Color on Demand is a new groundbreaking service by colorFabb that allows users to have their preferred color matched and produced. Starting with RAL color references in PLA, this new service offers unique colors to be printed and to be ordered at a low MOQ. You will be able to order as from 2kg of filament in the color you need.

Due to a new innovative production method we are able to meet the immediate color needs of our users. This allows us to offer more colors than ever, whenever they are needed. To ensure the proof of concept works dozens of RAL colors have already been matched with more to follow on a weekly basis.


You can also request a certain color that has not been matched yet and we will start the process for you. We offer this service on spools containing 2kg of filament (the MOQ) or pellets (MOQ 5kg). You will also be able to order a color plaque to approve the color first before ordering a spool.

Pricing will start at € 75 per 2kg spool (ex VAT / shipping) with tier pricing as from 4 and 10 spools.

Lead times will be:
– Existing colors: 5 – 8 business days
– New color matches: 2 – 3 weeks

The full list of colors that have already been approved and will be available as from day one:

PLA 500001 Sky blue RAL 5015
PLA 600001 Pastel green RAL 6019
PLA 200002 Bright red orange RAL 2008
PLA 300001 Raspberry red RAL 3027
PLA 100001 Beige RAL 1001
PLA 200003 Red orange RAL 2001
PLA 300002 Signal red RAL 3001
PLA 100002 Oyster white RAL 1013
PLA 400001 Telemagenta RAL 4010
PLA 500003 Turquoise blue RAL 5018
PLA 500004 Sapphire blue RAL 5003
PLA 600003 Emerald green RAL 6001
PLA 900001 Traffic white RAL 9016
PLA 900002 Pure white RAL 9010
PLA 100003 Melon yellow RAL 1028
PLA 600006 Yellow green RAL 6018
PLA 800001 Nut brown RAL 8011
PLA 700001 Silver grey RAL 7001
PLA 700004 Black grey RAL 7021
PLA 700005 Graphite grey RAL 7024
PLA 700006 Yellow grey RAL 7034
PLA 700008 Quartz grey RAL 7039
PLA 700009 Silk grey RAL 7044
PLA 700010 Telegrey 4 RAL 7047
PLA 300003 Light pink RAL 3015
PLA 400002 Red lilac RAL 4001
PLA 700011 Window grey RAL 7040
PLA 400003 Claret violet RAL 4004
PLA 200005 Vermilion RAL 2002
PLA 800002 Signal brown RAL 8002
PLA 900003 Signal white RAL 9003
PLA 100004 Zinc yellow RAL 1018
PLA 600008 Light green RAL 6027
PLA 600010 Pure green RAL 6037
PLA 500010 Azure blue RAL 5009
PLA 600011 Mint turquoise RAL 6033
PLA 600012 Leaf green RAL 6002
PLA 700012 Signal grey RAL 7004
PLA 700013 Iron grey RAL 7011

Note that all filaments will be specifically produced for you. Color on Demand will be available as from June this year. A full announcement will be made when we launch. Stay tuned…

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