We are always looking for functional designs that we can use in real life. And when it comes to functionality we always go for one of our Amphora based co-polyester filaments. Developed with Eastman Chemical Company, we currently offer four grades: nGen, colorFabb_XT, colorFabb_HT and the recently launched nGen_FLEX.

And with this nGen_FLEX, which won great reviews after launching, we printed a water cap, designed by Peter Krige.


Design by Peter Krige, click here.

As described by the designer himself: A hose or plastic tube is attached to the inner nozzle on the Water Cap. This is then inserted into the water container. The cap is screwed on and the inner rubber washer ensures an air tight seal. The water container is half filled with water. Then a longer piece of hose or plastic tube is attached to the outer nozzle and its other end installed in the flex tap. The flex tap works by creating a kink in the tube which controls or stops the water flow depending on how much the user flexes the handle. A bicycle pump is connected to the schrader valve and the container pressurised with air.” 

With nGen_FLEX we created a truly functional print of this design. nGen_FLEX was launched succesfully at the TCT Show recently and is our first semi-flexible filament. It has a Shore A hardness of 95 and has very good printability on a wide variety of printers, even the ones with Bowden tubes which are in general challenging to print flexible filaments on. The heat resistance of over 120 degrees C adds to the functionality and even allows steam sterilization of your print when needed! You can find more information about the material, the data sheets and print tutorials on our dedicated landing page.

We printed the water cap on the Mass Portal Pharaoh 3D with a 0.2mm layer height.

nGen_FLEX is now available in both dark gray and black. Click here for availability online.

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