Innovation is not a, but the cornerstone of colorFabb. Our brand new filament varioShore TPU is the latest colorFabb development. With varioShore TPU we have created a filament that is flexible in more ways than one:


  • Variable Shore hardness

This material is not limited to one shore hardness, but with the right print settings you can have multiple shore hardnesses – even in one print!


  • Reduced weight and density

We used our LW-PLA technology in this filament as well to reduce weight significantly. Although the weight reduction of varioShore TPU is not as significant as LW-PLA, the weight of the overall print is noticable and can make the difference for prints where weight matters.


  • Soft Touch

Prints that need a soft touch, like handle bars for bikes or shoe soles are no problem anymore with varioShore TPU.

Handle for 1966 HD M50S design by Daniel Norée (Thingiverse link)

varioShore TPU will be available mid-October. Pre-ordering will start soon! Stay tuned for more news…

Ergonomic bike handle grips design by Flying_Ginger (Thingiverse link)

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  1. Simplify3D will do the job

  2. To print a part with varying degress of flexibility, I would like to change the print temperature and the layer height throughout the part. Is there already a workflow/tool to do that?

    • Simplify3D will do the job

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