We love it when our users design their own creations and use our filaments to bring their ideas to life. Sebastien Carcone from Luxembourg based NewOne shared his Black Panther (not the movie) with us and printed it in nGen_LUX.

Sebastien used Cinema 4D and the model was printed with supports on a Raise N2+.

The settings used were:

Layer height: 0,2 mm

Infill: 15%

Shells: 3

Extruder temperature: 235° C

Heated Bed: 85° C

Size: 27 cm

Total print time: approx. 21 hours


The Panther was printed with nGen_LUX Diamond Black. Original post can be found here.

NewOne not only prints, but also advices companies in regards to 3D printing and additive manufacturing. Check out their site here (French).


nGen_LUX is a unique development based on our best-selling co-polyester nGen, made with Eastman Amphora AM3300 3d Polymer. The excellent clarity of the base AM3300 makes this material uniquely suited for the extremely rare pigment used in nGen_LUX. The material uses diffuse reflection to scatter light in all directions. For the eye it’s nearly impossible to spot layering, even at 0.2mm layerheight. nGen_LUX allows users to print visually appealing models without the need of post processing. nGen_LUX features all the characteristics of our regular nGen, good chemical stability, elevated temperature resistance (85C) and thus allows users to print creations that are functional, durable, efficient and attractive.

It is now available in 5 awesome colors:

nGen_LUX is our new standard in how a 3D printed object can look. It is the filament for the users who wants to bring something extraordinary their work. It is the filament that needs to give that added value. The “Lux” not only stands for luxurious – which is definitely the look of the prints – but also refers to the unit of illumination used worldwide. And light is what makes this filament truly special. Believe us when we say that the photos don’t do the prints real justice…

nGen_LUX is the first special filament based on nGen and the second one in our range of co-polyesters after XT-CF20, our carbon fibre enforced filament based on colorFabb_XT. It can be printed with the very same settings as nGen.

Click here to go directly to our webshop. For a bit more information, click here.


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