb woodFill at the International Amsterdam Fashion Week

Talented designer Chris van den Elzen collaborated with Judith van Vliet on a new shoe collection called, EXCIDIUM.

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Ultimaker Original time-lapse

We are printing the lovely Low-Poly Charmander designed by thingiverse user Flowalistik. This cute but fierse Charmander was craving for some Dutch Orange, so we loaded up our Ultimaker Original with a fresh spool of 2,85mm Dutch Orange. We made a time-lapse so you can see this little pokemon being created one layer at a time.

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woodFill on the Makerbot

At Fabcon we were printing three days with woodFill on the Makerbot and it went marvelous. We printed lots of little Aztec Chiefs designed by Makerbot and Homer Simpsons designed by Steelyd. These were great little give-aways that print super fast, about 35 minutes per print!

For those who couldn’t visit us at Fabcon, here’s a time-lapse of our Makerbot with the woodFill filament.

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