New intern learning how to print!

In August of this year our intern started with his 6 month internship. We challenged him to 3D print two models containting multiple parts, without ever having 3D printed a part before. PLA/PHA and PLA Economy are perfect materials for novice users, so we selected these for his project.

The Jet propulsion pump by toto45  is a great design with many parts which can be bolted together. Ofcourse the parts need to be printed accurate to ensure all parts fit together as one assembly. It’s a very cool model to explain how Jet propulsion works.


Our second project is the Powerful 3d printed Water-pump designed by Adolph Smith his design also features multiple parts which need to be assembled to form one part. Our intern added his own motor design, with colorFabb in 3D attached to the side of the surface.

For these two projects we used the Ultimaker 2 and Ultimaker 2+ machines. Getting to know the Ultimakers makes a lot of sense, after this introduction it’s easy to move onto different machines and materials.


Our first development for the 3D printing market was a tougher and less brittle PLA filament. Through a process called compounding a polyhydroxyalkanoate is added to a carefully selected PLA. The result of this process is a completely homogenous blend, which is the base material for our PLA/PHA filament.

PLA/PHA filament is available in 30 colors with great brilliance and excellent opacity.

With increased toughness and better layer-to-layer adhesion, PLA/PHA is a premium filament.

PLA Economy

PLA Economy is our solution for those users looking for a reliable source of quality material available on large spools. For this material a specific PLA type is selected which features great quality at reasonable cost. Five popular colors have been selected for this range of PLA Economy material.

It’s the perfect material for high volume users which require reliability and constant performance.

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