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This is the click bait you have been waiting for. If you are going to bookmark one page today, let this one be it. At colorFabb we have quite some information on our website and sub sites. Here is a guide to the most handy links (updated July 2018):


Landing pages

Our most recent products have dedicated landing pages with all relevant information available. You can find them here:



Our webshop has all products categorized by material. Click on Materials and go to the requested material to see the full selection:

Click here to see where you can purchase colorFabb filaments online (all of them web based, some of them physical stores – please inquire)

We do offer discounts, check out all the options here

Looking for sponsorship? Check out this FAQ entry first.


Color on Demand

Make your prints truly unique. With Color on Demand you can request a RAL reference which will be matched in PLA by colorFabb’s team. With an MOQ of 2kg, the threshold is lower than ever for 3D printing users to create with their very own color! Click here.



Our entire FAQ with all the questions you may have? Click here:

Data sheets of our filaments have been collected and you find them by clicking here

What you need to know about food safety in filaments, clikc here

Post-processing techniques for our metal filled filaments: click here

Curious about the length of our filaments? Click here. Size of our spools? Click here

How to achieve a clear print with colorFabb_HT: Click here

Want to know what co-polyesters are? Click here


Something to read

All our news, blogs & tutorials are gathere in this very place. If you have not arrived here through our blog site, click here:


We regularly update our catalogue. Click on the image below to open it:


Want to see all product reviews in one place? Click here

Eager to read all our news letters again? Click here