In November 2016 we launched our PLA Economy line. PLA Economy filament was the result of many requests for a more cost-conscious filament in the colorFabb portfolio. After a lot of testing we released a brand new PLA grade, available now in 5 colors and only on 2.2kg spools. Today it is time to take the next step and we proudly announce PETG Economy.

We have received a lot of requests for PETG in our portfolio and have added this under our Economy banner as from today. We initially start with 3 colors: Black, White and Red. All of these are available exclusively on 2.2kg spools. Shipping starts on Monday. You can buy PETG Economy here.


Material specifications

Material: colorFabb PETG Economy

Diameter Tolerance: ± 0.1 mm

Density: 1.28 g/cm3

Glass Transition Temperature: 70C

Full data sheets will be available as from mid June.

colorFabb Economy: Large volume, High quality, Low price

colorFabb’s Economy line is developed for users who need a lot of filament. By adding a specifically sourced PETG to our portfolio we are adding more functionality and diversity to our range of filaments.

As with PLA Economy we have extensively tested this filament in our print lab. Both in production and print lab we have adhered to the highest colorFabb quality – this is something we simply do not compromise on.

The idea behind these filaments is to keep it at a very competitive price. Retail price of PETG Economy is € 40 excluding VAT and shipping. This works out to be a little over € 18 per kg for high quality filament.


Tips, tricks and settings

At colorFabb we have a well-equipped 3D printing studio with many popular 3d printers. Our grade of Economy PETG has been tested using various 3D printers, which has resulted in the following recommended settings:

Advised 3d printing temperature:

Advised 3d print speed:
30 – 50 mm/s

Advised Heated bed:

Cooling fan
75/100% fan cooling for best aesthetics, this gives best performance on overhangs and small details. For best mechanical performance try printing with the least amount of cooling needed, for optimal layer adhesion.

Attributions designs plus settings used

4040 adjustable feet / stud by Fra Elstak:

Printed on the Lulzbot Mini, at 0.25 mm layerheight at 235C and 70C bed temp. Cooling at 100%.


Filament duck 2.2kg spools by colorFabb:

Printed on the Stacker S4, at 0.25mm layerheight at 250C and 70C bed temp, 20/30% cooling.


Front head Light LED by Nicolas Garnier:

Printed on the Lulzbot Mini, at 0.25 mm layerheight at 235C and 70C bed temp. Cooling at 100%.



Garden Wobble Sprinkler by Chris Dalby (a.k.a. moose4621):

Printed on MassPortal at 0.2mm layerheight, 240C, 70C bed temp and 75% cooling.


Wavy organic bowl, cups, vase and flower pot. by PRATRIK:

Printed on MassPortal at 0.27mm layerheight, 240C, 70C bed temp and 75% cooling.


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