Offset mount

Size matters. Not only in terms of prints, but also the spool sizes. Up until last year the market, and our sales, were dominted by the regular spools containing 750 grams or 1kg that are available from us and many other manufacturers. However, since last year we have seen more and more demand for larger spools. We offer a good portion of our portfolio on spools containing 2.2kg of filament and both the PLA Economy and PETG Economy filaments are available exclusively on 2.2kg spools.

8.8kg of high quality filament…

Most printers are designed with the standard 750 grams or 1kg spools in mind. This may become a problem when using larger spools. We have designed a spool holder when we launched PLA Economy last year, but Printed Solid came up with a more elegant solution: An offset mount for exactly these kind of spools and specifically for the Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 3.


This design allows for easier access to the feeder system on the back of the Ultimakers by moving the spool holder off to the side.

Printed Solid is of course our distributor on the east coast of the US and has been using and selling colorFabb filaments for nearly four years now. Matthew Gorton, the owner, is widely known for his 3D printing knowledge and expertise. Printed Solid has steadily grown in the past few years to a household name in 3D printing and a reliable source of filaments, printers and advice. Check out Printed Solid’s colorFabb offering here.

We printed this part in our brand new PETG Economy on the Ultimaker 2+.

We have received a lot of requests for PETG in our portfolio and have recently added PETG Economy to our portfolio. We initially started with 3 colors: Black, White and Red.

All of these are available exclusively on 2.2kg spools. You can buy PETG Economy here. Also available now, the PETG Economy value pack – four spools of PETG Economy at an even lower price! Available here.

Material specifications

Material: colorFabb PETG Economy

Diameter Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm

Density: 1.28 g/cm3

Glass Transition Temperature: 70C

Full data sheets are available here:

Another great example with PETG Economy Red. Original design:

colorFabb Economy: Large volume, High quality, Low price

colorFabb’s Economy line is developed for users who need a lot of filament. By adding a specifically sourced PETG to our portfolio we are adding more functionality and diversity to our range of filaments.

As with PLA Economy we have extensively tested this filament in our print lab. Both in production and print lab we have adhered to the highest colorFabb quality – this is something we simply do not compromise on.

The idea behind these filaments is to keep it at a very competitive price. Retail price of PETG Economy is € 40 excluding VAT and shipping. This works out to be a little over € 18 per kg for high quality filament.