We use 3D printing for everyday use. Recently we needed a rope tensioner and printed this with colorFabb_HT Clear. For strong and sturdy prints, we use our colorFabb_HT for the best results. This rope tensioner is perfectly suited for camping or use around the house.


You can find the design by Martin Longbone on Thingiverse: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:893020

The tensioner was printed on a Kossel XL printer with an E3D Chimera nozzle at 40 mm/s. Layer height is 0.16mm with 100% infill.

You can find out more about colorFabb_HT on our dedicated landing page: http://ht.colorfabb.com/

colorFabb_HT is perfectly suitable for prints that need to perform well in the real world and require extreme durability. We launched colorFabb_HT earlier this year as our high temperature and high performance filament of choice. colorFabb_HT is made with BPA-free Eastman Amphora HT5300 3D polymer and empowers professional users to create more durable and useful items, making prototyping truly functional.

colorFabb_HT is available in 5 colors: http://colorfabb.com/co-polyesters/colorfabb-ht


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