Rocket ship printed with nGen filamant

On the Ultimaker forum Joel Mongeon posted his version of the gCreate rocket ship, printed with nGen. In his words:

A spaceship printed and painted for my toddler who loves “wockets”!

This is the gCreate rocket that can be downloaded here:!3d-model—gcreate-rocket/c1k6o

Printed with Colorfabb nGen. I cut off the tip of the rocket and used a hot tool to round it off. I then used a lot (maybe too much) XTC 3D to smooth the layer lines and add strength to the print. Finally used some shiny metallic paint and a layer of shellac to seal the deal.


Settings used:

3D printer: Ultimaker 2+

Nozzle diameter: 0.40 mm

Layer resolution: 81-100 micron

Print time: 24-48 hours

You can find the original post here:

More information about nGen here: 

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