Robo C2 is in stock!

We’ve got good news for those looking to buy the Robo C2. This small but feature rich desktop 3D printer has finally arrived at our warehouse, ready to be shipped to our customers.

The Robo C2 retails for €799.00 excl. Tax (€966.79 incl tax) + 1 FREE SPOOL


Robo C2 Features
Although the Robo C2 is compact in size it’s loaded with features seen on bigger and more expensive units. The Robo C2 works great with colorFabb PLA/PHA, colorFabb Economy PLA. For the more experienced users the C2 will also work with our pla based special materials such as bronzeFill, copperFill, brasFill, woodFill, corkFill.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
    Connect Robo C2 to your home or workplace Wi-Fi network from your mobile device and the Robo app for the most accurate 3D printing experience.
  • Automatic self-leveling print bed
    Spend more time making without having to manually adjust the print bed — plus it’s removable.
  • Filament run-out detection
    Lets you know when you’ve run out of material and automatically saves your 3D print.
  • Print from your phone 
    Easily print everything you make right from your smartphone or mobile device using the Robo app.
  • Integrated model slicing
    Simplifies the path to every finished print, giving each layer more customized and controlled attention to detail.
  • Compact Size
    Small footprint fits any space, giving you the freedom to make just about anywhere.
  • Total Print-Smart Control
    Take control of every detail in real time with the built-in 3.5” color touch screen and precision sensor technology.

Printing colorFabb PLA/PHA Mint Turqoise and woodFill on the Robo C2.




TCT 2017

Back in Birmingham!! This week we are at the TCT Show again for the fourth consecutive year! If you are at the show or plan to visit, you can find us at stand H39 and we have some exciting new developments to show you!

A cool feature of our stand is that you look directly into our factory where your favorite filaments are made. This backdrop gives you a good look at colorFabb’s new production facility.

Of course there is nGen_LUX. This is our brand new filament we announced last week and will release in November. With nGen_LUX we put years of experience in development, 3D printing, R&D and production into a single 3D printing filament that will bridge the gap to production with unmatched surface quality.

nGen_LUX uniquely features diffuse reflection, which means that the light that shines on the print scatters to many directions and allows for a perfect surface quality that looks like nothing you have ever seen before.

You can now see nGen_LUX today exclusively at the TCT Show before being released later this year. Tomorrow nGen_LUX will also be featured at the Dutch Kunststoffenbeurs in Veldhoven at the stand of our sister company Helian Polymers.

You can read all further information in last week’s blog!

Furthermore we will have four printers continuously running in our stand. We have the Stacker S2 printing with colorFabb’s signature PLA/PHA, making parts for investment casting (more on that soon!) Next to it the Lulzbot TAZ 6 prints with our all-round filament nGen. nGen is a terrific material for every day use and it works flawlessly on the Lulzbot range of printers.

On the other end of the stand you find the brand new Robo R2 and the Prusa i3 mk 2 – both of printing with the aforementioned nGen_LUX.

Both printers have some stellar examples displayed in front of them made with this great new material. Pictures can hardly do justice to the optical quality of nGen_LUX. Seeing is believing!

Aside from the Prusa, all printers in our stand are readily available in our webshop. We ship from stock and with free filaments! Free shipping in the EU to selected countries. Click here to go to our webshop or on the image below:

All printers have been extensively tested by the colorFabb team with our filaments!

During the TCT we offer a 10% discount on all our filaments in our webshop! To get this immediate discount, which lasts all week, use the coupon code TCT2017 when checking out or simply click here!

Overwhelmed with all the choice we have these days? Check out our latest catalogue with all our filaments categorized, the entire color range neatly presented, some beautiful examples of prints plus settings and tips & tricks per filament! You can also find out more about the printers we offer!

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