The Mosaic Palettes are perfect tools to create multi-color and multi-material prints, even (and especially) when you have a single nozzle extruder. We have created two examples of how you can make great looking prints on most printers which handle 1.75mm filament.

Handle Bosch Rexroth by Sidnei Willians Nurchi (link)

Screwdriver (VDE) Phillips by Matt Davey (link)


During Black Friday 2019 we offer a 10% discount on both the Palette 2 and Palette 2 PRO

Both prints were made with PLA Economy and PLA Semi-Matte Black using the Mosaic Palette. We used an Tripod Maker with various DIY adjustments as the the primary printer, which worked very well.


Both designs were originally single color, but we used the paint feature in the Mosaic CANVAS software to determine the various materials and colors for the prints. Users are able to digitally paint models in CANVAS. This makes it easier than ever to create multi-color designs.  Palette 2 made a significant step toward making multi-color printing accessible to a new community. However, designing parts was still a challenge. There are millions of 3D models available on the internet, but only a small percentage are split into multiple pieces for printing in multiple colors. Designing these models would typically be significantly harder than their single color counterparts. While the library of color models is growing, it’s still in the early days. This has put a damper on one of the unique value-adds of 3D printing – the ability to create unique and custom objects.

You can read more about the paint feature in CANVAS on Mosaic’s blog.


The Palette 2 and Palette 2 Pro take up to four filaments and combines them into a single filament strand. This strand is then fed to your printer, enabling your single-extruder printer to create multi-filament prints!

Mosaic is a digital manufacturing company creating the next generation of product delivery systems. Founded in 2014, Mosaic began by enabling 3D printers to create substantially more useful and valuable products. Now, they’re working to scale this technology to help millions of people get value from the upcoming waves of customization and personalization.

We’re proud to be Mosaic’s partner in their quest to increase the flexibility of 3D printing for our users worldwide.


Palette 2 combines four filaments and feeds them into your printer in real time, no modifications required.

  • Print impossible overhangs with water-soluble support.
  • Make heat- and water-resistant models in four colors of durable PETG.
  • Create functional, end-use products by combining PLA with a flexible TPU.
  • Improved hardware design helps to create consistent and reliable bonds between filament.
  • Color touchscreen includes built-in Gradient and Pattern modes.


Palette 2 Pro includes all of the above and:

  • All aluminum Splice Core Pro allows for faster splicing and cooling, improving the overall print time
  • Includes additional parts to ensure optimal performance and maintenance
  • Sleek all-black casing

During Black Friday 2019 we offer a 10% discount on both the Palette 2 and Palette 2 PRO

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