3D printing is an excellent tool for visual prototyping. Today’s print is a great example of a prototype to give a customer a good look and feel of the part before mass production starts. We printed an indicator light.

Custom in-house design

Printed on the Ultimaker 2+ with both nGen Transparent and PLA Economy Black. Both of them with 0.2mm layer height. nGen was printed at 240⁰C and a bed temp of 75⁰C while PLA Economy was printed a bit cooler, resp. 215⁰C and 55⁰C.

nGen Orange Transparent was recently added, as well as five other transparent colors in our nGen portfolio – bringing the total number of available colors to 23.

For another great use of nGen transparent filament, check out the blog earlier this week where we printed a working traffic light.

With our nGen Transparent colors you can print objects that have a great shine and stand out from the crowd, even from far away. With the right settings you can even print translucent objects to a degree as you can see!

nGen is a true all-round material suitable for most day to day 3D printing activities. At the core of its reliability is the special chemical make-up of the Eastman Amphora™ AM3300 3D polymer, which results in a good melt stability. From pellet to filament to 3D print, nGen retains its material properties very well, meaning more stable results with less waste of time and material.

The black part was printed with PLA Economy.

PLA Economy is a fantastic PLA grade which we launched in November 2016. Initially we released four colors: white, red, black and silver. In 2017 we added the always popular Dark Blue, which is similar to our very own Ultra Marine Blue that we offer in our portfolio of PLA/PHA filaments.

PLA Economy offers a great value for your money. One spool consists of 2.2kg of filament for a dirt cheap price of a little over € 35 (ex VAT and shipping). It is a different grade than our range of PLA/PHA, but we guarantee the same colorFabb quality. Our filaments are readily available from our webshop.

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