As many of you know, we are the distributor of Stacker 3D printers in Europe. We have been working with Stacker ever since the first prototype and now have several in our print lab. With the upcoming Stacker S2 being available for pre-order now and soon on Kickstarter we are testing A LOT.

Late last week we received an S2 printer and we immediately took it for a spin. The part we printed (and shown briefly yesterday) is the rocker arm by Ericthepoolboy. It is part of the bigger Toyota Engine that was printed by Korneel Bullens almost two years ago.


We scaled this part 500% and printed with colorFabb_XT at 0.2mm layer height. The new Stacker S2, like the S4 before it, is an excellent printer for small series production, prototyping and printing technical parts. Its industrial design and build allow for great accuracy and fantastic prints.

In two weeks we will be at the RapidPro Fair in Veldhoven, the Netherlands. We will be showcasing the Stacker printers, printing with our co-polyester filaments at booth 16. Drop by to see the latest and greatest in 3D printing!

Of course we keep testing on the Stacker S4 in our print lab as well. We have designed a callibration part ourselves, which we printed with our colorFabb_XT Black:

We have designed this calibration part for size and XYZ dimension as a benchmark for other platforms and materials.

As mentioned before, colorFabb is the official European distributor for Stacker. Stacker printers are manufactured in the USA. Check out the awesome features here and wonder why you have not one yourself!

If you are interested in a Stacker, please click here or contact us at

colorFabb_XT is made with Eastman Amphora™ 3D polymer AM1800. Launched in September 2014, it is a fantastic functional engineering material. With colorFabb_XT we achieved to produce a filament that provides good strength and toughness, as well as certain FDA food contact compliances. It has found a wide audience amongst users looking for extra functionality. With a temperature resistance of 75+ degrees, this filament offers (aside from its high strength and very high toughness) odor neutral processing, a styrene free formulation, FDA food contact compliance and BPA (Bisphenol A ) free formulation.

You can find more about what co-polyesters are by clicking here.


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